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On the End of Penitence and the Marks of Satisfaction By John Cassian
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The spiritual traditions of Cassian had an immeasurable effect on Western Europe. Many different western spiritualities, from that of Saint Benedict to that of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, owe their... More > basic ideas to Cassian. In particular, the Institutes had a direct influence on organization of monasteries described in the Rule of St. Benedict; Benedict also recommended that ordered selections of the Conferences be read to monks under his Rule. Moreover, the monastic institutions Cassian inspired kept learning and culture alive during the Early Middle Ages, and were often the only institutions that cared for the sick and poor. His works are excerpted in the Philokalia (Greek for "love of the beautiful"), the Eastern Orthodox compendium on mystical Christian prayer.< Less
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An organization without working professionals cannot be built. Human resource is a ‘real asset’ to the organization. How best it can be utilized lies in the hands of managers who strive... More > for the attainment of organizational goals. They have to adopt a comprehensive approach to manage people, develop their skills and create a work spirit in the minds of employees. In the present uncertain economic environment, many employees are finding it difficult to get out of the work redundancies. Further, to perform duties at a higher level for a long period, the employees are stained. In the process of work accomplishment, most of the employees in many organizations face stress in satisfying the demands of the employers. The word ‘stress’ is a complex phenomenon experienced by most of the individuals and it is related to their emotions. Stress is a discomfort of an individual.< Less
Efficient Algorithms for Strong Local Consistencies and Adaptive Techniques in Constraint Satisfaction Problems By Anastasia Paparrizou
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Constraint programming is a successful technology for solving a wide range of problems in business and industry which require satisfying a set of constraints. Central to solving constraint... More > satisfaction problems is enforcing a level of local consistency. In this thesis, we propose efficient filtering algorithms for enforcing strong local consistencies. In addition, since such filtering algorithms can be too expensive to enforce all the time, we propose some automated heuristics that can dynamically select the most appropriate filtering algorithm. Published by AI Access, a not-for-profit publisher of open access texts with a highly respected scientific board. We publish monographs and collected works. Our texts are available electronically for free and in hard copy at close to cost.< Less
A study on the stress management practices and job satisfaction of women employees in the state bank of india, tamil nadu By S. JOTHIBASU
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Stress in the current scenario is considered to be universal and people in almost all walks of life experience stress to a very great extent. Due to the impact of globalization the influence of... More > stress in this era of high technology speed, global competition and consumerism is found to be increasing at a faster rate. Taking its toll on the physical and psychological health of the employees, it is also found to be affecting the productivity and functioning of an organization. The direct and indirect cost associated with stress is found to be even greater. Due to its cost, the critical importance of a stress free work life has been recognized.< Less
A Qualitative Study of the Supervisory Relationship in the Public Sector: Contributions to Job Satisfaction and Organizatonal Productivity By Dr. Edward Keith, Jr
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The purpose of this study was to discover elements in the relationship between employees and their supervisors that may have a perceived connection to job satisfaction and/or job performance in... More > public social services workers. Employees in the social services are often exposed to stressful conditions, which may set the stage for burnout and high job turnover. Research has shown that the supervisory relationship could help to mitigate this stress and its effects in workers. Six African Americans, 6 Caucasians, of whom 10 were women and 2 men participated. A consensus emerged between participants that workplace stress is primarily due to large workload, deadlines, and work hours, which include weekend and on call hours. These stressors are reduced by supervisors who are available to help with direction, support, and hands-on assistance. Empowering workers was also found to be key to helping to reduce workplace stress.< Less
Employee Motivation, Emotional Intelligence and Human Capital Development As Correlates of Job Satisfaction and Productivity of Librarians In Public Universities In Nigeria By JAPHETH ABDULAZEEZ YAYA
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Job satisfaction of employees plays a crucial role in determining the general productivity of workers in any organization. Thus in this study, job satisfaction is conceptualized to mean the level of... More > positive attitude that a librarian displays when performing his/her duties in the university library and the rate at which his/her basic needs are met by the employers. It is interesting to note that if librarians are well catered for by the university authorities in the area of giving them due recognition for a job well done, put in place a good leadership style for the administration of the university library coupled with a career development opportunity for librarians to enhance development of their managerial skills, and conducive work environment as well as improved remunerations (good salaries and wages); their level of productivity will be greatly improved from what is presently existing in most Nigerian public universities.< Less
The importance of communication quality for the satisfaction and productivity of human resources in organizations By Hugo Oliveira
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This work is aimed at evaluating the importance of communication quality for the satisfaction and productivity of human resources in organizations. The aim is to understand how organizational... More > components and communication components influence satisfaction and productivity of human resources in organizations. To this end, we tested a set of hypotheses, which aim to relate the components under study, based on a sample of individuals in companies or institutions and public sector business. The results point to the importance of communication in determining the dimensions of satisfaction and productivity in organizations, including aspects of communication, types of communication, management communication, the technological means of communication, organizational components, and aspects of inter-relational and aspects of leadership< Less
How Businesses Really Work By Grant P. Hudson
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This book could be one of the most powerful weapons you will ever have for transforming your business, your life, and the lives around you. In these pages, you will learn about: • the universal... More > patterns that all businesses follow and how you can use them to boom your business • the powerful, hidden force which motivates customers, employees and your own business, and how to take advantage of it to take your operation to a whole new level • the business model which, if followed, will create a machine generating unimaginable numbers of customers and heightened customer satisfaction for you, based on the most successful businesses in the world and much, much more!< Less
How Stories Really Work By Grant P. Hudson
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This book is a powerful tool for understanding fiction and for transforming creative writing and taking it to new levels of clarity, energy and effectiveness. Learn what a story really is and what... More > it is actually doing to and for readers, how all successful fiction follows universal patterns to attract and grip readers, the magnetic power that draws readers into a work of fiction even before the introduction of any character, what the thing called a ‘character’ actually is, and the secrets of how to rapidly build a convincing one that attracts readers, the things called ‘plots’, what they are and how they are actually made (rather than how you might suppose they are made). Find out about the writing model which, if followed, will create a machine generating unimaginable numbers of readers and heightened reader satisfaction for you, based on some of the most successful pieces of literature in the English-speaking world.< Less
Start Making Your Waiting Room Work for You By Jim Cucinotta
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Your waiting room is the first impression that you leave on your patient. By making it more interactive and engaging, you will start improving both your patient outcomes and patient satisfaction... More > scores.< Less

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