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Antelopes and Friends By Am Ang Zhang, Bee Zhang
Hardcover: $28.95
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A coffee table quality photobook for a special child, introducing wild life in Africa. Photos of the animals (impala, nyala, kudu, wildebeest, warthog, gruffalo, zebra, rhinoceros, waterbuck,... More > hippopotamus, giraffe, buffalo, elephant, saddlebilled stock) were taken by the author himself during safari trips in Africa.< Less
Seven Friends on Safari By Mabel van Niekerk
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A few friends, who always enjoyed playing and roaming around the huge Park and looking for food together, were gathered round the waterhole. They had a lot to discuss this afternoon. Nkonkoni... More > Wildebeest, their dear friend, had a longing to trek all the way to the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, one of the best known wildlife sanctuaries in the world; to join his family in the next big wildebeest migration.< Less
Dry Humping a Fire Hydrant By Shawn Misener
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A new chapbook by Michigan poet Shawn Misener. Described most eloquently by Shawn, the chapbook "is a generic smiling 50's ad, child's face leaning over a bowl of cereal, except the cereal is a... More > bowl full of bar codes....a dog in full-lotus...a landfill in neon. This chap is a wildebeest with the head of Tom Sellick."< Less
African Expedition Magazine July 2009 By Mitch Mitchell
Paperback: $30.75
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A Rhino in the bathroom: Living with Jimmy ▪ Survival Kit for Hunters: Sure you’re ready for the bush? ▪ Shooting Hell’s Gate: Fishing in spectacular Mozambique ▪ The... More > Parable of the Warthog and the Wildebeest: Learning to wait for the best ▪ River Danger: Bilharzia in Africa ▪ Diana in Africa: Lady hunters on the dark continent ▪ Destinations: Central Kalahari ▪ The Ancient Craft: Knifemaking in South Africa ▪ African Bush Cuisine: Impala Sosaties and Morogo ▪ True North: A Nice Guy< Less
eBook (PDF): $22.50
The Masai Mara National Reserve is Kenya's finest wildlife reserve. Everything about this reserve is outstanding. The wildlife is abundant and the gentle rolling grasslands ensure that animals are... More > never out of sight. Birds, too, are prolific. Including migrants, well over 400 species have been recorded, among them, 50 species of birds of prey. The climate is gentle, rarely too hot and well-spread rainfall year round. Rain, when it falls almost always chooses the late afternoon or night. Between July and October, when the great wildebeest migration is in the Masai Mara National Reserve, the sensation is unparalleled.< Less
Journey to a Waterfall A Biologist in Africa By Robert Cowie
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From the age of ten, the author was determined to be involved with African wildlife. This memoir recounts how he was able to fulfil this dream, travelling through Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan,... More > Zimbabwe, Malawi and Egypt, as well as the Yemen, which biologically is almost Africa. He tells of being captured by Eritrean guerillas, seeing Gelada baboons in the Ethiopian highlands and the huge migrations of zebra and wildebeest in the Serengeti, doing research on termites in Darfur as well as assessing agricultural problems in the highest fastnesses of the Yemeni mountains, gazing in awe at the Pyramids of Giza and marvelling at the Victoria Falls in full flow.< Less
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The Kenyan Safari, Your Ultimate Travel Journal By Richard Miriti
eBook (PDF): $12.99
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Kenya is known by many as the home of the best long distance runners. Other than producing some of the best athletes in the world, this country also has beautiful tourist destinations. From the... More > idyllic coastal region to the expansive Rift valley region, this country certainly has its fair share of magnificence! Although its known for its amazing wildlife and panoramic views, this great nation has many other aspects that make it the ultimate African safari destination. Kenya’s art, bird life, cuisines and rich history are some of the aspects that guarantee tourists unrivaled safari experiences! In this publication, we have compiled a selection of photos to showcase the ultimate Kenyan tourism experience. This photo collection captures the phenomenal Wildebeest Migration as well as the spectacular birds of Kenya. It also lists a number of destinations, recreational activities as well as the ultimate Kenyan Safari Bucket List among many other things!< Less
Zoo By Stuart Haywood
eBook (ePub): $1.21
Bob Davidson retired from 22 SAS into an occupation he believed would be a contrast to the constant threat of death he had experienced in the Regiment. The dawn was breaking around the zoo, as head... More > keeper he knew it would be the busiest, and usually hottest day of the year. All was quiet until a strange object fell to earth obliterating the wildebeests.The day began normally until the animals began to act strangely towards the now crowded visitors. Soon he had gathered a small band of survivors and became embroiled in a fight for survival as the animals, led by the Bengal tiger seemed determined to eliminate all humans. Police and his old comrades from the SAS arrived and tried desperately to reach him and his small band.The animals showed incredible intelligence and seemed to be working together in their quest.< Less
Filthy Creatures: Things My Mother Never Told Me By David Williams
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Whether we like it or not, not all of God’s creatures are beautiful. With that in mind, David Williams shares a poetic tour of the world’s best loved and most filthy creatures. He... More > celebrates their naughty traits, sympathizes with the animals and their plights, and encourages reflection about their future. Williams, who intersperses wry wit, illustrations, and tongue-in-cheek lessons in his lyrical verse, offers a glimpse into the quirks, habits, and lovable characteristics of a variety of creatures. He shares verses of lovable Labradors, miserable mosquitoes, adorable aardvarks, whimsical wildebeests, a really wild boar, and cheeky chimps. Williams gives a voice to animals both near and far, revealing both the endearing and annoying qualities that highlight each creature’s individuality. Filthy Creatures presents a collection of poetry that is a modern set of Aesop’s fables with a bite or two thrown in.< Less