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The Ultimate Workout and Nutrition Basics By Dr. Terry L. Puett
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
We want to help you get strong, and healthy. This workout and nutrition guide is for those who want results and want them now
Bridge Workout Log By Robert Oram
Paperback: $18.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Planning and tracking your workouts and nutrition is key to making the progress you desire to achieve your goals. The Bridge Workout Log is designed to facilitate this. Each week provides... More > customizable logs to allow you to plan and track the key elements of each week; > Plan and track your daily AM, Mid-Day and PM cardio and resistance workouts including tracking calorie burn. > Record your daily nutritional intake and calorie consumption. > Plan your weekly resistance workouts and record weight and reps for quick and easy review of progress. Use the dozens of included training tips to help your maximize your workouts and nutritional plans.< Less
20 Workouts for $20 By Hilery Hutchinson
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book includes twenty different workouts. Over half of the workouts just use body weight so you can do them anytime and anywhere with no equipment at all! There is an exercise glossary in the... More > back to help you but once you buy the book you will also gain access to a video library that will help breakdown the exercises with proper alignment and variations to make the exercises suitable for all levels. Do a different workout Monday through Friday and your body will never be able to adapt or plateau. This one book could guide you through an entire year of workouts and you will continue to see results.< Less
Fitness for Women : The Cardio Workouts By Camilet Cooray
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Cardio is not just for men but for women too. You as a women should consider what is best for you to have a very healthy life. This book may not be a pure full guide but a starting point with many... More > concerns about your fitness and cardio workouts.< Less
The Ultimate Fighter's Workout By William Duda
eBook (PDF): $9.95
The ultimate book for all of your fitness and nutritional needs, the Ultimate Fighter's Workout walks you through simple and effective exercises and nutritional tips to get you into shape. Don't... More > bother waiting in line at the health club or paying huge amounts for a personal trainer. This book has all you need to meet your fitness goals!< Less
The Ultimate Taekwondo Workout Book By Marc Zirogiannis
Paperback: $6.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Taekwondo is the most widely practiced martial art in the world. Many of the elements of this 2000 year old, Korean martial art have remained timeless and unchanged through the centuries. However,... More > with the proliferation of Taekwondo as an Olympic Sport, the speed, stamina, and strength required for athletes to compete on a high level has increased greatly. While Dojang practice is invaluable to the modern practitioner, so is the implementation of supplemental workout routines designed to enhance competitive Taekwondo performance. From the leading Taekwondo author in the world today, Marc Zirogiannis, The Ultimate Taekwondo Workout Book offers a series of routines and exercises designed, specifically, for today's competitive Taekwondo practitioner. These routines were constructed with the feedback from some of the leading personal and fitness trainers in the world today. Practitioners using these routines will see results!< Less
Swing Set Workouts By Karen M. Goeller & Brian Dowd
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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You get a great variety of workouts that range in difficulty. There are at 12 fast and effective workouts, more than enough to make a real difference! Perfect for anyone who enjoys exercise. Use... More > these workouts to gain strength and become more fit. Many of the exercises in this book were in Karen Goeller’s gymnastics training programs. You will gain strength and become accustomed to supporting your own body weight in motion. There are full body workouts and split routines. Once you learn these exercises, you can create your own workouts. You'll reach a remarkable fitness level after performing these workouts frequently and consistently. People will ask your secret. Wait until you try the workouts performed on a playground swing. Get this book, have fun, and become fit!< Less
Madness Workout Program By Frank Fata
eBook (ePub): $10.00
The Madness workout is like no other on the market today. It can be used by just about anyone looking to take their bodies to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or have been in the game for... More > years, you will be able to utilize these workout programs to your specific weight capability. It can be used for fat loss or to put on size. There are ten exercise programs for each muscle group. Each program will test your ability and endurance by delivering sets that include strength, volume and burn (hypertrophic) training. Each chapter will have one program that doesn't require weights or the gym. Most people can't make it to the gym some days due to their work schedule, so there's no excuse anymore. Also, each chapter will have a program that’s for people who live a busy lifestyle and need to be in and out of the gym. We have incorporated fun names with each exercise program to give it a little character. Can you handle the Madness?< Less
Rowing Machine Workout By Roy Palmer
eBook (PDF): $6.99
The 'Complete Rowing Machine Workout' program will show you how to get the most from your machine. No need to waste any more time searching the web trying to find a workout here and there - because... More > they're all here in this program! The 20 workouts include interval training sessions, heart-rate programs, high-intensity and pyramid sessions to help you:- Get fitter Lose weight Build stamina Burn fat fast Tone up your muscles Train to an advanced level Whether you're a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced rower, this guide has what you need. Whatever your current fitness, just begin the structured program at a level to suit you, and start to see the benefits fast. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Roy Palmer is a teacher of the world-renowned movement system, The Alexander Technique. His previous books, 'The Performance Paradox' and 'Zone Mind, Zone Body' have received critical acclaim from international coaches and athletes for his insight and innovative approach to sports training.< Less
Lower Belly Workouts By Camilet Cooray
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Everyone concerns about their Belly. Showing their Belly Button is a fashion for young ladies. But what if they have a big belly that is not attractive? Will their fashion show will become a... More > success? This book is written to educate how to maintain a better flattened yet stronger and sexier belly for you. It is all about Making a Better You!< Less

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