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Rustic Home Style Healthy Recipes By VALENTINA RISE
Paperback: $29.83
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Rustic Home Style Healthy Recipes, a Combination of Raw, Vegan and Vegetarian Delights, is a book filled with recipes that are fast, simple and most importantly full of flavour! There are no exotic... More > ingredients for you to ran around town looking to buy, this book is filled with your every day ingredients that you would have in your fridge and pantry. I have been running Raw Whole Foods Workshops for over four years now and the increase in healthy eating which is wheat free, grain free, dairy free and white processed sugar free has grown. Even those people who don't have intolerance still love these healthy recipes. You will find over 70 recipes in this book; Juices, Smoothies, Raw treats sweet and savory, Simple Salads, Gluten/Wheat Free recipes along with Buckwheat and Quinoa recipes, plus much more.. The book also has information of the health benefits of some of the most popular herbs and spices that we use. Bon Appetite!< Less
You're Not Going To Eat That, Are You? By Hillary Marek
Paperback: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Hillary Marek has done it again with a hilarious look at women during pregnancy. Like her other books she takes real life stories and researches the medical reasons behind them. After every side... More > spitting story is a medical reason to back up the explanation of why our bodies react so strangely while pregnant. Then each chapter is cusped by the perfect recipes to curb your cravings. Filled with every urban legend of eating while pregnant this book truly covers it all. From eating sushi to how many glasses of cola you should have a day there is nothing she doesn’t answer. Small enough to be an easy read but packed full enough with everything food related this will be the only “pregnancy what to eat” resource you will ever need. With recipes the whole family will love you do not have to be pregnant to enjoy this book. For any woman who has been there or is planning to go there this book is a must have....< Less
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Girlie Make-Overs By Glynis Dunnitt
Paperback: $11.76
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Party Time: stranded, penniless motorist accepts offer of night’s work as waiter, food, bed thrown in, but it’s for riotous 3-day party, ending in him being stripped, put in girl’s... More > clothes, shaven all over & taken home ‘en-femme’ to girls’ country house to be their daintily uniformed maid, Polly! Make-Overs: Cecil goes for Sales Manager job in new Sex Emporium for women, he’s turned into Cecilia. Girlie Training: Cecilia taught to fill new role. Office Position: now receptionist, enjoys life as smartly turned out, girlie shaped, obedient secretary, in long, stockinged legs, tailored suit, miniskirt, for former secretary! Gradual Changes: whole school changes sex, gender role. A Total Mockery: married couple wake up find their bodily genders were swapped! To fury of those to blame for it, the couple find they are even closer, more loving and considerate, having been the other side of the fence already!< Less
Kripple Killer Konspiracy By Ian Pyper
Paperback: $9.34
Prints in 3-5 business days
"Modern day Witch Trials and the cruel variation on the Ducking Chair…….condemned if you can walk and condemned if you... More > can’t. ‘Death-by-a-thousand-cuts‘…….from workhouse to wooden hut death camps, overseen by uncaring and unfeeling despots with their Victorian moral vision of ‘helping them to help themselves’…….a ‘Food Bank Britain’ future where the common welfare of all is no longer the concern of society as a whole……..slow and subtle Eugenics and Social Engineering (Bedroom Tax, my ass!) and disability Genocide acceptable face of Government……..a place where sad and frightened and sometimes angry voices cry out from the shadows. A malfunctioning society in withdrawal and feeling no obligation to help its fellow human beings. Social Security becomes social in-security within less than a generation." A biting satirical comic / comment on the state of our health services and society in general.< Less
Truth By Alan Agarrat By Alan Agarrat
eBook (ePub): $1.51
I am a retired civil engineer born in Trinidad, West Indies, on 5 June 1948 and I have lived in London since 1960 where I continued my education to a working career in engineering till 2008 but with... More > working spells in the West Indies. I do not profess to be a master of anything but have interest in singing, sport - particularly athletics, photography and DIY. I have regularly attended church for my whole life but have no formal qualifications in theology. I give my personal views of aspects of life and the Bible. This work gives interesting views to many questions which may not have been previously considered & much food for thought to the readers. Challenging questions are submitted. It is easily understood by all persons and this concise/compact work can be studied anywhere & form the basis of sermons and discussed as there may be far reaching implications to what is said. It gives a prod to the commandment that we are to love GOD with our minds as opposed to our heart & and strength.< Less
