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The longing in the hearts of many people is for human acceptance. Millions of people wander around with a low self-worth, intimidation, and insecurity. Their lives have become a shadow of themselves;... More > they feel they are not good enough. Many are putting on the façade of false humility because they fear the rejection and disapproval of man. Many people don’t even know who they are anymore. Many of such captives are serving under intimidating leadership, as a result they have lost their voice, they have been stripped of their coat of many color. They are like the story of a man who went to a cemetery and saw three graves. On the first grave was marked: the fear of man. On the second grave was written: men pleaser. And on the third grave it was boldly written in red: human approval. He asked, what does this mean. And the voice behind him said, “These men died never fulfilling their destinies. They lived for what other men will say about them.”< Less
Acceptance By Charles Andrew Coates
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It is the privilege of every believer to be consciously in the favor of God – to be in the unclouded light and joy of acceptance. But, alas! Many who are truly converted are not in the... More > enjoyment of this privilege. It may be helpful to consider briefly why not. The things which hinder converted persons from having the light and joy of acceptance may be classed under the four following heads: 1. Self-righteousness 2. Self-improvement 3. Self-gratification 4. Self-occupation< Less
Acceptance By Alexander P M van den Bosch
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So you are in a prickling situation. You won't accept it. You are in denial. Step out of it.
The Acceptance By Jada Santos
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This book is about a girl who flies to Sydney, Australia with her friends before moving on to college.
Acceptance! By Spyke Nather
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The Most Longest Book I EVER Made the Loco Series Is Good but Maybe A2?
Acceptance! By Spyke Nather
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The Most Longest Book I EVER Made the Loco Series Is Good but Maybe A2?
Acceptance By Ky Dell
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Ander is sixteen. Officially an adult on Mage. He is ready to participate in the Tamer Testing, and become an Official Tamer. However, once the test begins, Ander’s fate starts to take hold of... More > him, and the powers deep within himself begin to awaken.< Less
Accept By Mike Marty
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Sustainable, necessary rejuvenation is correlated to living ambushing nothing.
Accepted By Karan Pistachio
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Disgruntled, lonely and ambitious. An 18-year-old teenager, self-diagnosed with imposter syndrome embraces change as he seeks a normal teenage life only to realise normality was not what he needed.
Notebook for Students of the Noble Qur'an- Plain Exercise Book By A Seeker of His Acceptance
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Al hamdu lillah this is the beginning of a series of exercise books to aid the student of Qur'anic sciences. This first part is a plain exercise book organised into sections for easing note taking on... More > Iraabul Qur'an, Tafseer, Qiraa'at and Tajweed. It is hoped that this format will aid students of knowledge in their quest inshaa Allah.< Less

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