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Little Raccoon is invited to a tea party at Bear's house and, despite a fierce wind, follows a guiding light through the woods and ends up in a cozy, safe place.
Dark Woods By Claudia Bakker
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A selection of poems, written between 2007 and 2012, from the author's days in the dark woods. The reader will travel through the darkness alongside the author, ending at a crossroad on the path that... More > might lead out of the darkness.< Less
A walk in the woods By Susan
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Accept it. Love it, please. Mental illness – learn to talk about it. It is hidden now in little corners. Bring them into the light and learn to love this part of our human nature. I need... More > to do this too since I have a bipolar illness combined with paranoia. This is a little story about how I ended up writing this in a hospital bed to learn to love this illness. I rarely talk about it. I feel it is important to communicate my experience so that others may learn. It is filled with advice so you do not have to repeat the mistakes I have learned. Some of the advice includes: Take stress leave when you need it Never make any important decisions when you are Manic. Listen to your family and trusted friends. Make sure they have a list of the signs and symptoms of the illness. Tell them if you think you need help. Listen to your heart. When you are on lithium, you can only lose a pound a week. Exercise, especially thrilling exercise helps with depression. Learn to let go< Less
Lighting Beacons: a liturgy for life By Tim Watson et al.
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A group from the Restore community in Crewe were keen to create a daily prayer resource that was easy to use & accessible. The idea was to create a single volume book of liturgy that begins at... More > the start of the book with Monday morning & works through to the end of the book on Sunday night. Each day includes Morning Prayer, Mid-Day Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer which includes a short examen. This is just the first book & we would love to add seasonal resources. The team: Tim Watson, Dot Woods and Josh Walker have created Lighting Beacons to be a simple book of liturgies that might act as an introduction to the idea of daily prayer, a refresher for those burnt out by daily prayer or an alternative for those who want to try a different rhythm. The liturgies have been written to be read alone or as part of a community. There is a companion website for the project: The price is set so that when bought from LuLu we receive no revenue & you receive the book at cost price.< Less
Those Afraid of the Light By Andrew Muir
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They say the weirdest things happen when you are on acid… I was with my philosopher friend and her ambitious biochemist brother when I first took LSD. As Danny and Bugs vented their... More > frustration at how out of touch the world had become, I realised reality really was stranger than fiction. My second acid trip was at an illegal rave by the mysterious woods near my home. I saw orbs pulsate in the sky above the Dead Tree and visitors from places I didn’t understand were welcomed into our world. And on my final trip, as I lay wrecked and paranoid, cowering inside a verge by a road, I watched in horror as the world began to end. Those Afraid of the Light is a tale of the end of the world; viewed through the eyes of a dropout and through the scientific and theological perspectives of his best friend Danny.< Less
Golde the Mother: The First Lost Tale of Mercia By Jayden Woods
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“The Lost Tales of Mercia” is a series of ten swashbuckling short stories set in England near the end of the Viking Age. Read them in whatever order you may stumble upon them. Though... More > fictional, they are heavily researched and feature many real historical figures. The First Lost Tale, “Golde the Mother,” is about the mother of Eadric Streona. It sheds light on Eadric’s strange childhood, and raises the question of who fathered the boy who would become notorious as one of the most treacherous men in England.< Less
In my dreams I'm dancing By Ruth Wood
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In October 2006, Ruth Wood was a successful singing teacher and singer. By December she was in hospital diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, a rare neurological condition, leaving her disabled from... More > the waist down. By the end of January 2007, after another attack, her arms and trunk were also affected. This is the story of the first year of her disability - a tale told with humour and a refreshing lightness of touch. Some of the feedback comments so far : "a good read"; "I couldn't put it down"; "So good to know I'm not the only one"; "I never realised what it was like". She feels it is very important to highlight some of the problems encountered by those who, like herself, are suddenly "struck down" with a variety of conditions, and to bring hope to others who may find it all overwhelming.< Less
The Art of Jigging the Race By Jeff Evans
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This book will explain how to catch large Striped Bass with wire line and jigs.This is the only book on the market that reveals the well kept secrets of wire-line jigging for Stripers.
Ralph's Portfolio By ralph harper
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confinement: allowing occupants to traverse across the wooded landscape in 6’x6’ tubular arteries. While traveling through the arteries occupants receive limited views to the outside.... More > The views are strategically placed in order to enable the occupant to see the end of their destination: the tower. The tower, on the exterior, appears lightweight and permeable; a place full of space and light, which is a strict contrast to what the occupants have been experiencing for most of their exploration. As a result, these abbreviated views to the tower give the occupants the motivation to complete their journey to the end. Upon reaching the tower the occupants are surprised to find that tower is actually not lightweight and permeable but actually possess the same characteristic the tubular arteries have: confined and limited views to the outside.< Less
INTERFERENCE By Stephen Walton
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After a miserable year following the loss of his wife, Tom Kerr has just started running again, hoping it will prove a better way of dealing with stress than drinking. This will bring him into... More > contact with a living myth, who could be the answer to both his prayers and a fifty-year-old mystery that has just reared its ugly head amidst strange occurrences in the local woods. A contemporary mystery at 164,000 words, lightly laced with humour and paranormal overtones that are misinterpreted until the end. It falls loosely into the fantasy genre due to revelations in later chapters and should appeal to most audiences.< Less

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