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Restaurant Turnaround: How Your Food Service Operation Can Cut Expenses and Add Revenue Starting in Less than 60 Minutes By Bob Oros
Paperback: $17.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Save 10% on your labor cost - Save $44,000 on your food cost - Increase the size of every check - Five steps that will fix your finances - Five quick management concepts - 5 interviews with... More > successful owners - Identify and market your unique sizzle - Beef up your menu with better pricing - Get your staff motivated and excited - A crash course in meat and seafood - How people decide where to eat out - Food safety.< Less
42 Fertility Boosting Meal Recipes: These Meal Recipes Will Add the Right Vitamins and Minerals to Your Diet So That You Can Become More Fertile In Less Time By Joe Correa CSN
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This book is a collection of recipes based on healthy foods that will provide all the necessary nutrients in order to increase fertility and to help your body get back to its hormonal balance, which... More > is an extremely important aspect of fertility. Reproduction is a common thing for all living beings. However, sometimes it doesn't happen at the moment when we plan it. When you dig just a little bit under the surface, you'll find out that difficulties with conceiving are occurring more often then it seems. And it happens all over the world. Taking care of your reproductive health and preparing for pregnancy mean that you'll have to change some of your habits, especially eating habits.< Less
Diets Don't Work: 8 Lasting Healthy Eating Principles to Help You Lose Inches From Your Waist and Add Years to Your Life By Scott Christ
eBook (PDF): $14.95
This is a straight-to-the point, no-nonsense approach to eating healthier and losing weight. I have managed to consolidate the hundreds of hours of research I did and thousands of pages worth of... More > data, insights, and tips from the leading health books, journals, magazines, and websites into just 90 pages of great information that will help you lose weight and get healthy starting today...without going on the lastest yo-yo diet.< Less
Title Detail . epub f pdf download add | e t8 pp Lulu 2012 Paperback | rtf · 2012 d By J. Gordon Faylor
eBook (PDF): $0.00
security --------------------------------------------------------------------- Replies sent to this address will not be delivered. If you need to contact us, please access Lulu's Help Section and... More > click the "Email Support" link to send us an email.< Less
Capture Song Book Number 50d491bdd089de3e22cc2add By Capture
Hardcover: $25.46
Prints in 3-5 business days
à quoi sert d'échapper à son destin si personne ne le sait Les mots ne fonctionnent pas Le monde où nous sommes est incompréhensible je me sens ... More > capable de braver l'humanité toute entière Louise est dangereuse La passion n'est pas une tromperie je marche sur les mains mâchoire carrée moi j'aime les voyages elle elle a déjà visité Los Angeles Killeen et Helsinki entre autres lieux célèbres Tout n'est pas si indéterminé exploser les murs La passion n'est pas une tromperie La vie est pour Louise maintenant un bouquet de voluptés frivole moi je rends les gens joyeux en leur laissant croire qu' ils sont quelque chose qu' ils ne sont pasou qu' ils ne sont pas ce qu' ils sont Tout n'est pas si indé< Less
Forty-eight original (hand drawn) one panel scenes are reused (or modified to add new dialogue and narration) to create (at two panels per page) a 305 page narrative. How many panels are nestled between pages 44 through 350? By Todd Van Buskirk
Paperback: List Price: $27.00 $25.65 | You Save: 5%
Prints in 3-5 business days
This Graphic Novel focuses on visual comprehension skills as they apply to mathematics story problems. Traditionally ‘story problems’ depend on reading comprehension skills for the... More > development of successful problem-solving strategies. Once addition, subtraction, multiplication, division are learned in school, the students encounter story problems, also known as word problems, which require the student to read a problem and decide which operation to perform in order to get the answer. In the story there are key words that often indicate which operation you will use. Likewise, in his graphic novel Van Buskirk uses key words in the title to guide the reader to a solution. Drawings take their meaning from their positioning inside a panel sequence, a panel sequence that's nestled in the network of a page, a page that's nestled in the network of a book, a book that's nestled in the network of a culture, and a culture that's nestled in an Era of history. Drawings take their meaning from their positioning inside...< Less
Capture Song Book Number 50d2a8add089de3e22cc25a4 By Capture
Hardcover: $25.53
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lady lady lady ohh… Par une journée de brouillard Le paysage paraît comme barricadé, figé Par une journée ensoleillée d'automne Quelques... More > nuages apparaissent inquiètent un instant le bleu célesteet se dissolvent aussitôt L'orage se déchaîne Visage étonnamment figé elle a besoin de Maria Candy a de l'aplomb Candy n'est pas du genre à se projeter dans l'avenir en train de raconter une histoire à des petits enfants Retour à la réalité Lady lady lady ohh… La réalité est une collection de duperies Maintenant si vous pouviez attraper mon coeur Marre de la complaisance je ne suis pas ahuri de ce besoin soucieux qui me pousse vers le sexe Lady lady lady ohh… Les choses sont ce q< Less
Capture Song Book Number 50b9add0d089de3e22cbcbd8 By Capture
Hardcover: $25.42
Prints in 3-5 business days
moi le rocker j'ai un côté scolaire dans tout ce qu' elles font, une attention et une application méticuleuses être sur nos gardes elle elle arrive à ... More > peine à croire en elle- même moi j'émets des messages intentionnellement incertains Ni les Paddingtons ni les Comets ni même les Klaxons faire répéter quelques mots Ciel bleu éclatant et chaud Un soir où à la journée déclinante Succède un crépuscule baigné de lune Soleil rouille sur la cité moi je veux saisir l'univers Maintenant je recommence Rien n'est plus insoutenable Ni les Paddingtons ni les Comets ni même les Klaxons Loraine voudrait que son esprit reste tranquille face à tout égarement Un parfait visage fragile et innocent Quand on p< Less
Editorial Note By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $0.00
The latest predictions for the planet as matched by the latest in instant magick. Why suffer a determinate future when you can always change it? Our recommended editions for your summer 2006.
Real Help for Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Children That Will Keep the Whole Family On Track: An Interview With Dr. Ned Hallowell By Michael Senoff
eBook (ePub): $2.99
For a child with ADD/ADHD, even the simplest of tasks can be a huge struggle. And parents may find themselves worn down and frustrated with kids who seem “spacey” or “hyper”... More > while needing constant reminders just to stay on track. But according to Ned Hallowell, psychiatrist and author of Superparenting For ADD, there is hope. And in this book, you’ll hear how to find the strengths and talents of your ADD child, while also helping them stay focused and happy. According to Ned, love is the best (and most obvious) intervention, but unfortunately it’s also the one that may get lost along the way. Many kids with ADD encounter constant reprimands and reminders about how they’re doing things wrong. And as a result, their self-esteem may easily become damaged. Fortunately, ADD is manageable and shouldn’t hold a child back from achieving at any level. You’ll hear how to help your child unwrap his talents while making his (and your) life significantly more manageable with the right treatment plan in place.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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