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The Violet Hour Magazine - Issue 1.1 - "Time/Midnight" By Maddison Bonnett et al.
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This first issue of our quarterly magazine is based on the themes of "time/the passing of time" and "what happens at the stroke of midnight", and contains short fiction by Martin... More > Lees and Violet Hour publisher Celeste Miller, short non-fiction by Y.M. Mill and Violet Hour editor Danielle Dufoe, and poetry by Sudbury's Poet Laureate Kim Fahner, previous Sudbury Poet Laureate Roger Nash, newcomers Shagufta Iqbal and Maddison Bonnett, and more. Also in this issue is an interview with Sudbury's debut novelist Shawna Diane Partridge, and a review of her inaugural novella Rule of Seconds, as well as The Violet Hour's "Author Spotlight" segment, featuring Sudbury author Allan R. Thompson (author of Rural Roots).< Less
Engineering Research Methods By Nor Mariah Adam et al.
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Engineering research methods
Young Mothers & Interim Health Academy 2011-2012 By Christine Card
Hardcover: $24.00
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YM & IHA Yearbook, Young Mothers and Interim Health Academy, RCSD, Rochester City School District, 2011-2012
Day Trading the Dow Mini: A Practical Guide for Market Participation (Second Edition) By Brad E. Stych
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Now greatly revised and expanded, this unique educational resource is the only book available that shows you how to day trade the E-mini Dow futures market in a comprehensive manner. It will assist... More > you to: (1) create useful charts with specific settings, (2) prepare effectively for the open of trading, (3) use ELEVEN dynamic trading methods, (4) determine when to increase position size, (5) adjust to the rhythm of the market during the morning, midday, and afternoon, (6) trade efficiently with concrete financial objectives, (7) practice with graduated trading programs before risking money in the market, and (8) analyze performance for improvement. Written by a professional adult educator and experienced trader, this book is 70% larger than the previous edition and can be used in a variety of ways to improve trading skills and develop good trading habits. An excellent tool for practitioners and instructors alike!< Less
Sound of silence By thanh trung
eBook (PDF): $30.00
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Timbertop 1981 and term 1, 1982 By Alastair Gunn
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This booklet is the record of our time at Timbertop, the outdoor Year 9 branch of Geelong Grammar School. It has colour images of the school, staff, students and activities. The images include hikes;... More > skiing; the Dining Hall; Chapel; the swimming dam; Units - I, A, C, L (balcony and Dorm); our flat attached to L Unit; students - including RR, YM KS and JP; leaving for Cobbler hike 1981; school hut Mt. Stirling, Stirling Circuit Road 1981, Old Chimney Camp Eagles Peak Hikes, Cobbler Lake, Unit Hikes, Mount Buggery, Cross Cut Saw, Big Hill, jelly for breakfast, students at the top of Mt. Buller, Howqua River, Staff Camps, gap year staff - Euan Grieg, Shinji Kimura, Bill Perry; Ritchies Hut; Macallister Springs Hut; Purcells' Hut; The Man From Snowy River Hut; J Unit Ski-touring 1981; C Unit Ski-touring 1981; staff at play!; Mansfield and more. If you were there it will bring back memories... There is also a brief history of the school written in 1982.< Less
Kolhpur Santhanatil Dharmik Sthale By Sachin Dhende
Paperback: $17.51
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Arthur Conan Doyle, kokoelma By Arthur Conan Doyle
eBook (PDF): $4.07
Arthur Conan Doyle (Edinburgh, 22 mei 1859 — Crowborough (Sussex), 7 juli 1930) oli kuuluisa venäläinen kirjailija. Tässä kirjassa: Toisen tahran tarina Ym. Sherlock... More > Holmes'in seikkailuja Baskervillen koira Enoni< Less
YOD Magazine. Conflitto By Giovanni Scarafile (Ed.)
eBook (PDF): $3.40
In prospettiva multidisciplinare, anche questa edizione di YM presenta diversi contributi che declinano le possibili dimensioni del conflitto. Dalla letteratura, alla storia del diritto, dalla... More > medicina agli studi sull'arte.< Less
YOD Magazine. Conflitto By Giovanni Scarafile (Ed.)
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Un numero monografico di YM dedicato alle diverse possibili declinazioni del tema del conflitto. Dalla letteratura, agli studi sul rapporto medico-paziente, la collana editoriale si sostanzia di un... More > altro numero monografico in prospettiva multidisciplinare.< Less