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Student's Personal Arabic Lexicon By A Seeker of His Acceptance
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This is an exercise book that has tabulated pages to help students collect and analyse new words they encounter throughout their Arabic/Islamic studies. This version uses the order of lessons for... More > each section. This is so that a student can easily refer back in accordance to the lesson number or the topic.< Less
My Gifts Accept Accept Accept Accept Accept Accept By Christine Lambiotte
eBook (ePub): $17.85
A lifetime through many long stays in several countries, touched by surprising cultures and wonderful sceneries, has shaped my personality, opened my eyes and tuned my sensibility.
ACCEPTATION By Cécilia Dupont
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Dilwyn a quitté Gardloup il y a six ans, alors que sa grand-mère paternelle allait lui confier son rôle. Depuis, elle vit à New-York. La veille de son vingt et... More > unième anniversaire, elle a une vision, celle d'un accident de voiture. Elle découvre que ses parents sont décédés et que sa petite soeur est l'hôpital. Elle doit rentrer, pour ses responsabilités mais doit elle les accepters tous ? Peut-elle rentrer sans craindre de représailles, et si l'accident de ses parents n'en était pas un ? Et sa soeur comment va-t-elle l'accueillir ?< Less
Accepting Ourselves By Carrie Baker
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Accepting Ourselves By Carrie Baker
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Having faith to overcome seems far-fetched for Jamario, who finds himself in a downward spiral, as he tries to find acceptance from the wrong crowd. His school counselor and mentor finds himself in... More > the same predicament, but his fight is not only for acceptance, but survival. Both are able to accept and help each other, but how do they realize that (and turn their lives around), when everything they try to do goes wrong?< Less
The Acceptable Time By Pastor Glenn Sawyer
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As believers, we have to overcome procrastination and become responsive to God and the times that we are living in. Now is the acceptable time for believers to arise and do what they are called to... More > do. In this publication, be reminded of the importance of fulfilling the will of God and being prepared for Christ’s return.< Less
Accepted or Rejected By Maurice Calvert
eBook (PDF): $5.99
All of mankind is aware that there is a God, for God has said, “What may be known of God is manifest in them (mankind). For since the creation of the world His (GOD) invisible attributes are... More > clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they (mankind) are without excuse.” In this book, Rev. Calvert explains the dilema of man which is sin, how Sin became the ruling authority of man, the only way in which man can be delivered from this evil power, the way that God made for all of sinful man to be saved and sanctified, and the results of accepting Gods way and rejecting His way. You wil gain a clear understanding of how to live for God or how not to live for God Through examining the way Cain chose to approach Him, and the way Abel chose to approach God, and why we all make the same choice of Cain or Abel in one way or the other.< Less
Dare Accepted By D.A. Reed
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Aiden Trigg is a teenager with few friends, a knack for mediocrity, and a penchant for disappointing those around him. Including himself. When Aiden finds himself at the wrong end of a prank pulled... More > at a party, he decides he is tired of being the butt of everyone’s jokes – and he knows how to turn things around. Dares are the name of the game, and Aiden intends to play. Setting up a YouTube channel where kids can submit dares, Aiden accepts every challenge and records them, posting videos after they are complete. It works better than he could have planned and suddenly finds his popularity within school rising. Life is looking up. Just when it seems everything he wants is within reach, Aiden takes things too far, shattering the few friendships he holds close. When a dare ends with catastrophic results, Aiden is faced with the truth that one decision can change everything… and that nothing will ever be the same again…< Less
Accepting Abilene By Lindsey Siegfried
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A short children's picture book about a young poor girl during the Great Depression and her struggle with people who judge her. This book has been created for a Jr. High Language Arts class. The... More > assignment was to create a children's book based on a theme or conflict of a book. This short story shares a conflict with _Moon Over Manifest_ by Clare Vanderpool.< Less

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