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The Art of Walking By Miles V. McLoughlin
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The Art of Walking is the voice of a generation. Nostalgic, provocative, inspirational. Take a walk through Alice Springs 2006, A blight from the town’s past had caught up with the community... More > with racial tension brewing, youth crime and gang culture were on the rise. Watching his mother, Fiona, fight an uphill battle as a teacher trying to save the students most at risk; Traeger Morrison tries to steer clear of following in her foot prints. Planting himself firmly in the ranks of his childhood circle of friends Traeger and best friend K.B take a stand against the violence and petty crime destroying the town by selling burnt DVD’s and pirated television shows to help sedate wayward children and teenagers.< Less
Gentrification: The Early Works of Ed Wagemann By ed wagemann
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The material gathered here was chosen to provide insight into the maturation process of Ed Wagemann as a young American writer in 1990s America. A starving artist who, after finding some early... More > success, struggled to expand his canvas and strive for greater things. Overall, there is an arc of evolution happening in these writings. There is a progression seen in these pieces that reveal the expressions of a young man with something to say. These expressions, which are filtered through the rawness and intensity of youth (and with all the uncomfortable truthful edginess that comes with that territory), create a collection of transmissions from the margins of 1990s American culture which transport the reader back to a time when society had yet to be taken over by the internet and other communication technology. There is a tangible, genuine human warmth emanating from these stories that many of today's writings aspire toward. Thankfully these works are finally being shared with the masses.< Less
On the Shoulders of Giants: Volume 3. South America By Joseph Ward
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The continent of South America is home to the largest population of African people outside of Africa. Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador are four countries with the highest populations of African... More > people in the world. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Paraguay, Guyana, and Suriname are the remaining countries that make up this continent. During the history classes we took while attending school, our teachers were rarely equipped to teach the history of African people inside and outside of the United States. Therefore, we were greatly deprived of the powerful stories of the many African people who opposed white supremacy and ensured the freedom for their people for generations to come. The leaders in this book promoted their cultures and helped ensure future generations are able to thrive. Our heroes understood the importance of the youth knowing their history; so they fought to protect their future.< Less
#critical transmedia 9. toward a public solipsism By PHILLIP BALDWIN
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And what is at the very essence of the legitimacy of game theory? It is a type of prisoners dilemma. The overall banal self-destructive idea that any culture wishes to judge artists in their... More > 'individuality' and wasting their time in plastic media instead of watching reruns, buying iPhone 7, or mowing the lawn. What the legitimacy of the artist has to do is validate some aspects of artifice, shamanic totem loving, and some fluid manipulation of forms in and for themselves outside of 'utility'. What the utilitarian society says these people are at once both 'useless' and 'profound'. They are outside of the calculus of utility. But I contend they are square within the eye of the commodity hurricane. What the meta-financial community does to them and can bet upon their profundity goes beyond use. individual profundity, somewhere along the line, will hit the jack the lottery. The financial community bets on the utility, fame, youth, beauty, of the attending artist in the spectacle of the night..< Less
Lessons of Life: Wisdom from an Ageless Generation By Writers Group of Leisure World
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“Lessons of Life” captures the life experiences of 15 talented authors from diverse backgrounds, provoking emotions from laughter to tears. Personal biographies of life changing events... More > include times of war and peace, death and birth, and crisis and redemption. Poems and essays provide first person accounts of prejudice, autism, date rape, AIDS, and the struggle for the equality of the sexes. In stark contrast are inspiring stories exposing the love of people from different cultures across the United States, South America, India, and Asia. With unrelenting hope for the next generation, the authors share the challenges of youth and reveal the secrets to aging in today’s complex world supported by the blessings of friends, Mother Nature, puppies, and especially grandchildren - and resolves the mystery of whether deer hunting is really better than sex.< Less
The Urban Wilderness Survival Guide By Jamar Bromley
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This guide is composed of icons representing the object signifiers many young black men wear on their persons. What signifiers constitute alleged transgressions? What signifiers equate these men... More > with unforeseen violence? What signifiers jam or block signals causing confusion or misinterpretation? Although intended for young black youth to reflect upon the ways their bodies and psyches are read by not only police, but also everyone, this guide speaks to all audiences in confirming the power of semiotics and the ease at which our perceptions of self and other can be categorized. In the spirit of Tibor Kalman, this piece is not mantra or dogma or a testament to how one should view another, but rather an understanding of how signals of culture and demographics are interpreted by all parties—thus exhuming the prejudices within all of us.< Less
The Poetry of Yoga, Vol. 1 (E-BOOK) By HawaH
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The Poetry of Yoga is a modern day collection of poetry compiled and edited by artist, poet, and yogi HawaH. This first volume is distilled from over 1,500 pages of poetry, submitted from 16... More > countries. The Poetry of Yoga is an important platform for a new body of work serving to expand the literary tradition of yoga to include the cultural perspective of the 21st century. Featured writers in Volume 1 include: Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Lilias Folan, Krishna Das, Sharon Gannon, Joseph Goldstein, Sianna Sherman, Judith Lasater, Aadil Palkhivala, Douglas Brooks, Chuck Miller, Erich Schiffman, Swami Ramananda, Doug Swenson, Leza Lowitz, Michael Stone, Tias Little, Climbing Poetree, and many more. 50% of ALL book sales are donated to the non-profit "One Common Unity." Their pioneering work brings non-violence through arts & music to inner-city youth.< Less
The Art of Uprising: The Libyan Revolution in Graffiti By Soumiea Abushagur
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The 2011 Libyan Revolution was a nine month youth led uprising that toppled the Gaddafi regime. It began with peaceful demonstrations, which the Gaddafi regime attempted to suppress with bullets and... More > heavy artillery, before escalating into a war. The revolution inspired many young artists to express their hope for freedom and support for the revolution with graffiti after having their right to freedom of speech oppressed for forty-two years. The photographs in this book document a small portion of the graffiti seen in Tripoli and Gharyan three weeks after the liberation of both of these cities. The graffiti and street art capture the culture, humor, resilience, strength, pain and hope of the Libyan people as they experienced their first precious days of freedom. Proceeds from this book will go to several Libyan aid agencies to help those who were injured and displaced from their homes during the revolution.< Less
The Future of the Arab Gulf Monarchies in the Age of Uncertainties (Enlarged Edition) By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
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Seismic cultural and political shifts are under way in the Arab Gulf monarchies. The political upheavals and transitions that have swept through the Arab world over the last 2 years have not toppled... More > the Arab Gulf rulers, but did not leave them untouched, either. Rulers of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states face heightened internal and external challenges and uncertainties. Pro-democracy protests and calls are extending from Bahrain to other oil-rich countries of the Arabian Peninsula. The expectations of GCC citizens, particularly the educated youth, are increasingly moving from socio-economic demands to political ones. They are now not only asking for jobs or wage increases, but also for more political participation and accountability. Chief among internal challenges is the resurgence in several GCC countries, particularly Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, of a decades-long sectarian rift between the Sunni regimes and their Shia subjects.< Less

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