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Art du Qi Gong le Yi Zhi Chan de Shaolin By Martine Briquet
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Le YI ZHI QI GONG présenté dans ce livre rassemble des exercices énergétiques très anciens associant à la fois des pratiques bouddhistes (Shaolin) et des... More > pratiques taoistes(Wu Dan). La particularité est de proposer à la fois des postures mobiles et des postures fixes ainsi que des jeux de doigts appelés codes qui aident à renforcer l'immunité et les sensations du Qi. La progression se fait en trois étapes. En premier lieu des exercices simples amènent à une conscience du Qi, et à sa circulation dans le corps. Dans un deuxième temps, un travail plus approfondi du Qi est proposé. La troisième partie est constituée de postures statiques de difficultés croissantes qui requièrent un entraînement progressif.< Less
Ping "Guan xi yu ji xiao - Mei guo xi nan hang kong de cheng gong zhi lu" By Heng Zhang [Yi}
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张 恒[译] (2006).... More > 评《关系与绩效——美国西南航空的成功之路》. Journal of Knowledge Advancement & Integration, 2007, issue 1, pp.53-58. ISSN:1177-4576. [译自PÉREZGONZÁLEZ Jose D (2006). Book review: “The Southwest Airlines way”. Journal of Knowledge Advancement & Integration, 2006, pp.1-7. ISSN:1177-4576.] 关键词: 关系协调; 美国西南航空公司;美国航空公司;美国联合航空公司;美国大陆航空公司;航空;民用航空;卫生保健;美国.< Less
知更鸟的第一次飞行-勇气的翅膀 zhī gēng niǎo de dì yī cì fēi xíng-yǒng qì de chì bǎng Robin’s First Flight -Wings of Courage By Douglas Alford, Pakaket Alford
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后记 “知更鸟的第一次飞行 ”是要飞但怕飞的故事。 ... More > 知更鸟克服恐惧并学会飞翔!这个寓言帮助我们每个人找到自己的翅膀。 “Robin’s First Flight” is the story of wanting to fly but afraid to try. Robin overcomes fear and learns to soar! This fable helps each of us find our own wings.< Less
Classical Herbal Powder to Remove Toxins and Heal Flu and Skin Infections (Chinese Medicine Herbal Recipe Series) By (Editor)
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This is a very useful herbal recipe for the treatment of common cold, flu (influenza), malaria, epidemic parotitis, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, dysentery, hives (urticaria), acute cellulitis,... More > and eczema. It is good for healing skin infections. With modifications, this recipe has a broad range of applications on a variety of diseases. The recipe has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammation effects. It can reduce fever, stop pain, relieve cough, and improve the blood circulation. Modifications of the recipe for different applications are described, including for severe cough, dysentery, and skin infections such as boils and ulcers. Explanations in Chinese medicine theories are provided. This classical recipe was designed by a famous physician Yi Qian in the Song Dynasty. It was recorded in the ancient Chinese medicine classical book The Key to Differentiation and Treatment of Pediatric Diseases (Xiao Er Yao Zheng Zhi Jue).< Less

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