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Yogacara Texts: Indo-Tibetan Sources of Dzogchen Mahamudra By Rodney Devenish
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The Yogacara Doctrine teaches one fundamental truth, namely that all beings are Buddha—‘sattva Buddha evam’—or, in other words, all beings are aspects of one all-embracing... More > absolute awareness, were they but to know it. This book sets a context for the study and meditation on ten pivotal texts of Yogacara. The source texts, translated from a practice perspective, derive from the Indo-Tibetan mahasiddha tradition and are presented with an ecumenical approach. As this collection of pithy Yogacara works will readily prove to the reader, the ancient ‘Practice Tradition of the Yogin’ (rnal-bhyor-pa’i sgrub-brgyud) is based on a clearly active realization of the essential nature of mind and consciousness gained through years of intensive examination and reflection. Yogacara approach advocates a dynamic form of meditation that is neither suppressive nor lethargic. The guide to this attainment, the mechanism that sharpens the mind’s penetrative and illuminative qualities, is metaphysical inquiry.< Less
Thirty Verses on Conscious Life By Wim van den Dungen
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The 'Thirty Verses' or 'Treatise on the Thirty Verses on No More Nor Less than Representation Only' by Vasubandhu (316 – 396), is a succinct and concentrated set of thirty verses crucial to the... More > Yogācāra, the second branch of the Mahāyāna. Yogācāra is, next to Madhyamaka or Śūnyavāda (initiated by Nāgārjuna), one of the two schools of Mahāyāna, integrating yoga and epistemology. It became canonical and was translated into Chinese, forming the heart of the 'Treatise on the Establishment of the Doctrine of Consciousness-Only', a major 7th century work of Xuanzang (602 – 664). In this work, the thoughts of Vasubandhu were turned into an ontological idealism, i.e. the subject constitutes the object. The commentary avoids this common take on Vasubandhu and returns to his original approach : a critical and phenomenological Yogācāra (‘yoga practice’ or ‘one whose practice is yoga’), also called ‘citta-mātra’, Consciousness-Only. The text is translated from Sanskrit into English and French.< Less
Quantum Path to Enlightenment By Graham Smetham
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Researches inspired by the quantum Buddhist psycho-metaphysics of Michael Mensky.
All About Buddhist Philosophy By College Guide World
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Buddhist scholars have addressed ontological and metaphysical issues subsequently. Particular points of Buddhist philosophy have often been the subject of disputes between different schools of... More > Buddhism. These elaborations and disputes gave rise to various schools in early Buddhism of Abhidhamma, and to the Mahayana traditions and schools of the prajnaparamita, Madhyamaka, buddha-nature and Yogacara.< Less
The Lankavatara Sutra By Ven. Dr. Wonji Dharma
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The Lankāvatāra Sūtra draws upon the concepts and doctrines of Yogācāra and Buddha-nature. The most important doctrine issuing from the Lankāvatāra Sūtra is... More > that of the primacy of consciousness (Skt. vijñāna) and the teaching of consciousness as the only reality. In the sūtra, the Buddha asserts that all the objects of the world, and the names and forms of experience, are merely manifestations of the mind: On the contrary my teaching is based upon the recognition that the objective world, like a vision, is a manifestation of the mind itself; it teaches the cessation of ignorance, desire, deed and causality; it teaches the cessation of suffering that arises from the discrimination of the triple world.< Less