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Young Men By Tristan de Kuhna
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Young Men is a collection of stunning photographic portraits of abundantly handsome young men. The book explores what distinguishes these particular guys from the general population before... More > challenging the reader with different ways to view and interpret images of them. Finally, in a telling expose, it reverses perspective and provides sometimes disturbing images of how the world appears to certain young men the author has worked with who suffer from various personality disorders and psychological problems.< Less
Young Men Understanding Fatherhood By Andrew Cummings
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This toolkit provides essential reading for those running a young fatherhood proramme with young men aged 13-19. The programme's 11 sessions and 44 acivities cover; knowing ourselves and others;... More > understanding values and beliefs; problem solving and risk taking; what it means to be a man; relationships; sex and sexual health; what babies need; being a good dad; dads and the law and safety and first aid. Activities have been piloted in a variety of settings including, parenting projects, leaving care services and YOI's< Less
Working With Boys and Young Men By Andrew Cummings
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This training manual has all the information needed for trainers to deliver a one-day training course for those who work with young people on the theme of ‘working with boys and young... More > men’. Most youth work programmes are open to young women and young men, however there may sometimes be a need for these groups to have their own individual space as this gives them the opportunity to discuss and consider issues that may be awkward to discuss in a mixed gender setting. Included in this training manual are various activities such as scenarios, discussion starters, games, small and large group discussions, individual reflection, reading, creating posters and role play.< Less
The Nameless Thin Young Men By Antti Filppu
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Years ago (un)known as the band with no name or The Thin Young Men, then called The Sun Tryst, and there have been many others. Too underground even for the underground scene, while safely... More > (un)grounded in the City of Being. This notebook is a monument to the work that has been done. It is based on the old band pages (download all three records for free at Written in both English and Finnish, the book is meant for bilingual readers, and it varies a lot - from jokes and bad explanations to something rather serious X.X.X.X. A few good romantic lines and verses lay scattered here and there. Not to mention the cryptic messages and other hoch-poch. However, there is a real middle path to be found between the extremes of grimoire and zine humour.< Less
Advice to Young Men : And (Incidentally) to Young Women (Illustrated) By William Cobbett
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“It is the duty, and ought to be the pleasure, of age and experience to warn and instruct youth and to come to the aid of inexperience. When sailors have discovered rocks or breakers, and have... More > had the good luck to escape with life from amidst them, they, unless they be pirates or barbarians as well as sailors, point out the spots for the placing of buoys and of lights, in order that others may not be exposed to the danger which they have so narrowly escaped. What man of common humanity, having, by good luck, missed being engulfed in a quagmire or quicksand, will withhold from his neighbours a knowledge of the peril without which the dangerous spots are not to be approached?”< Less
Successward: A Young Man's Book for Young Men By Edward William Bok
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: The Edward W. Bok Technical High School was a public high school... More > in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, designed by Irwin Catharine and named after Edward William Bok. It was completed in February 1938 by the Public Works Administration (WPA) as a vocational high school at 8th & Mifflin Streets. As part of the Philadelphia Public Schools' Multiple Property Submission, the school was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in December, 1986. Bok High School was reorganized in 2006-2007 to prepare students for jobs in modern technology. After the 2012-2013 school year, the school was closed.The building was constructed from 1935-1938 based on the designs of Philadelphia School Board architect Irwin Catharine. Excerpt from:< Less
Successward: A Young Man's Book for Young Men By Edward William Bok
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If a young man will look around him a bit, he will find that the most successful men of the day are always the most quiet dressers. Their clothes are never conspicuous; they detract rather than... More > attract attention. It is only the fop of shallow mind who invites attention by his dress.-from "In Matters of Dress"Edward Bok wielded enormous influence during his three-decade tenure as editor of the Ladies Home Journal, a pulpit from which he advocated numerous progressive causes, from women's suffrage and environmental preservation to public sex education and pacifism. Here, though, in this book, written just a few years after he took up the Journal's editorship, Bok spoke directly to young men about matters of gentlemanliness and good citizenship. Still a young man himself, and a highly successful one, Bok uses a sympathetic, comradely voice-never a stern or strict one-to convey useful advice on how a young man should comport himself in business, in romance, and in society at large.< Less
Five Young Men: Messages of Yesterday for the Young Men of To-day By Charles Reynolds Brown
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Young Men & Fire Study Guide By
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Young Men & Fire Study Guide consists of approx. 29 pages of summaries and analysis on Young Men & Fire by Norman Maclean.
Confronting Young Men With The Living Christ By William Tetreault
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This book is a great encouragement to YMCA affiliated peoples to examine and appreciate the organizations foundation