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The Inevitable Accident By Craig Blake
eBook (PDF): $11.08
The Inevitable Accident was written to shatter the delusion of religion. It demonstrated the inconsistencies and contradictions of the “Holy Bible” and proves without a doubt that we... More > originated from water. It also illustrates that man originated from the salt water oceans of the earth, making our journey to land, and ultimately to the skies. In proving that man and all other species came into being from water, it also proves that the “Holy Bible”, the “Holy Grail”, and the “Parting of the Red Sea” is all false. In light of this fact, it also proves that the “Quran is false as well.< Less
Fatal Accident By Cecil M. Wills
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Hardback. Back in 1936 a speedy motor vehicle was an accident waiting to happen, so it was a good time for British mystery writer Cecil M. Wills to come up with a corker of a tale involving a... More > Keelerian will, a nasty feudal lord with a heavy accelerator foot, and plenty of marital discord. Luckily Detective-Inspector Geoffrey Boscobell is on the case and before long the poisonous machinations of a murderous fiend (or is it fiendess?) are exposed. Add this long-forgotten gem of detection to your rapidly-growing library of Ramble House reprints from the good ol' days of British crime. They just don't write 'em like this any more.< Less
Success Is Not an Accident By Costakis Evangelou
eBook (ePub): $7.56
Many walk through the doors of the gym with an intention to achieve goals generally set by themselves. Sadly only the few seem to succeed in reaching their goals. This begs the question is success... More > an accident? In this short yet comprehensive book, Dr Evangelou takes the reader through personal and famous life examples, testimonials and quotes from the world of business to sport bringing to life the reality of what success truly is and how to achieve your goals. One could not write such a book unless their own life achievements and experiences have lead them to a conclusion. This book will offer the reader an opportunity to bring about a positive change in their lives by challenging them to think and step outside of the box.< Less
Happy Accidents By Ryan Maconochie
Paperback: $30.00
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This book includes over 50 random acts of design by graphic artist, Ryan Maconochie (Star RM). Each image showcases a fleeting moment in the graphic design process when the collection of parts on... More > the computer screen combined to create something different and better than what the artist had intended. The odd cropping, chance color combinations, and peculiar palette placement often made for unexpected aesthetic magic. Though the images may have been unintentional, they were certainly welcome. Great design takes time and effort, and these works represent the happy accidents that occur along the way.< Less
Accidents Happen By Peter Hays
Paperback: $6.99
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Chase Jackson is determined to prove he can have a good day. However, for Chase, having a good day is easier said than done. His house, school, and even church bring him problems, so he must find a... More > way to defy the odds of his challenges. His principle seems to have it in for him and he’s scared for his life when he gets sent down to the office, so he doesn't know what to expect. His day-to-day dilemmas make it hard for him to have a good day, see what happens next when you read Accidents Happen.< Less
Accident Or Miracle By A Submitter
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Concerning the age old lie which led to the neglect and false promises of another god with God, an illusion of Amen Rah, since the Egyptian civilisation. The Quran tells us, 'whatever the devil... More > promises is an illusion'' and also God did not beget nor was He begotten. Accident or miracle, comes with the realisation that the Free Masons were led astray and are disbeleivers in God, and who thought they could reach another god with God, which turned out to be an illusion. They fulfill the lie, whereas we fulfil the prophecy. Why was the first slave ship named Jesus, where did the stock market begin and why, why is the paymasters colonial exploitation financed by usurous banks. They sold their souls, Satanist white supremacists, to devil's illusions. God controls life and death.< Less
vasubandhu's accident By john martone
Paperback: $7.00
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Happiness Is No Accident By Dean Amory
eBook (PDF): $0.00
We all want a good life. Happiness does not come from itself however, it is the fruit of specific ways of thinking and acting in the world. So,how do you assure a raise of quality of your life in a... More > practical and feaseable way? This volume reviews a serious of successful methods to start improving the quality of your life today!< Less
The Book of Accidents By Eric Lunde
Hardcover: $38.50
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A collection of notes, observations, essays, effluvium, and distractions from the busy mind of Eric Lunde. Not all of it works, but some of it might have application.
Accidents of Life By Thomas Chance
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Roger Laski, a middle-aged, Bohemian-born American scientist, works undercover overseas for an obscure U.S. intelligence outfit. He has accepted an assignment in the Far East partly to escape the... More > memories of two failed marriages and the reality of a faltering third one. His mind never stops pondering questions ranging from Japanese social mores to space-time evolution. Quite often, however, he resigns himself to observing and recording the inexplicable. While on a routine mission in Australia, Roger gets accidentally entangled in a top-secret strategic operation that far exceeds his understanding and experience. His attempts first to flee, then to fight, prove pathetically futile but not without tragic undertones and even a tinge of dogged heroism.< Less