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Mental Abuse In Relationships By Mental-Abuse Relationship
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Mental abuse in relationships - Barbara Rose extract
Abused By Nadeem Wilkinson
eBook (ePub): $1.23
A book describing in detail the horrors of the abuse and suffering that was endured by a child from Liverpool and the effects that had on his life and family. It isn't just about abuse he suffered... More > but also about the decisions he made in his life which always had the abuse at the background.< Less
Leaving an Abusive Relationship By John McPherson
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All relationships come with their ups and downs, good times and bad. That's normal. In healthy relationships couples will typically find a mutual way to resolve their issues by compromising,... More > communicating and balancing the give and take of their relationship together. But when you find yourself in an abusive relationship what you will find 99% of the time is that you are always wrong and they are always right. Period. It's their way or the highway. There is little or no respect for your feelings, opinions, needs or desires. As a matter of fact, how dare you even consider anything other than what your partner wants and needs? This book covers several aspects of abusive relationships such as: - How to Recover from an Abusive Relationship - How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship - Why Do Women Stay in Abusive Relationships - Signs of An Abusive Relationship and so much more! Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less
How to Escape an Abusive Relationship By Dottie Randazzo
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If you have ever been in an abusive relationship you know you can’t leave, you must escape. An abusive relationship is not just a relationship where hitting is involved. Emotional wounds take... More > longer to heal than bruises. What do you do when you have found yourself in this kind of situation? You won’t tell anyone because; you are embarrassed and ashamed, you don’t think anyone will believe you, you don’t want anyone to worry about you and you don’t want anyone giving you grief about the fact that you have found yourself in an abusive relationship. This is the story of a smart, funny, intelligent woman who found herself in an abusive relationship. Learn of her escape plan and empowering information that can assist you should you find yourself in an abusive relationship.< Less
The Relationship between Adolescent Suicide and Substance Abuse By Max Worth
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Escaping Abuse By Anna Moss
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Some women leave, some do not. Moss offers compassionate commentary on both decisions including what to expect when you leave. This relationship guide will help you: Manage anxiety and... More > worry Understand rejection and depression Deal with painful personal and social situations Cultivate a no-nonsense mindset Know where to go for advice and help Know where NOT to go for advice and help Implement a clean and absolute exit Get through the immediate aftermath of exit Find ways to look forward to the future The choice to leave a dysfunctional relationship is a second chance to live. You will learn about: interplay between emotions and the subconscious incongruous feelings of rejection how to work with your brain to deepen healing self image and the wounded woman the need to be vigilant personal growth and adversity The second chance you choose when you leave abuse might include a chance to love again. You just never know.< Less
A Love Abused By Jairus S Ruff
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A collection of heart felt poems about a life defining relationship that helped shaped the author become the person they are today. "Sometime you make mistakes, other times your mistakes make... More > you."< Less
A Love Abused By Jairus S Ruff
eBook (PDF): $2.24
A collection of heart felt poems about a life defining relationship that helped shaped the author become the person they are today. "Sometime you make mistakes, other times your mistakes make... More > you."< Less
Tending Your Garden: A Workbook for Women Ending Abusive Relationships By Mary Kay Wyzlic
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If you are reading this, it is likely you are experiencing some difficult times right now. Perhaps you have recently left, or are close to leaving, an abusive relationship. Right now your life... More > probably seems very complicated. Confusing, isn’t it? I urge you to relax in the simplicity of this workbook. You may be surprised to discover that the most entangled problems sometimes have simple solutions. Please accept this invitation to walk with me along some winding paths of self-discovery. As you begin, think of your life as a garden, and yourself as the master gardener. You have three important tasks: weeding, cultivating and planting. All of them are things you must do to create healthy new blooms that will last. Like you, I also had to create a new life after leaving a relationship choked by the weeds of abuse. This book is the result of my struggle. I set out to put into words, as best I could, what I would tell a friend who was coming out of an abusive relationship... Mary Kay Wyzlic, Author< Less
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE In the Mind of the Abuser By Jonathan G. Rundy
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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This book explains predators and gives warning signs which can get you out of trouble...and keep you out of trouble. A revealing look at the often secretive world of violence. It may even save your... More > life, or the life of a loved one. This is a true story which shows that women are as vicious as men. It is a must-read book for health care professionals everywhere. Men & women entering into relationships should also read it. Learn to spot abusers (there are warning signs) and understand their victims. Abusers view the opposite sex as "prey." They "set up" their prey. Many women who abuse will also use "nymphomania" as a means of control. Read how one Judge disregarded the law and sided with the abuser (to the point of telling the abuser to steal the victim's property)! Incredible expose which reveals little known facts about abuse.And be sure to check out this author's other books! Great stuff!!!< Less