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Basic Easy Guidelines for Losing Body Weight By Ikechukwu Oduah
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Body weight loss implies reduction in the whole body size due to loss of fatty tissues and lean mass from the body. It’s a process which can be voluntary or not at will. Voluntary weight ... More > loss is undergone by individuals in other to enhance healthy living and curtail the chances of body system infections. It can be carried out via controlled food intake and by constant body exercise. people that gym often tend to maintain their body size and live healthier lives than those that don’t engage in any physical body exercise. On the other hand when not at will (unvoluntary), this can be initiated by ill-health conditions like diabetes, anaemia, cancer, diarrhoea and sexually transmitted diseases example syphilis and AIDS.< Less
Euphantius Antor By Seth Giolle
Paperback: $17.51
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Euphantius is under siege. Devon and Kaleese lead a band of separatists to keep the planetoid from World Government hands, but food is low, and machines break. Time is their worst enemy. Then the... More > World Government suggests a deal. They uncover a plot against humanity, and the planetoid is theirs to rule, free and clear, but who to trust? It falls on Chris to lead a planet side mission to uncover the truth that may free the planetoid and all who’d choose to live on it in peace. But in reaching that end, if the conspiracy is proven true, the planetoid, the whole planet and everyone living on it are in graver danger than thought possible. Are the Raffelom planning a return to the Earth they once conquered? Chris doesn’t trust anything the World President has to say, but he does fear what that greater threat would entail.< Less
Wild Orchid Resort Angeles: Deserves praise for a fantastic service By Helen Markus
eBook (PDF): $8.99
A lot of guests and previous visitors usually give praise to the resort because of its fantastic service as one of the top resorts in the area. It has a lovely view from the outside with its modern... More > and nice establishment. The insides would not let you down as well because the interiors were also attractive especially the rooms. The overall service of the entire staff of the resort was satisfactory and the foods were certainly very delicious. Summer is near and cooling yourself at beaches or pools is perfect to get rid of the intense heat. And the pool at Wild Orchid Resort Angeles is ideal for the whole family or your entire group of friends, even all members of a small business. It was huge enough to share the fun of swimming in a clean and refreshing pool by everyone else.< Less
The Masked Citizens By R.W Homan
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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New Amazon is filled with all sorts of interesting people, but no one is as interesting as Brock Broody and his super intelligent friend, Andy Wilkins. By day and by night, the duo don their costume... More > alter egos as The Butterfly and The Great Tarantula, Masked Citizens of New Amazon. Normally, the duo conduct super community service; feeding the homeless, encouraging healthy food for kids and leading Bible Studies. They aren't comic book superheroes and most people just treat them as interesting citizens. When a super villain appears in New Amazon, threatening to burn down the entire city unless the heroes face him, its up to the unnaturally strong Brock Broody and his socially awkward but dangerously smart friend, Andy Wilkins, to thwart the exploding wrath of The Fire Ant. Fun for the whole family, The Masked Citizens attempt to show everyone that crime fighting doesn't need an actual fight, but with forgiveness and prayer.< Less
Human Takeaway By Alessandro Napolitano Massimo Baglione
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What if we were cattles grazing for someone who needs a lot of of food? How would we feel if it had been us to be raised for the whole time waiting for the moment to be slaughtered? This is the spark... More > that gives the authors a chance to talk about the human spirit, which can show at the same time great love and indiscriminate, ruthless selfishness. In this original parody of an alien invasion, we follow the short story of a couple bound by deep love, and of the tragic decision taken by the heads of state to face the invasion. Two apparently unconnected stories that will join in the end for the good of the human race. So, this is a story to be read in one gulp, with many ironic and paradoxical facets, a pinch of sadness and an ending that costed dearly to the two authors. (review by Cosimo Vitiello) Authors: Massimo Baglione and Alessandro Napolitano. Cover artist: Roberta Guardascione. Translation from Italian: Carmelo Massimo Tidona.< Less
Eating Stars and Other Tidbits By Betty Savarese Cota
Paperback: $13.99
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This is a collection of personal stories and memories through the eyes of the author over many years of travel and fun gleaned from many diverse countries. Some tidbits from Eating Stars . . .... More > “Our star collecting was spread out over two or three years. In one trip alone they numbered 36—nine lunches and three dinners.” Shanghai 1982 “The street markets carried all kinds of food items: live and dead chickens, hanging sides of fly-specked unidentifiable cuts of meat, whole pigs and parts, fish and fish heads, tons of vegetable, some recognizable, some not. No one, not one single person spoke English nor did anyone approach us.”< Less
Weekly Sentence Strips By Andrew Frinkle
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Get a whole year's worth of sentence strips already made in this book! 40 weeks of sentences for classwork or homework. Plus extra worksheets, forms, and 150+ REBUS pictures! This book can work well... More > with my other book, Sentence Builders, but this one takes a lot of the work out of the process. Instead of making your own sentences from tons of words, this one has them already made for you, with color-coded words by part of speech. It includes 40 weeks of fun and important themes like: Seasons Weather Age Foods Animals Names Describing things Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why Questions Manners Asking for help Answering questions Using all the parts of speech! and many more!< Less
Eat My Words! - Poems from the sensual side of life. By Steve Garrett
eBook (ePub): $8.03
A collection of often tongue-in-cheek and erotic poems dedicated to “all lovers, and all who have been loved”. Welsh writer Carole Burns calls them: “a luscious entwining of food... More > and body, hunger and lust”. Some are humourous odes to Steve’s favourite vegetables…but as a whole the poems cover a wide range of emotions and experiences relating to the joys and challenges of intimacy from a male perspective. Part of Steve’s intention in publishing this book is show that writing about sex as a man doesn’t have to be ‘pornographic', but can a celebration of sensuality, full of lightness and laughter as well as being suffused with hope, desire and (sometimes) pain. This is a book to be enjoyed by all men and women who want to be more in touch with their feelings; and by the lovers they share their lives with!< Less
The Kimnama By Kim Roberts
Paperback: $12.00
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Inspired by traveling through northern India, The Kimnama is a blend of history, narrative, stunning imagery, and personal encounters. It’s like the Indian combination of spices called a... More > masala, of which there are myriad variations, weaving a complex and deeply satisfying whole. A multisectioned narrative of the speaker's travels through India...[with] lots of lyric repetition, beautiful images. Though the work has a balanced, meditative feel, there are glimmers of unexpected humor. —Sandra Beasley Unique and informative...Roberts provides the reader with clues of India's rich multifaceted well as its mystery and draw. From its temples to its smell of flowers, food and fires rising up in pujas... —Robert Giron, Gival Press< Less
A Dollar a Day Without Being There By Frank J. Mueller
Paperback: $12.95
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About 1991, I was living in a spare room in my sister's house. She was having a difficult time and would soon be selling her house. I had worked so hard and for so long, and I found myself having no... More > money, plus there were rumors of big layoffs in the oil industry. My best estimate was ninety days, and I would have to claim my corner of that I-10 overpass to beg for food. It was an undesirable situation, and it wasn't fair. My whole entire thinking process had to be wrong. I began writing my autobiography before I started giving my money talk, while teaching safety training classes for oilfield workers, and I wanted to write both books, so I just combined them. This book was written for my children and grandchildren, and if anyone else finds it interesting, then good.< Less

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