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Mark Pricilla and Maxima Zuckerberg, and the Facebook of Kauai By Aaron Cohen
Hardcover: $54.60
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A day in the life of Mark Zuckerberg and family and the community of Kauai the Garden Island, Hawaii.
Abney & Associates Technology Updates: Man who sued Facebook's Zuckerberg must face fraud charges, judge By Patsy Kendra
eBook (PDF): $9.21
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A New York businessman must face criminal fraud charges for trying to claim a billion-dollar stake in social media company Facebook Inc, a federal judge ruled on Friday. Paul... More > Ceglia, 40, is accused of forging a 2003 contract with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that supposedly entitled him to part ownership of the company. After an hour-long hearing in New York, U.S. District Judge Andrew Carter rejected Ceglia's request to throw out the charges, finding he had failed to meet the "high standard" needed to dismiss a grand jury indictment.< Less
mark zuckerberg dévoile les 15 secrets du succès des plus grands entrepreneurs du monde By Achille Wealth PhD
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Dans ce livre révolutionnaire et inédit, MARK ZUKENBERG nous dévoile la réponse à toutes les questions sur la stratégie entrepreneuriale, l’argent, la... More > richesse, et la réussite à travers son parcours légendaire. Vous découvrirez les principes, les méthodes et les stratégies fondamentales qu’il a utilisées pour parvenir à la prospérité et à la réalisation de son incroyable rêve d’Entrepreneur jeune le plus riche du Monde. Dans ces pages, vous irez à la découverte passionnante et extraordinaire des Secrets communs aux grands entrepreneurs mondiaux. De Bill Gates, à Warren Buffet en passant par Aliko Dangote l’homme d’affaires noir le plus riche d’Afrique ont note des similitudes testées et éprouvées, encore et encore, et qui pourront vous être bénéfiques dans votre carrière d’entrepreneur à condition que vous les étudiez et les appliquer dans votre propre vie.< Less
Delete Me: An Argument Against Facebook By Ronald Read
Paperback: $16.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Delete Me: An Argument Against Facebook details how Facebook users are lured into using the network and then decieved into sharing large amounts of information about themselves and their contacts.... More > This collection process raises a number of questions such as how did Facebook get here, what role does it play in government, and where is it headed? The text sets out to answer these questions and more for readers who may be interested in understanding what Facebook really is< Less
Inside Facebook: Life, Work and Visions of Greatness By Karel Baloun
eBook (PDF): $12.00
As an early engineer, I reveal the inside of Facebook’s explosive growth as it became the premiere online environment for US college students. Including, how and by whom products were made,... More > how you can use them best, views on what makes social networks valuable, and where this industry trends are headed. You too can achieve startup success, and attain any dream; I will lead and inspire you towards your greatest potential. Know more at< Less
Buy This Book Before You Buy Facebook: A PandoDaily Expert Guide To The Internet's Biggest IPO By Sarah Lacy
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Packed with exclusive essays by the journalists who know Facebook best, 'Buy This Book Before You Buy Facebook' tells you everything you need to know before investing in the Internet's most... More > high-profile IPO. You already know about Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker -- or at least think you do. But in "Buy This Book..." Sarah Lacy profiles the half dozen other key hires Zuckerberg made to help him become a world-class CEO, and how he perfected the art of the "acqui-hire" to make his stellar team even stronger. Jason Kincaid traces the growth of the Facebook product -- from Pokes to social games -- and explain the real reasons that the social network managed to outlive all that came before it, and most that followed. Adam Penenberg debates the ethical challenges that have dogged the company since its earliest days and asks whether we should care that Facebook is killing our privacy. Erin Griffith digs into how Facebook makes money, and whether Wall St really thinks it will continue to do so in future.< Less
Delete Me: An Argument Against Facebook By Ronald Read
eBook (ePub): $10.00
Delete Me: An Argument against Facebook details how Facebook users are lured into using the network and then deceived into sharing large amounts of personal information about themselves and their... More > contacts This collection process is very efficient and it raises questions such as how did Facebook get here, what role does it play in government, and where is it headed? The text sets out to answer these questions and more for readers who may be interested in understanding what Facebook really is.< Less
LOL By Charlie Nitric
Paperback: $9.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
In his debut, Charlie Nitric takes the reader on a roller coaster of hilarious experiences. Rich in excitement, each short story is jam-packed with entertainment that will keep you highly amused and... More > eager to jump into the next. “LOL” will keep you giggling from start to finish. From rodents to dentures to divorces to French kisses, every reader will fall in love with the tales in this book.< Less
Bill Gates Versus Steve Jobs By Jacob Gleam
eBook (ePub): $3.99
These two men have helped to shape the computing industry by their innovative approach to the industry. They have taken courageous ideas and made leaps and bounds by the chances they have taken... More > pushing technology to its limits. They have both created companies that are constantly changing the face of technology and daily making improvements and additions to the space. To this point they have inspired their users and market to always expect something new that will improve the user experience. Apple and Microsoft are the primary makers of computing software that are loaded onto PC’s and MACs. These two companies have yet to be formally challenged by another and seem set to carry the mantle for long time to come. They were both born in the same year of 1955 and started out with the same playing field. However they had two different personalities in their approach to life and business.< Less
The Successful Entrepreneur----tell you how to build your successful entrepreneur By Superman Steve
eBook (PDF): $1.60
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If you're ready to quit messing around online and you want to start earning money now... You Are About To Discover The Secrets That Can Take You From Absolute ZERO To Earning Real Money Online By... More > Tonight! They are all successful entrepreneurs. They say that true success is not in employment but in doing business.many entrepreneurs have proven that doing businesses is actually more profitable than getting employed into some company. One good example is Bill Gates – the man behind the Windows brand. The man did not even graduate from college but he hit big in the field of entrepreneurship. And although people also do hit big in employment, they are very few. This is the reason why many people want to venture into entrepreneurship. So What Should You Do? Well, that is certainly a sound choice to take. But it may not be necessary. I've written a special guide sharing 100 of the most valuable tips to become a successful entrepreneur.< Less

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Rayisms Rayisms By Ray Shufelt
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