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Google AdWords Negative Keyword List By Ed Kohler
eBook (PDF): $19.74
Negative keywords are an often overlooked but powerful tool for building effective Google AdWords pay per click marketing campaigns. This list will help you only show ads on terms that are relevant... More > and high performing. Avoid showing your ads and paying for traffic on terms that won't convert to leads or sales.< Less
Adwords Annihilation By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $4.35
Introducing .... Adwords Annihilation ..... Brief Note : Discover How To Use PPC Ads Effectively To Boost Your Profit : - What is takes to become a productive entrepreneur - How you can... More > conduct proper keyword research - Bidding strategy and budget management tips - How to analyze your results and improve your campaigns - What keywords should you bid on? - How can you test your campaigns? - Plus, lots more!< Less
Dominating Adword By Saiful Razali
eBook (PDF): $15.00
Everyone nowadays have their own website to promote goods and things to sell. But without trafics or visitor to your page, it means that your business is nothing. Using Google adwords you can easily... More > drive traffic to your site quickest way. But before you start, you need some knowledges and skills. This book will guide you step by step even you never heard about Google Adwords before! Google Adwords is one of the powerful marketing tools that can boost your internet income. This ebook contains : - What is Google Adwords ? - Affiliate marketing - Product creation - Surveying - Getting start on Adwords - The power of keywords - Creating your first campaign - Quality score - 7 quick fixes to your quality score - campaign structure - country targeting - Tracking to the keyword level - Expanding your PPC empire - Adwords list building secrets - closing thoughts - resources And good thing is this book has Resell Rights. You can sell it back with your own price.< Less
The Keyword Research Bible By D M Chadderton
eBook (PDF): $10.27
No matter what kind of business activities you undertake on the internet, there is one fundamental fact that cannot be ignored. Whether you're promoting internet marketing products, or selling blue... More > widgets from a sales enabled website, you cannot hope to be successful unless people visit your website. The Keyword Research Bible will get you on your way to an effective online marketing campaign. Learn about how to maximise your strategy with Adwords & AdSense. We cover: * Keyword Research * Finding Your Niche Market * Using Free Tools * AdSense * Adwords * WordTracker * SpyFu and much much more !!! If you're serious about driving traffic to your site but don't know where to start with Keyword Based marketing, then this e-Book is your perfect starting place!!< Less
Amazing Adwords Attack By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $2.68
AdWords expert Brad Geddes, the first and only Advanced AdWords Seminar leader for Google, shares his detailed instruction and insights to get new users up and running quickly and teach AdWords pros... More > some slick new tricks. This must-have new edition offers 50+ pages of fresh material on such topics as retargeting, tracking for analytics, video ad features, ad extensions, and much more.< Less
Google Adwords Made Easy By Brad Callen
eBook (PDF): $24.24
Is this you: You have a great idea, build a website, blog or lens around it, promote it everyway you know how...and still have little web traffic to show for it? Well, if this is you, then you might... More > be missing out on the powerful tool of Google Adwords. In "Google Adwords Made Easy", Brad Callen explains this concept in simple language so you understand the principles behind it. However, the meat of this book is in the "Simple Fool-Proof Strategies" that he walks you through. Applying the knowledge you will gain from this little book will dramatically improve your web traffic, as well as give you a competitive edge in the congested world of cyberspace.< Less
Internet Marketing for Beginners By Paul Bappoo
eBook (ePub): $12.49
How to use Wordpress, Mailchimp, GoDaddy, Google, PayPal and other free and low cost tools to attract and keep thousands of loyal, engaged customers who actually want to be exposed to your marketing... More > message! De-mystifying the mechanics of how marketing online actually works, using articles, adwords, affiliates, keywords, search engine optimization and niche market principles, this book provides tried and tested, step by step instructions, with detailed screen shots that anyone can follow to promote any product, brand or business online for an exceptionally low cost, without wasting time on things that don’t work. Whether you work for a large multi-national, a small local company, a one man band or if you simply want to start making a living online, the invaluable principles and revelations in these covers will give you a flying start. Buy now and get free membership to the companion web site and forums to get help and advice from experts and an ongoing series of free chapters as they are released.< Less

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