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All Around Us........... By Steve Ward
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A selection of images taken as i wander through life, lucky to be surrounded by the wonderfull countryside.
La Historia Sin Tiempo By Enrique Agama
eBook (PDF): $12.31
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Una oscura historia de navidad. Michelle Puertas ha perdido la fe en la amistad y en el amor. En un momento dificil de su vida deja de tener una razon para vivir, pero lo que descubre es que nunca... More > estuvo sola y que siempre compartió su vida con alguien cuya voz le guiaba y que ahora le enseña los misterios de un universo y sus leyes que jamas imaginó. La vida es evolucion y ¿que hay de la otra?¿tambien evoluciona? si en lo tangible lo que evoluciona es el ser vivo, en la evolución de lo intangible hay algo que evoluciona a pasos agitantados y es nuestra alma.< Less
Puppy Training By Darr Houssen
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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As a dog owner, or future do owner you are in for one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. This ebook will offer you some practical, simple, down to earth tips and tecniques to train... More > your dog to be a wonderfull companion or family pet. We Stick with Mother Natures way of traing dogs and puppies as this is the language they will immediately understand. Subjects covered in the book are : . How to pick the right puppy for you . Preparing your home for a new puppy . Puppy-roofing your home . Housebreaking . Biting and Nipping . Proper toys for your pup . How to use dog toys as teaching tools . Accurate Corections . Discipline . Energy burn off . Training Equipment . Obedience Training With the informmation in this ebook, I believe that you can train your dog to be a loving, faithfull, obedient pet and a credit to his breed.< Less
The Paperback By Hillary Tang
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Del is fifteen and hates his name, well quite honestly, Del hates most everything about himself and most everybody else. He happens onto an old man (a writer) in a park who, in contrast, really likes... More > himself and most everybody else. They talk, they share their lives, they grow, they write a book together. This is a book of wonder-filled conversations about how to build a good, successful, and helpful life. It is about finding hope and the strength and ability to make personal changes. It is a book about discovering who and what a young person wants to become and learning how to navigate a path that will lead him or her in that direction.< Less