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Dorothy Wordsworth By Edmund Lee
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Dorothy Wordsworth is the Story of a Sister's Love written by Edmund Lee. Published by JAMES CLARKE & CO., 13 & 14, FLEET STREET in 1886. THIS little book owes its origin to the fact that,... More > with the exception of Professor Shairp's Sketch contained in the preface to the "Tour in Scotland," no biography or memoir of the subject of it has hitherto been written. Seeing what an important part Miss Wordsworth occupied in influencing the revival of English poetry at the close of the last century.< Less
The Pedestrian, Wordsworth By Rodney Jones
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In “A Letter to a friend of Robert Burns”, Wordsworth wrote "And, of poets more especially, it is true – that, if their works be good, they contain within themselves all... More > that is necessary to their being comprehended and relished". While it is improbable that this assertion was true when he wrote it in 1816, it is certainly not the case for readers of his poetry today. The historical context in which his poetry was written - and which is often reflected in the poems themselves - is, in many respects, little known to today’s students of the romantic period, nor to those who simply enjoy reading Wordsworth's poetry. This set of books seeks to remedy that deficiency by providing much needed contextual information. This first volume is set against the background of Wordsworth's life from his birth at Cockermouth in 1770 until his return from Germany in the Spring of 1799. Two subsequent volumes will cover his life in Grasmere and at Rydal Mount respectively.< Less
Wordsworth and the Duddon By Rodney Jones
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In this modest volume the author reflects on the Sequence of Sonnets concerning the River Duddon which William Wordsworth published in April 1820. In the same volume Wordsworth included his poem... More > "Vaudracour and Julia" and his prose travel guide "A Topographical Description of the Country of the Lakes". Although William Wordsworth had now reached his 50th year, this publication was his first real commercial success as a poet. The 'Duddon' Sonnets are somewhat neglected today and his modern popularity rests largely with the "Lyrical Ballads" - partly a collaboration with Coleridge - and his autobiographical poem "The Prelude". The sequence provides an enchanting description of the River and its environs as it falls from its source among the Central Fells of Cumbria to the Irish Sea, as well as providing a master-class in the art of the Sonneteer.< Less
50 Greatest Poems of William Wordsworth By William Wordsworth
eBook (ePub): $1.97
William Wordsworth was born in Cumberland in 1770, his birthplace near to what is known as the Lake District had a considerable influence on his poetry. After going to University in Cambridge , he... More > travelled extensively in Europe especially the Alps region. He was very close to his sister Dorothy and even when he married Mary Hutchinson, his sister lived with the couple. In the preface to Lyrical Ballads , Wordsworth set out the central tenet of the Romantic movement which was to seek a new realism in poetry based on the “real language of man”. Wordsworth with other poets such as Coleridge and Southey lived in the Lake District and formed the basis of what was known as the Lakeland poets. Wordsworth and the rest of the Lakeland poets achieved considerable fame in their lifetime, Wordsworth being made Poet Laureate in 1843, he died in 1850 and was buried in Grasmere at the heart of his beloved Lake District.< Less
Wordsworth's 'Thanksgiving Ode' in Context By Richard Gravil
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Wordsworth’s ‘Thanksgiving Ode’ expresses the poet’s sentiments on the final outcome of the Napoleonic Wars. It is possibly Wordsworth’s most notorious poem, widely... More > criticized for its alleged bellicosity and for one line in particular, addressed to God: ‘Yea, Carnage is thy Daughter’. Richard Gravil argues that the poem is a strenuous exercise in Christian Thanksgiving, appropriate to the close of two decades of global war. Its tone is reflective and self-searching, not bellicose, as befits a poet who called the Battle of Waterloo ‘a hideous rout’. Its thought is grounded in the Old Testament, as were the numerous sermons preached on the morning of 18 January 1816, a ‘Day Appointed for a General Thanksgiving’. The booklet explicates the poem’s demanding argument, and places it alongside a range of sermons offered by the Bishop of London, Anglican vicars, a Canadian rector, a Vicar Apostolic and a Unitarian Minister, united in thanksgiving at the close of what was, in reality, the first World War.< Less
The Fenwick Notes of William Wordsworth By Jared Curtis
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In 1843 William Wordsworth dictated invaluable notes on his life's work to his friend Isabella Fenwick. In 1993 Jared Curtis published his invaluable edition of these notes (which are not included in... More > The Prose Works of William Wordsworth). This revised and corrected edition of The Fenwick Notes was published 2008. To receive a free accompanying Ebook please send proof of purchase of the paperback to Humanities-Ebooks. Please note that while colour is used in the preview, as in the ebook, the print in the paperback is black and white.< Less
Poetry Guide: William Wordsworth By Raja Sharma
Paperback: $6.99
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This guide presents a valuable help to the students of English Literature. The summary of each of the poems in this guide is followed by the form of the poem, critical analysis, and the text of the... More > poem. Students often find understanding and interpreting poetry an uphill task, for the allusions and references almost baffle them, however, with repeated and careful reading of the same poem, taking the help of the reference books and guides; they often come close to the interpretation desired by the poet.......< Less
Words of Wisdom: William Wordsworth By Students’ Academy
eBook (ePub): $1.25
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William Wordsworth, one of the most widely read and respected English poets, has given several memorable masterpieces to English literature. His poems are popular among both young and old, for he... More > wrote poetry in the language of common man. However, the simple lines which he produced are highly meaningful and thought-provoking. His remarks, lines, sentences, and phrases are full of wisdom. They are unique in the way of presentation. Wordsworth was highly skilled at the use of precise diction. In the present book you will find hundreds of witty remarks and statements composed by William Wordsworth. Several of his lines have become very popular quote and scholars and writers often quote his lines in their speeches and writings. Words of Wisdom: William Wordsworth Copyright Introduction Section One Section Two Section Three Section Four Section Five< Less
A Guide to William Wordsworth's Poetry By Raja’s Academy
eBook (ePub): $2.99
On the vast and enchanting horizon of English Literature, William Wordsworth shines like a star whose twinkle and shine surpass any other in the vicinity. The poets like him compel the readers to... More > venerate their poetic talent. Wordsworth’s monumental poetic legacy rests on a large number of important poems, varying in length and weight from the short, simple lyrics of the 1790s to the vast expanses of The Prelude, thirteen books long in its 1808 edition.< Less
Humanism In Works Of Wordsworth By Padmaxiben Vyas
eBook (PDF): $12.56
William Wordsworth was born on 7th April, 1770, the second of five children, in the West Cumbrian town of Cockermouth. His father John Wordsworth’s employment as lawyer to the land- owner, Sir... More > John Lowther, a very rich person in England those days, enabled the family to have a fair standard of living in an area not known for its prosperity.< Less

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