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Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada: Making the Connections By Melissa Farley
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Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada addresses the scope of the sex industry in Nevada, including human rights violations against women in the Nevada legal brothels. The book describes how the... More > multibillion-dollar illegal sex industry in Las Vegas works. Sex trafficking from within and outside of the US, advertising for prostitution, political corruption, pornography, organized crime and the constant demand of men for paid sex - all contribute to prostitution and trafficking in Nevada.< Less
International Trafficking in Women to the United States: A Contemporary Manifestation of Slavery and Organized Crime By Amy O’Neill Richard & Center for the Study of Intelligence
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Trafficking of women and children for the sex industry and for labor is prevalent in all regions of the United States. An estimated 45,000 to 50,000 women and children1 are trafficked annually to the... More > United States,2 primarily by small crime rings and loosely connected criminal networks. The trafficked victims have traditionally come from Southeast Asia and Latin America; however, increasingly they are coming from the New Independent States and Central and Eastern Europe. Trafficking to the US is likely to increase given weak economies and few job opportunities in the countries of origin; low risk of prosecution and enormous profit potential for the traffickers; and improved international transportation infrastructures. Though it may be impossible to eradicate trafficking to the US, it is possible to diminish the problem significantly by targeted prevention and microcredit strategies in the source countries; strengthening the penalties and laws against traffickers in this country...< Less
The Capture of the Sabine Women By Nathan Kilgore
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After spending a year in the African village of Kiboyo, Adam Moxley ventures to another small village in the Ugandan bush. There, he assists a local pastor at a small orphanage,coming face to face... More > with children dying of AIDS. Before heading back to the United States, Adam stops in Venice, where he meets up with his good friend Tom. While Tom and Adam enjoy the richness of Venice, Adam soon forgets about the tragedy in Uganda when he meets and falls in love with Jade, an American studying abroad. Adam’s attention is quickly pulled back to the Ugandan orphans, however, when he learns that the children are being sold into slavery and child prostitution. Adam is shattered when he discovers the one behind the exploitation, and he becomes determined to bring an end to the tragedy. Referencing the history behind Giambologna’s 1574 sculpture The Capture of the Sabine Women, Kilgore’s novel floats the reader down the waterways of Venice, leaving passion and justice in its wake. Edited by Corene Israel< Less
Place of Women In Mali By College Guide World
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There are numerous traditions and several ethnic communities in Mali. They have their significant role in deciding the role of women in the society. The social roles and status of women in Mali are... More > formed by the complex interplay of traditions and ethnic communities. A little less than half of the population in Mali consists of women. The Malian women have sometimes been the centre of matrilineal societies, but they have been a vital force in the economy and social structure of the society, especially in the rural and agricultural society. Place of Women In Mali 1 Copyright Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Education and Health Care Chapter Three: Family and Marriage Chapter Four: Women’s Rights and Exploitation Chapter Five: Horrible Tradition Chapter Six: Violence against Women Chapter Seven: Economic Rights of Women Chapter Eight: Female Trafficking and Prostitution Chapter Nine: Women in Politics< Less
Place of Women In China By College Guide World
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In ancient China, the place of women in the Chinese society was not commendable, for they were compelled to spend their lives under the dominance of the males. There was no gender equality before the... More > Cultural Revolution in China. China went through a long civil war on mainland. After the civil war, Mao Zedong with his revolutionary army defeated the Koumintang government under General Chiang Kal Shek. Place of Women In China Copyright Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Gender Inequality in China Chapter Three: Marriage and Second Wives Chapter Four: Education in China Chapter Five: Women and Health Care Chapter Six: One Child Policy in China Chapter Seven: Women’s Employment and Rural Work Chapter Eight: Women in Chinese Politics Chapter Nine: Human Trafficking & Prostitution< Less
Action this Day: Determining the Future through our Actions Today By Bay Path College Women Writers Project
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The choices that we make today will affect not only our future, but the future of generations to come, and knowledge is the most powerful tool in the fight for effective change. With collaborated... More > efforts, women scholars at Bay Path College have come together to present inspired and well-researched arguments for positive transformation across a global landscape. From informational technology to media; financial intelligence to the national healthcare crisis; agricultural change to the world’s water supply; health and wellness to regulatory judgments; the impact of poverty, racism, and the persistence of human trafficking; we as a nation have a responsibility to evoke a positive movement towards establishing a safer future across all of these domains.< Less
Sold Out: A Recovery Guide for Prostitutes Anonymous By J.L. Williams
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Sex Workers Anonymous (formerly Prostitutes Anonymous) is a group, program, society, or fellowship, of men and women (as well as transgenders) for whom the sex industry has/had become a problem. ... More > Some of us were there by choice while some were forced by an outside person or situation. For others it was a blurry mix of the two. We meet regularly to give each other our "experience, strength and hope" so that through the process of sharing, empathy and networking we are able to find healing, hope, and happiness. "Powerless to stop" can mean different things to different people. Some of us were able to leave the sex industry itself behind - but not the damage and dysfunction that is now invading our current lives. So we're here to help you leave any part of the sex industry you may be involved in, as well as to find a "new way of life" in recovery.< Less
Alone with destiny By Stella Enachii
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In order to escape from the disaster of the economic crisis in the country, Moldovans leave to go abroad. Today, hundreds of thousands of citizens have abandoned Moldova in order to find a way to... More > survive. On the background of mass migration a very negative phenomenon has developed and Deceived by fairy tales about Western life and by the promises to have a well-paid job, they accept the offers from the traffickers and become slaves in brothels. Moldova has become one of the main sources of prostitutes in Europe. The women have their documents and money taken from them, they are beaten, raped, forced to become prostitutes, and in cases where they do not obey, even killed. The women have no medical assistance and no way to contact their relatives. These criminal bodies have become aligned with the local legal bodies and so victims of trafficking are absolutely defenseless. "Alone with destiny" tells the story of two real people, who were victims of trafficking. Naturally, the names have been changed.< Less
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Furies Unleashed By Stephen Elder
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College student Sandra Neuermann is abducted and brutally assaulted. She escapes her captors, but cannot escape the depression that follows. An alert counselor figures out what she needs: revenge! He... More > refers her to Nemesis, a secret organization that targets rapists and sex traffickers. The field operatives of Nemesis are called “Furies” and they are formidable…and successful! Neuermann dismantles a cruel trafficking mob in New York City while Nemesis manages to keep below the government's radar. When Neuermann begins a relationship with a handsome and gentle elementary school teacher, the straight line of her life is disrupted. She struggles to find a balance between the two very different worlds of being a Fury and being in love. “Neuermann is a well-established protagonist…The ending may shock more than a few readers, but it definitely packs a dramatic punch…An assassin story that delivers action while shrewdly examining the consequences.” –Kirkus Reviews< Less

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