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Google AdWords Negative Keyword List By Ed Kohler
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Negative keywords are an often overlooked but powerful tool for building effective Google AdWords pay per click marketing campaigns. This list will help you only show ads on terms that are relevant... More > and high performing. Avoid showing your ads and paying for traffic on terms that won't convert to leads or sales.< Less
Simply Adwords By Mike Seddon
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Simply Adwords - The essential no nonsense guide for anyone who wants to drive highly targeted and profitable traffic to their website using Google Adwords. Mike Seddon is a qualified Google Adwords... More > professional and co founder of the website promotion specialist KKSmarts. He has delivered incredible results for their clients using his straight forward no nonsense approach to Google Adwords. In this book he shares with you his approach and covers everything you need to know from setting up your very first Adwords account through to applying the advanced tricks and techniques used by the leading Adwords experts. You will learn: How to find the right keywords for your business. How to use those keywords to zero in on your customers. How to write compelling adverts that boost traffic. How to boost your revenue with web pages that sell. How to Turbo Charge Adwords! Start dominating Google Adwords today with this essential guide.< Less
Dominating Adword By Saiful Razali
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Everyone nowadays have their own website to promote goods and things to sell. But without trafics or visitor to your page, it means that your business is nothing. Using Google adwords you can easily... More > drive traffic to your site quickest way. But before you start, you need some knowledges and skills. This book will guide you step by step even you never heard about Google Adwords before! Google Adwords is one of the powerful marketing tools that can boost your internet income. This ebook contains : - What is Google Adwords ? - Affiliate marketing - Product creation - Surveying - Getting start on Adwords - The power of keywords - Creating your first campaign - Quality score - 7 quick fixes to your quality score - campaign structure - country targeting - Tracking to the keyword level - Expanding your PPC empire - Adwords list building secrets - closing thoughts - resources And good thing is this book has Resell Rights. You can sell it back with your own price.< Less
Keyword Mastery: Keyword Research & Article Marketing For Beginners By Andrew Mason
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This guide will enable you to structure all your promotional activities into a powerful, relevant and cost-effective, long-term strategy by utilising actual keywords that your target customers are... More > ACTUALLY using right now. This will give you all the necessary data to control everything from your website architecture and positioning to every area of your marketing activities. Once you understand the importance of keywords and how to use them effectively, you will create a natural sales path that will inevitably pull your customers to your product or service. “…make the mastery of effective keyword research central to your business” - Steve Shaw ( Andrew D. Mason is the managing director of Mowbray Publishing Ltd. Born and educated in Yorkshire in the UK, Andrew holds an astrophysics degree from The University of York and brings his skills as a researcher and analyst to the world of business, producing the definitive guide to a critical process of internet marketing.< Less
The Keyword Research Bible By D M Chadderton
eBook (PDF): $10.27
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No matter what kind of business activities you undertake on the internet, there is one fundamental fact that cannot be ignored. Whether you're promoting internet marketing products, or selling blue... More > widgets from a sales enabled website, you cannot hope to be successful unless people visit your website. The Keyword Research Bible will get you on your way to an effective online marketing campaign. Learn about how to maximise your strategy with Adwords & AdSense. We cover: * Keyword Research * Finding Your Niche Market * Using Free Tools * AdSense * Adwords * WordTracker * SpyFu and much much more !!! If you're serious about driving traffic to your site but don't know where to start with Keyword Based marketing, then this e-Book is your perfect starting place!!< Less
Amazing Adwords Attack By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $2.68
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AdWords expert Brad Geddes, the first and only Advanced AdWords Seminar leader for Google, shares his detailed instruction and insights to get new users up and running quickly and teach AdWords pros... More > some slick new tricks. This must-have new edition offers 50+ pages of fresh material on such topics as retargeting, tracking for analytics, video ad features, ad extensions, and much more.< Less
Google Adwords Made Easy By Brad Callen
eBook (PDF): $24.24
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Is this you: You have a great idea, build a website, blog or lens around it, promote it everyway you know how...and still have little web traffic to show for it? Well, if this is you, then you might... More > be missing out on the powerful tool of Google Adwords. In "Google Adwords Made Easy", Brad Callen explains this concept in simple language so you understand the principles behind it. However, the meat of this book is in the "Simple Fool-Proof Strategies" that he walks you through. Applying the knowledge you will gain from this little book will dramatically improve your web traffic, as well as give you a competitive edge in the congested world of cyberspace.< Less
google Adwords made EASY By Brad Callen
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Over the past 3 months I've been secretly writing a comprehensive, 84 page guide on how to profit with the Google Adwords system. This course teach you exactly what you need to know to make Adwords... More > work for you. I'm 100% confident in saying that this course is more comprehensive than "almost" all of the paid Adwords courses on the market. You'll be very hard pressed to find this kind of high quality information being given away anywhere.< Less
Google Adwords manual By Alan Edmunds
eBook (PDF): $69.23
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Extensive information about marketing on the internet, the use of keywords and the adwords marketing system.
Adword Made Easy - Ebook By
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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Simple, fool-proof strategies you can use right away for Adwords success.