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Sonata for Trumpet, Oboe and Basso Continuo By Godfrey Finger
Paperback: $18.72
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Di Godfrey [Gottfried] Finger (1660 ca. - 1730), boemo di nascita ma attivo prevalentemente in Inghilterra, dove divenne apprezzato esecutore e compositore di musica da camera e per il teatro, viene... More > riproposta la Sonata for trumpet, oboe and basso continuo conservata nel manoscritto Add 49599 della British Library di Londra. La presente edizione, a cura di Jonathan Pia, è corredata di Prefazione, Partitura e Parti. © BrassMusic Publications< Less
Paperback: $17.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is based on linguistic research conducted by Duilió Vaiá for several years. Before dying, Duilió Vaiá gave us the manuscript on a Spanish dictionary to... More > Taíno. In his honor and that of his wife Mary we decided to publish it. We add information on the prehistoric cultures of Puerto Rico, biographical data of Duilió Vaiá, photos of prehistoric objects and a recount of the archaeological experiences of the editor Luis Antonio Rodríguez Vázquez. The book contains more than 300 words of the Taíno language and its equivalent to Spanish< Less
أريد أن أصبح مبدعا By Sarah A
eBook (PDF): $1.99
كتاب بالغه العربيه يأخذك الى... More > عالم الأبداع يوضح لك ماذا يعني أن تكون مبدعًا؟ هل الإبداع هو أن تصل إلى ما لم يصل إليه الآخرون؟ هل معناه أن تأتي بأفكار لا مثيل لها؟ وهل هناك خطوات يمكننا أن نتّبعها لنكون مبدعين؟ استمتع بقراءة وتعلم كيف تكن مبدعا أضغط على .................. Add to Cart< Less
The girl who wanted to be married By Elena Tvertsova
eBook (PDF): $5.99
If you have lost hope for the happiness of many years ago, apply a bit of enterprise, spice it optimistically, add a bit of a miracle - and succeed! The heroine of the novel, even in our wildest... More > dreams could not imagine what is ready to go in search of love. Amazing adventures, striking coincidences, soniferous laughter and bitter tears are waiting for you on our pages! Almost true story. Russian language.< Less
दी २ टाइम हार्टक्वेक By Atul Singh
eBook (ePub): $1.35
In this era, it is difficult to become a hero of someone’s heart, even more difficult to trust anyone. Firstly no one wants to believe anyone, but if someone trusts anyone with dares then some... More > bad people brakes his/her belief very badly. Trust is a feeling which seeds arise, within every creature, even before coming in the world. For this, we do not need to think too far, you can add yourself to your parents.< Less
D.J. Conley: Boilers By Witney Abenson
eBook (PDF): $9.36
We take pride in our ability to match your needs and performance expectations with the right equipment. Whether you want to reduce fuel costs, lower emissions or increase efficiency, we believe we... More > can add value to your decision making process, from planning and design, or retrofit and expansion, through order, delivery, and start-up.< Less
Softcover US By dsaf asdf
Paperback: $6.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
file a bug for non-US ship addresses (PO Box Only) with value line paperbacks (or all products that only ship from the... More > US): file a bug for non-US ship addresses (PO Box Only) with value line paperbacks (or all products that only ship from the US):< Less
l'oeuf du dragon n°5 By christophe "grinlen" babayou
Paperback: $9.26
Prints in 3-5 business days
L’œuf du dragon est un fanzine dédié à l’imaginaire et aux jeux de simulation. Publié à la fin des années 90, il porte le doux parfum des... More > années fac, d’AD&D² et des mangas de notre jeunesse. Ce numéro 5 est inédit. Il est composé d’articles réalisés à l’époque mais non publiés. Il a été entièrement corrigé, mis en page et illustré, pour vous offrir un numéro digne du chemin pris par ses prédécesseurs. En voici le sommaire : / Quand les ténèbres avancent : Scénario AD&D2 / Adoubement et dégradation : Aide de jeu médiévale / Le bêtisier du JDR : Humour ^^ / Visite à l’hôpital : Scénario ISN/MV3 / Les cahiers de l’explorateur : Aide de jeu générique / Le tourmenteur : Nouvelle carrière pour Warhammer / Le seigneur de guerre : Classe de personnage pour AD&D2 / Amnésie : Scénario l’appel de Cthulhu< Less
¿How to develop Muscles of steel? By Marco Rivera Martinez
eBook (PDF): $15.00
One of the great needs of human beings is the care for health, and one of the important reasons why our health is affected is lack of exercise . This is a very simple method of exercise, which makes... More > it accessible to people of all ages, who want to find the path of strength and happiness. No matter how you are now , remember that exercise many of the things that affect or can not be changed positive way for their welfare This book teaches about diet and an exercise routine systematically , from breathing to isometric and isotonic exercises, which are those that will allow developing a powerful musculature. The aim of this method is to add to your ability to live a healthier , stronger and stronger body.< Less
Emptiness - Marks Bestseller By Markus Greiner
eBook (PDF): $2.58
This book is empty. What can you say? The book describes life in a simplified manner. It starts empty and every new day adds a new page. We fill it with something or leave it. At the end we put down... More > the book and leave it there as a new chapter in history. The book for non-readers. It has no content, we can still give it some. Or if we feel content about it, we can leave it as it is. It is the final book, the beginning and the end of all libraries. At the end of the book there are two pages that have been rid of emptiness.< Less

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