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public works 1 By public works
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a selcetion of projects by public works
Arrows of Victory: God's Work of Revival, Restoration, and Release By Jamison Work
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Arrows of Victory is the account of God's reviving work among the people of Candies Creek Baptist Church in April and May of 2011 when the manifest presence of God settled among them for an... More > unforgettable, transformative, and empowering six weeks. Over a period of 42 days the congregation held daily prayer meetings, approximately 40 worship gatherings that often extended more than three hours, baptized a half-dozen new believers, received more than 24 hours of individual public confession and repentance of sin, confessed and turned from six sins of which the church family was corporately guilty, rejoiced in the healing of relationships and families, and experienced the renewing grace of God in dozens of life-changing ways.< Less
Pour Me Another: A Story of Process By Malia Working
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Malia Working's book on paint and process, detailing the changing states of paint and surface in her work.
The Tomato By Paul Work
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The Tomatoes are an American rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana. The band is composed of vocalist/guitarist Will Burdette, drummer Woody Dantagnan, and bassist/vocalist George Ortolano. Their... More > music has been compared to everyone from the Afghan Whigs, Pearl Jam, MC5, and The Ramones, to acts such as the Butthole Surfers, The Stooges, Bruce Springsteen, The Hold Steady, and Nine-Inch-Nails.The Tomatoes formed in 2004 over pints of Guinness at a bar in Metairie, LA, a suburb of New Orleans. The band recorded their first LP later that same year; Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum co-produced the lead track “She Wore A Yellow Gas Mask” with George Ortolano. Grammy TM Award winning Engineer, Trina Shoemaker, provided additional input on the recording of the album. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Europe's Finest Recipe Book By collaborative work
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The result of a collaborative among european schools. Students compiled a book in english and their native language with recipes which best represent their country. A very good learning resource.
The Witching Season By Stephanie Work
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Natalie McClellan lives with her mother, Claire, in the small town of McClellan, Tennessee. Claire has worked her whole life to keep Natalie from discovering that she is part of a family that has a... More > dark past. One fateful afternoon in October, Natalie and her friends unwittingly unleash an evil witch. Two centuries earlier, a mysterious group calling itself The Circle had trapped the witch in a mirror. For hundreds of years, the mirror safely jailed the witch, until Natalie and her friends, Edward and Lucy, unwittingly unleash her evil. Despite the best efforts of the adults surrounding them, the children find themselves racing toward a fateful confrontation with forces far more dark and powerful than they can imagine. The children become convinced that they must somehow trap the witch again, as had been done years ago, before the witch finds a way to destroy The Circle and them.< Less
Magical Moments Around The World By Collected Works
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This book is an anthology of magical moments written by people all around the world, depicting the human spirit that is in us all and connects us all. It is because of our shared humanity that this... More > book can be read by young and old alike, by people of every faith and from every corner of the world. A glimpse of the human spirit shines out from the pages of this book, showing that we are all part of one big human family. This book is travelling the globe. You can learn of the book’s journey as it meets new people and places in the travel blog on the Magical Moments Around the World website - 100% of book royalties are being gifted to UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund), which works for children's rights, their survival, development and protection.< Less
Savage Attraction By Davon Works
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Love makes us all do crazy things... A man's desires is something that leads him into doing some irrational things. One cannot fully explain what effects intense sensations can have on a man.... More > However, one will prove that you do not have to be wed to follow the statement until death do us part... Thomas Cabot was just another man until he met Julia Clark. She makes his heart jump and the heat to course through his veins like no one else. He wants her- that's for sure- and will do anything to have her. But when Julia rejects him and Thomas finds out a truth he may not be able to bear, how far will he go to seek retribution? And to what lengths will Julia have to travel to calm the heart and mind of this man's intense desires? Because one thing is for sure: no one will know what to expect when involved in a savage attraction.< Less
Savage Revenge By Davon Works
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He's back and more dangerous than ever... Julia Clark thought she was safe after it seemed she killed Thomas Cabot. He was a love obsessed man who nearly took her life after he found out he couldn't... More > have her and she didn't want to have anything to do with him. And after fighting to stay alive, she survived the horror, riding off into the night. But what she has feared, what she has been dreaming about for the past few days, has come true. Thomas has come back and he wants Julia again. Only this time, he is bent on taking her life rather than being apart of it. And he has a new scheme to get her, one that's just as chilling as it is shocking. Now, Julia will once again have to do all she can to come out of this alive. Her concern now is not to calm the heart of a savage attraction, but to end the threat of a savage revenge.< Less
Race of Truth By Davon Works
eBook (ePub): $1.99
It was just another morning for New York City’s private investigator Dan Race when his phone rings. On the other end of the line is Jeff Barclay, Race’s boss, informing him of a new... More > assignment. Why does it seem like the cold weather makes people go mad? That’s the question Race asks himself when he stares at what appears to be the gory scene of a murdered teenage girl. Most of the evidence is there, but there is just one problem: where is the body? The fact that you have a brutal scene displayed in front of you like Christmas decorations in an upper-middle class family’s home sparks red flags for the PI. Now, he has to use his investigative skills to solve a case that grows more complicated by the moment. As the case draws on, Race will discover the twisted secrets that are tied into this girl’s supposed death. Secrets that people would kill to have it remain just that.< Less

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