Week At A Glance: BodyArt Journal Planner By Tanya Lee
Paperback: $19.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
PREPARE ORGANIZE TRACK OBSERVE Our Dayplanner Journals have been favorites among personal trainers, athletes, dancers, yoga teachers and fitness models for over a decade. This flexible design... More > allows you to start the planner at any time of the year. The back covers feature a the BodyArt Master Food List for easy grocery lists. BodyArt Journal Planner goes beyond your typical to-do list to focus on what matters most: your optimum body. Structured yet flexible, you can map and monitor your way to the most optimum results your dedication deserves! It's design is also good for observation, reflection and finding your personal balance. Keep track of it all and gain important awareness. Our 8.5" x 11" coil bound "Week at a Glance" version opens flat, so you can view and record for a whole week at a time and stay on track even if you don't have a lot of time to journal. This format outlines key areas to observe.< Less
A Patient's Side of Type I Diabetes By Dan Diplock
eBook (PDF): $6.25
A lot of people diagnosed cannot cope with all that goes along with keeping their blood sugar under control. You live with it everyday and the only one to get you in control is you. The doctor is not... More > with you everyday and neither is the nutritionist. You are the nutritionist. Take care of yourself and you will feel a whole lot better day to day. Throughout this book I will be pointing out what I do and what I have learned with hands on experience. I have been handling this for past 16 years and have learned a lot. I am not a doctor, and won’t claim to know more than doctors. This is just some facts I have learned through the years dealing with the highs and lows of diabetes. Chapter 1 : Being Diagnosed Chapter 2 : Dieting Chapter 3 : Hypoglycemia Chapter 4 : The Importance of Exercise Chapter 5 : Insulin Chapter 6 : Target Blood Sugar Levels Chapter 7 : Watch The Protein Chapter 8 : Making Food Fun Chapter 9 : Eating Out Chapter 10 : Travel Chapter 11 : Illness Chapter 12 : Staying In Control< Less
The Truth In Lowering Your Cholesterol: All You Need to Know About Cholesterol By Anthony Kevin
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Hi my name is Anthony Kevin and I managed to lower my cholesterol a whole lot I did that mostly with natural foods and exercise At first I believed in western medicine but after I found out about... More > their nasty side effects, I tried to limit them Now, I wrote this book with the intention of helping others who are dealing with the same problem that I had Inside you'll find: -how bad the numbers are against us -the quick and easy ways usually are not the best ways -what is a cholesterol -the sad effects of too much LDL -cholesterol level guidelines -common types of problems your heart may encounter -what you must know about prescription drugs -how to control you cholesterol with your diet -the 12 superfoods you must know when it comes to lowering bad cholesterol -you still need more, I also put some nutritional supplements -and still many more< Less
Constipation Cures for Women: Constipation Natural Remedies for Women By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $8.98
If you are constipated women, you need the constipation information in this nook e-book. I cover most aspects of colon health and constipation. As a nutritionist, I look at the whole body and what... More > it needs to eliminate female constipation. If you are struggling to have one bowel movement a day, your struggle is over. You don’t need to suffer from any stomach discomfort, straining in the bathroom, or foggy thoughts. It is important to have daily bowel movements and I provide you with many different ways to achieve this. Your actual woman constipation begins when you start eating. So you need to eat the right foods to stop constipation. Get the tips you need so that your stomach digestion does not contribute to your constipation. Keeping the acid in your stomach active is critical for good digestion. Most people never consider what they need to do for good digestions. Click the buy button and get your Nook e-book right away. Read the e-book and start applying many of the principle now.< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
Paperback: $15.99
19-20: MS V3.0 19-20: MS V3.0 By Liza Cowan
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