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Arithmetic Primer - Whole Numbers By Suzanne Bower
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operations on whole numbers - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
No Numbers By Colin Fredericks
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This is a cookbook for those who love to cook, but don’t spend a lot of time measuring exact numbers. It’s for folks who think, “just give me the basics,” or “I... More > can‘t find my half-teaspoon,” or “dont’ tell me how much garlic, I’m putting in the whole thing.” It’s short, sweet, and to the point.< Less
The Natural Whole Foods Way By Jim Safianuk
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The Natural Whole Foods Way contains preventative health facts and tips that cover carbohydrates, protein, and fatty acids. There is also a section on fiber owing to its importance in a healthy diet.... More > A number of nutrition myths are debunked along the way and resources added throughout the e-book, where appropriate. Moreover, like the other e-books entitled Essential Health Tips and Core Health Tips, this is another one of the great equalizers when it comes to the truth about health and nutrition. It addresses the salient information that is missing in today’s world, especially if one has been exposed for too long to the mainstream where half-truths and misinformation prevail when it comes to proper nutrition. Hopefully, it fills that knowledge gap. After implementing the natural, whole foods way of eating, you will take your health and nutrition to the next level and begin to experience a new you at the cellular level. You will now be on the road to an ageless body.< Less
It's a Whole New Animal: Optimizing Search Ranking on Google Panda By Faisal Khalid
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In February 2011, Google added a new factor to its page-ranking algorithm, which is called the ‘Panda update.’ This update, and subsequent updates related to it, have dramatically... More > affected page ranking of a large number of e-commerce websites. Through this publication, I will examine the reasons why sites have been affected by the Panda update, and provide a toolkit for helping affected sites improve their page ranking.< Less
Soccer Number 10 Blue Print By Dennis Lee
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The soccer number 10 blue print will show the path and the secrets of soccer's greatest number 10s! within this book you will discover the whole truth about ...the number 10.
The Expositor's Bible : The Book of Numbers (Illustrated) By Robert A. Watson
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“The Book of Numbers, called also "In the wilderness," opens with the second month of the second year after the exodus, and goes on to the arrival of the tribes in the plains of Moab... More > by the Jordan. As a whole it may be said to carry out the historical and religious ideas of Exodus and Leviticus: and both the history and the legislation flow into three main channels. They go to establish the separateness of Israel as a people, the separateness of the tribe of Levi and the priesthood, and the separateness and authority of Jehovah. The first of these objects is served by the accounts of the census, of the redemption of the first-born, the laws of national atonement and distinctive dress, and generally the Divine discipline of Israel recorded in the course of the book. The second line of purpose may be traced in the careful enumeration of the Levites; the minute allocation of duties connected with the tabernacle to the Gershonites, the Kohathites, and the Merarites;"< Less
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These are great math words to build the foundation of math understanding in your classroom. Use whole class and particularly with second language learners or struggling math students. The child... More > friendly games and activities give students meaningful ways to practice and comprehend word definitions! This Math Game packet includes black line masters to reproduce and use as games and activities. The 15 carefully selected words focus on kid friendly definitions that offer rich information about the concept. Words included are: after, compare, different, greater than, number sentence, about how many, before, between, equal to, fewer, less than, more, more than, one more than, and same.< Less
Conflict Management and “Whole of Government”: Useful Tools for U.S. National Security Strategy (Enlarged Edition) By Volker C. Franke, Robert H. Dorff, Strategic Studies Institute
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Today, America faces security challenges that are exceedingly dynamic and complex, in part because of the ever changing mix and number of actors involved and the pace with which the strategic and... More > operational environments change. To meet these new challenges more effectively, the Obama administration advocated strengthening civilian instruments of national power and enhancing America’s whole-of-government (WOG) capabilities. Although the need for comprehensive integration and coordination of civilian and military, governmental and nongovernmental, national and international capabilities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of post-conflict stabilization and peacebuilding efforts is widely recognized, Washington has been criticized for its attempts at creating WOG responses to international crises and conflicts for overcommitment of resources, lack of sufficient funding and personnel, competition between agencies, ambiguous mission objectives,...< Less
Simplifying the Problem of Math - Graphing and Comparing Integers with The Trick with Negative Numbers By Lauren Oellermann
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This is a fun and easy way to help you learn these lessons; Graphing and Comparing Integers and The Trick with Negative Numbers. About 4 pages long, it takes a part of a lesson and expands it so that... More > you can really grasp this concept with Integers and whole numbers. It is an easy how-to and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did making it.< Less
Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit: And The Whole Earth Was Of One Language, And Of One Speech By John Martin
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Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit is a supernal mathematical tool to measure the mother language of the three vehicles of the Vowel letters He, Wow, and Yowud of Ahayeh Eshor Ahayeh as they... More > combine to create the letter-number breathed forms of the creation.< Less