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Alternative Dispute Resolution Human interactions -even in primordial societies- normally results in certain amount of grievances. Conflicts have become a major part of nation building as the basis... More > of modern democracies has been in differing opinion on all issues by several parties. Conflict and peace are never direct opposite and conflict should not be mistaken for war. Conflict is normal in any healthy relationship as it helps determine the strength and direction of relationships. People disagree, have different opinion on issues and expresses diverging interests in several situations. As conflicts are products of relationship a lot of emotions are involved. Conflicts elicit strong feelings and emotions in parties, making parties interests in supposedly trivial issues strong. The need to express feeling unencumbered, to feel understood, supported and cherished become the primary emotional priority of all parties to conflicts.< Less
Central African Republic Governance and Political Conflict By Mark Morrison
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Central African Republic Governance and Political Conflict. The ongoing presidential and legislative elections in the Central African Republic (CAR) look set to produce a new government in early... More > 2016. The foremost responsibility of the country’s elected leaders and the Central African people will be to stop the violence that has beset the country since the Seleka rebel coalition’s coup in 2013 and build the foundations of lasting peace. Since the coup the transitional government, civil society and international partners have launched diverse initiatives to begin the peacebuilding process at the national and local levels, and they have made some gains. Relatively peaceful elections are testament to this. To prevent a backslide, all stakeholders need to learn from their own and others’ efforts and address both the drivers and long-term underlying causes of the crisis. This Book has the complete information on Central African Republic.< Less
Untainted by Conflict By Frank Streek
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The background to this story is the sad history of African blood or conflict diamonds traded for arms notably in Angola. There South Africa supported an anti-Communist rebel leader, Dr Jonas Savimbi,... More > until it was known that he traded in blood diamonds. Unfortunately for him and good for South Africa’s diamond industry, a large cache of diamonds was seized by a South African team motivated by the initiative of a German arms dealer with ties to South Africa.< Less
Conflict of Lions By Terence Strong
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The lion of revolution is coming, insidious and menacing, to the quiet West African republic of Free Guinea. In the hiatus following the Falklands War, a group of hardened SAS troops is sent as a... More > safeguard against rumblings of political discontent against the moderate elected government. It is intended to provide the ideal location for the men to rest after the violent burst of full-blooded warfare in the South Atlantic. And so it does – that is, until a tourist is found dead on the beach. In the remote territory up country, the forces of violence and terror are gathering and it is certain that innocent blood will be spilled. That is when the legendary SAS captain returns. To the only woman he has ever loved. And to a brooding land of fear and unrest, swept by a rising tide of revolutionary fervour and bloodlust. ‘Frightening credibility’ Gloucester Citizen ‘An all-actioner which never slows’ Glasgow Evening Times< Less
African Cultures & The African Diaspora By Janet L. DeCosmo
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African film seen within cultural, historical and political economic context. Contains writings of W.E.B. DuBois, Patrice Lumumba, and Haile Selassie. Reviews the oral and written traditions of... More > Africa, the role of women, as well as visual arts, music, dance and food. Covers political economy context including the triangular trade in slaves, contact with Europeans, and modern conflicts, such as in Dharfur (Sudan) and Mali.< Less
South Sudan Conflict, and Democracy Consolidation By George Hokker
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South Sudan Conflict, and Democracy Consolidation. South Sudan Conflict, South Sudan Ethnic Crises, South Sudan History Book has all these information. Inclusion and empowerment are vital for both... More > democracy and development to take hold in conflict and post-conflict situations, according to Nicholas Haysom, special representative of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for Sudan and South Sudan. "I think the temptation in some of these situations is to suppress different people's identities,” said Haysom, who was previously the secretary-general’s representative in Afghanistan. “They'll say there’s only one identity, [and] you can understand that because of the imperative of nation building.” “But that cannot be the basis of building a firm and inclusive society. It has to be one that recognizes people's differences but based on their shared values and shared interests and destiny,” he said< Less
ETHNOSTATIC : African Humanism By Boaz Nabuur
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This book is about humanism, about the progress of secular philosophy in Kenya.History and current experience shows that so deep are pains of most of the conflicts experienced in Africa that the... More > popular individualized and rationalistic approaches to healing and transformation simply lack the language and resources to solidly address the challenge of holistic peaceful transformation. Arts approaches provide an accessible language, compelling processes that affirm everyone’s creativity and above all, an inclusive space that enables healing, genuine dialogue and transformation to happen particularly where the violent conflicts and pains are experienced by masses of people. This book is an attempt to promote a civil action, an agent for involvement in the Art of change, the Art of democracy and the Art of Peace.< Less
African Literature - JAL 5 By Charles Smith (Ed.)
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Focusing on contemporary literatures of Africa with specificity on issues of conflicts and discords within Africa and the resultant tensions wrought on individual and family on national and... More > continental scales, this volume proposes arguments or theories for the interpretation or exposition of Africa's modern fictions through several ages in history.< Less
African Poetry -5 By GMT Emezue (Ed.)
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The fifth edition of African Poetry tagged “Rhythms of Conflicts” comes with expectations of greater relevance in poetry of the twenty-first century. Dedicated to Jack Mapanje, the... More > distinguished Malawian poet and scholar whose verses had brought him incarceration by the notorious Kamuzu Banda regime, No. 5 hopes to challenge readers of African poetry with the truth of the aliveness of African art to the political and social concerns of the century.< Less
Guinea Bissau Political Struggle and Early Conflict By Louis Black
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Guinea Bissau Political Struggle and Early Conflict. Guinea-Bissau Environmental Information Book. Political fault lines reopened in Guinea-Bissau after President Jose Mario Vaz sacked the government... More > of the fragile West African country amid a mounting power struggle with the prime minister. But while political rows are nothing new in the narco-state, this latest crisis could finally cost the impoverished country millions of much-needed aid dollars. Still haunted by a past of civil war and coups d’état, Guinea-Bissau seems headed for yet another political struggle with grave repercussions. International donors, including the European Union, pledged $1.1 billion in March for Guinea-Bissau to support a 10-year development plan after years of political instability. If you want to know more about Guinea-Bissau, get a Book specifically designed on Guinea-Bissau< Less

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