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A Lot By Jeff Eaton
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"A Lot" displays thirty two color photographs of lots in an urban area. One-upping Ed Rusha's "Thirty Six Parking Lots" (in which only thirty one photographs appear) and a nod to... More > Gordon Matta Clark's "Odd Lots". "A Lot" is not simply a comment on urban land use, but an undermining of pictorial photography's capability of documenting. Jeff Eaton uses photography to collect, offer, and reinterpret, in order to suggest that the meaning of the photograph is outside itself.< Less
The Island of Avalon: Volume 2 By Francis Lot
Paperback: $16.03
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Much of the legendary material concerning King Arthur and Joseph of Arimathea’s association with Glastonbury is derived from the interpolations into William of Malmesbury’s investigation... More > into the Antiquity of Glastonbury, De Antiquitate Glastonie Ecclesia. However, it is William of Malmesbury’s mention of the Island of Ineswitrin donated to Glastonbury in 601AD by a king of Devon and this same island’s association to the Isle of Ictis discovered by Pytheas, from which tin was sold to the Phoenicians, which links the island to Burgh Island in Devon. Melkin’s prophecy indicates that Joseph of Arimathea is buried on Avalon. It is the geometric decryption of Melkin’s prophecy which shows us that Joseph of Arimathea, known as a tin merchant in Cornish legend, is still buried on Burgh Island along with the enigmatic duo fassula.< Less
The Island of Avalon: Volume 1 By Francis Lot
Paperback: $20.41
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La matière de Bretagne is a name given collectively to the body of medieval literature and legendary material associated with Great Britain; especially King Arthur and his knights and their... More > association to the Grail. It is the link between the Grail stories and the legends of both King Arthur and Joseph of Arimathea and their connection to Glastonbury, the Island of Avalon, which is central to this investigation. The legend of King Arthur at Glastonbury is primarily derived from Geoffrey of Monmouth’s mention of King Arthur’s arrival at the Island of Avalon after his fatal fight with Mordred. It is the later bogus disinterment of King Arthur’s manufactured grave at Glastonbury, which establishes Glastonbury’s synonymy with Avalon. This volume sets out to show how the abbot of Glastonbury, Henry Blois, used Geoffrey of Monmouth as a nom de plume and concocted the epic tale from Brutus to Arthur which is now known as the ‘History of the Kings of Britain’ and was responsible for composing the Prophecies of Merlin< Less
Lot's Wife By Dr. Victoria Celeste- Greyh, DD
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Lot's Wife- A Look At The Expmple Lot's Wife Left Us In Scripture And A Look At The Words Of The Apostle Paul- "Forgetting The Past, I Press Forward Toward The Prize; Toward The High Calling... More > Of God In Christ Jesus". . .< Less
Awful Lot By Jon O'Briant
Paperback: $15.00
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An unromantic comedy following the life of an oppossum in a dog eat dog kind of world.
Lot Casting By EliSheva Nesher
Paperback: $14.99
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Lot casting is a form of divination rooted in the spiritual traditions of the Hebrew culture before the advent of monotheism. In addition to serving as an excellent resource for those interested in... More > divination, this book is the recommend text for EliSheva's popular Lot Casting course.< Less
The Crook In the Lot By Thomas Boston
eBook (ePub): $8.99
A just view of afflicting incidents is altogether necessary to a Christian deportment under them; and that view is to be obtained only by faith, not by sense; for it is the light of the world alone... More > that represents them justly, discovering in them the work of God, and consequently, designs becoming the Divine perfections. When they are perceived by the eye of faith, and duly considered, we have a just view of afflicting incidents, fitted to quell the turbulent motions of corrupt affections under dismal outward appearances.< Less
The Horse Lot By K.B. Ross
Paperback: $9.50
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Bobby Adams experienced something mysterious in the horse lot. Was it real, or only his fantasy?
Lottie's Lot By Nancy O'Connor
Paperback: $18.95
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Lottie's Lot is a thorough and engaging exploration of a family matriarch during a pivotal time in women’s history. The changing role of women is first revealed when a young girl defies her... More > father and follows her heart to marry the man she loves. She would later defy social convention in a small prairie town to defend her daughter’s reputation. Despite having to struggle constantly with poverty, terrible family tragedies, and frequently being uprooted. Lottie’s lot in life turns her into an admirable survivor who never loses her resolve to support and defend her large family.< Less
Lot 351 By Brian Dedora
eBook (PDF): $12.00
“Brian Dedora's Lot 351 is a tour de force by a master of his craft. Like the Beethoven sonata played on the Conrad Graf that Dedora references, the “tempi, dynamics, and tone” of... More > the collection move forward to a "finale" in which the "substance of its theme" becomes both "lost in a long gathering climax" and "reconstituted in all its simplicity"—the simplicity of a past desire that was unfulfilled and, for that very reason, remains achingly real and deeply moving. A rare combination of intense feeling, precise observation, and keen intelligence, Lot 351 is also unflinchingly personal and enormously generous—a lament so felt, poignant, and exquisite that it becomes a celebration.”—D.M.R. Bentley, Professor of English, Western University< Less