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Robert Rattray Portfolio 2015 By Robert Rattray
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Robert Rattray was born in Ireland in 1972. He grew up in the Welsh countryside and still works from his studio in Wales. Robert studied sculpture at the City and Guilds of London Art School and has... More > been working professionally since 1994. Portraits, animal and garden pieces, both sculpture and drawings, provide the backbone of his work reflecting his passionate interest in wildlife and his rural roots. His work is increasingly recognised by collectors, with commissions in the U.S, Australia and the UK. Robert Rattray GCGI Robert was short-listed by the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association (P.M.S.A) for the 2014 Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture for his recent ‘Windsor Greys’ Statue, which was unveiled by Her Majesty The Queen in April 2014.< Less
Tengwe Garden Club By Ann Beattie
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North Carolina native Ann Rothrock Beattie has produced an autobiographical account of her unique and endearing love story that began on a safari in Zimbabwe, Africa. Her safari love affair... More > eventually lands her in rural Africa on a tobacco farm, where she deals with the challenges and delights of living in Tengwe, Zimbabwe. In her memoir, Ann Beattie gives an open and honest account of various wildlife encounters, a charming community life and the many people she came to know during her time there, and, of course, the love of her life Dave Beattie. The story is set against the backdrop of the unstable tyrannical rule of dictator Robert Mugabe. Mrs. Beattie, her family and their community are ultimately forced to make difficult decisions when their lives and lands come into jeopardy as a result of the political climate in which they live.< Less
Charles Albert Damrow 1916-1989 An American Cowboy Artist By Patricia Damrow Register
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Charles Albert Damrow was a skillful artist-illustrator whose works romanticized the enduring images of the American West and chronicled the disappearing Native American cultures. He captured the... More > haunting beauty of the West, and his love for horses, buffalo and wildlife are evident in his works. He had a deep reverence for the Earth and for its native people. He was fascinated with their culture, their beliefs, and their spirituality, and he loved spending time with them and depicting them in his paintings. Damrow is a well-listed artist and his work has been featured in countless art publications, magazines, and newspaper articles. His work was exhibited in the "100 Years of Western Art" show organized by Gallery West and Rosenstocks. His paintings can be found in numerous private and corporate collections, and may occasionally be found at auction, especially in the western states.< Less
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“Farmtecture” is a new word that comes from the combination of two words Farming and Architecture to describe several particular applications and projects for food production within urban... More > areas conceived in by Danilo Capellini Architect Farmtecture means a brand new method of food production that offers a real improvement on food safety and quality, using advanced science along with best food traditions Farmtecture is about producing in a building (high rise, floating or underground) very high quality food all year round This would decrease transportation costs and carbon-dioxide emissions associated with moving food over long distances Farmtecture can be also an answer to our unbalanced urban development and the countryside/wildlife preservation needs< Less
Language of Moon By Susan Joyner-Stumpf
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Language of Moon is Susan Joyner-Stumpf’s sixth book of poetry. The Poems reach across the gauntlet of emotion and record this Author’s keen observations drawn from her life experiences.... More > She also loves to add fantasy into the mix. The range of intensity from despair to inspiration, hatred, joy to disillusion, fear and wonder and enchantment take you on a roller coaster journey through the outer lands of this Poet’s unique and varied world. A lover of animals, many poems are written in tribute to all animals, not just ones who have shared her existence, past and present. Ms. Stumpf is a Member of various Wildlife Preservation Organizations, and her emphasis is on being an advocate for abused and homeless animals of all species, especially wolves which she is partial to, having been owned by one. Ms. Stumpf is very intense, so be prepared. She uses heavy metaphor, abstract imagery and wordplay in her expression.< Less
Northwest Florida... another day in Destin By Jim Clark
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Explore, imagine, write, discover and draw are some of the things you can do while reading "Northwest Florida... another day in Destin". This book features the photography of Destin... More > photographer, artist, and writer Jim Clark. Jim put this book together to share his photos with you as well as to give you the opportunity to learn something about yourself. By writing or drawing you can look inside yourself and explore things you haven’t thought about lately or ever at all. You might just enjoy looking at the photos of the Destin area, beaches, and wildlife. That’s ok too. Grab a pen or pencil and dive in. It's fun for the family like a day at the beach in Destin on the Emerald Coast.< Less
Derelict House By Lesley Thomson
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Elephants breaking down walls, a hyena sharing a fire with the night guard to keep warm, hippos fighting, armless monkeys bringing their young to be admired by the author. This book is a kaleidoscope... More > of wild animals, strange and often eccentric tourists, the trails and tribulations of running a poorly-equipped lodge in a remote wilderness area and the laughter and tears of working with and living alongside staff from a different background and culture. The Derelict House, Elephants in my Garden, also describes the consequences of nature on the environment, the devastating effect of 9/11 on their American guests, the joy of guests seeing wildlife up close for the first time and the sadness of leaving it all behind. Beautifully illustrated, this charming book brings Africa to life, in all her colours and moods.< Less
Inca: Discover the Culture and Geography of a Lost Civilization By Lawrence Kovacs
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Illustrated by Farah Rizvi. GRL: W Picture a landscape encompassing more than 80 different ecosystems, from the steamy Amazon Rainforest teeming with wildlife, to the soaring peaks of the Andes... More > plastered with glaciers and the wild Pacific shoreline more than a thousand miles long. This was the world of the Inca, one of the most powerful empires in the history of civilization. Their story, while shrouded in mystery, can be explained in part by the things they left behind. One of the Inca’s most amazing relics is the city of Machu Picchu, a settlement built on a jagged ridge high up in the Andes Mountains. It will tell the tale of the extraordinary Inca culture—their beliefs, rituals, scientific advances, cities, monuments, food, and unique systems of language—through a journey from the city of Cuzco on the Inca Trail to the ancient city of Machu Picchu.< Less
MOBILITY MINING IN MOVING OBJECT TRAJECTORIES By Dr. Sajimon Abraham, Dr. P Sojan Lal and Dr. Dais George
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Spatial and temporal properties are key aspects of many data analysis problems in business, government, and science. GPS technology is quickly enabling a number of new applications, including... More > tracking fleets of vehicles, navigating boats and ships, pedestrian’s tracking and tracking of wildlife. Another popular application of this technology is in cellular phones with embedded GPS sensors for vehicle and pedestrian’s tracking. Through the availability of cheap sensor devices, we have witnessed an exponential growth of geo-tagged data in the last few years resulting in the availability of fine-grained spatial data at small temporal sampling intervals. Therefore, the actual challenge in spatio-temporal analysis is moving from acquiring the right data towards large-scale analysis of the available data. As this multidimensional data add more complexities in storing, indexing and querying, efficient methodologies have to be derived to manage these data using existing data base technology.< Less
Wensum Inspirations By Daniel Brooks-Laurent
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A source of inspiration, a seed of hope, a moment of healing, found by the ever-changing River Wensum - that most fruitful of places: a home, of dreams, dawns and imaginations so blessed and vast... More > under Norfolk's big sky to be pondered by Blackbird's song at dusk in recollections of childhood tweaking hopefully for all our tomorrow's, are the humble verse and prose within. These pieces written mostly through the autumn-winter of 2012 are hoped to be of companionship in times of uncertainty, as well as to offer a picture of natural life by this much-loved river, rich as She is in wildlife so varied and plentiful. Nature is the absolute inspiration in times so hostile and fearful, let Her show the way in whatever form touches us most deepest.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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