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Grant Leon Willes By Compiled by Dale Willes
Paperback: $5.95
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A memorial to Grant Leon Willes, his experiences, his letters and poems
Will's Travels By Willem van der Westhuizen
eBook (PDF): $6.99
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Will's Travels: Ireland A beautiful and unique travel book, combining the twin pillars of travel: the atlas and the travel guide. In the overflooded, fussy world of travel writing, our simply... More > essential travel guide is a breath of fresh air. Bountiful, informative, attractively well-turned and inviting, cover-to-cover. Includes: all 32 counties of Ireland, useful tourist and historical information, detailed high-quality maps and an extensive lists of tourist attractions. Welcoming you to Ireland - Clever Ventures: the clever way to travel.< Less
The Wills Of Sodom By Baldassare Cossa
Paperback: $11.39
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I bear good tidings! Behold the many Wills that are the pleasures of Sodom! Those Earthly Delights denied to us by false moralities, religions, doctrines and philosophies! I give you a magical and... More > Holy book of the sweetest Revelations! That encourage you to debauch! Eat, drink, indulge in every sexual pleasure and share every pleasure with every living thing! This most sacred of books emancipates you! Encourages you to be free! Free spirited! And to suffer no shame but bare it shamelessly and enjoy the thrill of sharing your pleasure and begging to be pleased at the same time! The time has come for us to emancipate ourselves! Free our chains from the yoke of centuries of lies! An Archangel formed this book in me - and at the right time - has bit me to WRITE and bear good tidings to ALL! LIBERATE YOURSELF SHAMELESSLY and spread the pleasure! Come - read and be happy and free! NAKED!< Less
The Willing Prey By Scarlett. T. Sunday
Paperback: $23.24
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The year is 2025. The world has entered a new phase of sexual freedom where gender is unseen. One deadly predator has been eradicated, its victims long dead, but another, unsuspected for millennia,... More > is about to awake into another life. Fantasy you say? Which one of us can exist without fantasy's tight bonds, or function without its dark happy secrets and strong restraints. Tanis is here and her prey is human. Our pleasure her gain, our fantasies her fare, our willing bodies her heart's delight. Read on dear reader and be damned, or read on in the hope she comes for you. Whichever, but read on, for this is her saga. The runes passed down to me by my mother, and my very existence prove it to be true. Scartlett. Rome 2225.< Less
Willing Torment By Simon Grail
Paperback: $14.00
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Sebastian Creed was dead, and five lovely young women who once worked for him but hated his private perverted lifestyle are summoned to his former home to learn of a strange bequest in his will. ... More > They will each receive half a million pounds if they consent to play the part of naked slaves for a week, enduring bondage, beatings and sexual humiliations, administered by a computer with the personality of their former employer and its team of formidably equipped robots. If they refuse to participate they risk their future careers. Can they survive the increasingly severe challenges they are made to perform or are they ingenious enough to escape from their mechanical masters and win their freedom and their reward? A week is a very long time when every day fresh torments are piled upon them from beyond the grave.< Less
A Willing Thread By Joy Dolci
Paperback: $24.95
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Are You Aware of Your Divine Self? What if you had a trusty resource where you could access messages from Holy Spirit/High Self that fit what you were experiencing on a daily basis? What if you... More > really could overcome all those annoying feelings: depression, suicidal thoughts, frustration, I’m-not-good-enough, nothing works, I-feel-abandoned...and instead experience that joyful, Divine Love you’ve been yearning for...for how long? Now you do have that resource--right here in your own little hot hands! After years of suffering through emotional pain and hardship, Joy Dolci found her way to a delightful life of feeling calm, confident and compassionate in each moment. In A Willing Thread, she shares her rich experience and expertise with you, because she knows you can do it, too. Day by day, step by light-filled step at a time, she reveals how to do it.< Less
If The Lord Is Willing By Charles Rodenbough
Paperback: $28.50
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Historical novel based on life of Rev. David and Rachel Craighead Caldwell. His life spanned the Colonial period, Revolution, organization of a nation, and forty-five years of national independence... More > - ninety-nine years plus. On this stage of history he was a noted Presbyterian minister, Revolutionary, Constitutional delegate, pre-eminant educator, medical doctor, farmer, miller, and trained carpenter. He wasa friend and confidant of Governor Alexander Martin, Andrew Jackson, Dr. Benjamin Rush, and particularly of young men who would be the ministers, doctors and political leaders of the young nation. In everything his wife, Rechel Craighead, was his partner, lover, and sustainer.< Less
Doctrine of the Will. By Rev. A. Mahan
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Doctrine of the Will by Rev. A. Mahan has 17 chapters and this book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format. To one whose aim is, to “serve his generation according to the... More > Will of God,” but two reasons would seem to justify an individual in claiming the attention of the public in the capacity of an author—the existence in the public mind of a want which needs to be met, and the full belief, that the Work which he has produced is adapted to meet that want. Under the influence of these two considerations, the following Treatise is presented to the public. Whether the author has judged rightly or not, it is not for him to decide. The decision of that question is left with the public, to whom the Work is now presented.< Less
Willing Darkness By Alicia Johnson
Paperback: $10.35
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Revisit the greatest ghost writer of the nineteenth century.
The Willing Prey By Scarlett. T. Sunday
eBook (PDF): $5.12
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This is a story about a beautiful immortal alien woman. A Vampire who uses guile, deceit, and dreams, to seduce her human prey. She is a woman we would all like to be, and one we would all like to be... More > seduced by, man or woman, because by the use of her pheromones she is irresistible to both... Which one of us would not like to live forever? She is a formidable warrior, and her lives, past and present, color the pages of history from the Romans down to the present day.< Less

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