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Justice and Human Dignity, a collection of essays, is an assemblage of critical and well-researched essays projecting new theoretical and empirical hindsight from multidisciplinary perspectives. This... More > books will be of special interest to academics, researchers and students of African Literature, Children’s Studies, Languages and Linguistics, Religion, Media Studies, History, Economics, Finance, Political Science, Leadership and Governance, Peace and Conflict Studies, Gender Studies and Studies in African Diaspora. In all, the essays provide new and veritable insights on how past and recent issues and challenges bordering on themes of Justice and Human Dignity affect Africa and Africans in the 21st century.< Less
Tall Grows the Grass By James F Frayne
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Johnny Duggan was born around the outbreak of World War II. Johnny’s story follows his trials and tribulations, his loves and assignations, and his challenges and conflicts, as he moves through... More > the long grass of life from one job to another, through one country to another. He is forced to change his outlook to life many times through his experiences in Africa, Europe, and the USA, as well as the variety of people with whom he comes into contact. In many places, the story is very confrontational and hard hitting, and takes no prisoners. It is not a story for the daunted, nor those who are not prepared to accept the stark, bare, exposed realities of life.< Less
The Civil War: The Struggle That Divided America By Judy Dodge Cummings
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In The Civil War: The Struggle that Divided America, readers ages 12–15 explore this conflict through the eyes and ears of the men and women who were affected by the clash that left more than... More > 700,000 soldiers dead. Following the American Revolution, slavery was enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. However, the United States still wrestled with whether it would be a country of slavery or grant freedom for all. The Southern states relied on slavery’s economic role, while the Northern states, though also beneficiaries of the benefits of slavery, were closer to deciding that the institution should be outlawed. The rapid territorial expansion of the United States in the first half of the nineteenth century created a series of crises that upset the delicate balance of power between free and slave states, ultimately sparking the Civil War. The Civil War was the central crisis in American history. The issues at the heart of the conflict—race, freedom, and citizenship—still resonate today.< Less
My Life, A Life of Many Colours By Israel Omotosho
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This is the autobiography of Chief Israel Oyerinde Omotosho; an example of a single life that derives honor from all the three sources from which honor can possibly be derived. First, he was born a... More > Prince into a Royal Family. Secondly, he had honor ascribed upon him when he was awarded the special title of J.P. (Justice of the Peace) and when the Olubadan of Ibadan honored him and his wife with a chieftaincy title each in recognition and appreciation of their service to the betterment of that great historical African city. Thirdly, he achieved honor through his own hard work and God's grace when he was honorably discharged from the army after serving his country in India in World War II, the deadliest conflict in human history. He also achieved honor by being part of the first few men that formed the Nigerian Union of Pensioners, subsequently serving as its first Secretary-General. Above all, the author is endeared to the hearts of many, mostly by his simplicity, honesty, industry and selflessness.< Less
Zambia - The end of the War By Great War in Africa Association
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The First World War ended in Africa on 25 November 1918 when the German forces under Paul von Lettow~Vorbeck laid down their arms in Abercorn (Mbala). Von Lettow~Vorbeck was the only German General... More > to invade and occupy British territory during the war and to remain undefeated over the four years of fighting. The nature of the conflict in Africa, and East Africa in particular, sets the African continent aside from the experiences in Europe and elsewhere. We remember the different African theatre experiences, and the last days of the conflict. Then, in the words of men who recorded the surrender a century ago, we pay our respects to those who did their bit, willingly or otherwise, in the hope of making our world a little better.< Less
Nigeria 1967-1970: The Biafra War and Its Consequences By Irene Maugeri
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Between 1967 and 1970, Nigeria was the theatre of a cruent and bloody civil war that is commonly known as Biafra War. The conflict originated from internal crisis such as tribalism and political... More > failures of the civil government after the indipendence, as well from external influences by the ex colonial powers. The war, which ended with Biafra surrender, confirmed the military as holder of power starting a long period of political dominance in Nigeria history which will have its culminating point in the Abacha regime of the '90s. This work analyses the roots of the conflict and the war itself, with an objective view and with the aim of presenting the Biafra War as an example of the long standing issues that affect the country and that represents, still in this age, a mirror of the African continent problems.< Less
From Chaos To Cohesion: A Regional Approach to Security, Stability, and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa (Enlarged Edition) By Diane E. Chido et al.
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Prevention is the key to effective policies in Africa, whether the issue is equitable resource exploitation, ethnic conflict, infectious diseases, or famine. African Regional Economic Communities... More > (RECs) have moved beyond their initial purpose of a loose confederation of trading partners to become increasingly effective supranational bodies promoting financial, political, and security stabilization in each of their regions. Looking at each of the RECs, their power centers, and areas of weakness, policymakers can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the sometimes symbiotic and often destructive dynamics within and among African states to seek more effective strategic and regional, not national, approaches. This monograph suggests USAFRICOM is uniquely positioned to help design a path to spearhead a pan-African strategy highly likely to have the net long-term effect of attaining considerable competitive advantage for the U.S. economically, militarily, and politically...< Less
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Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriet Beecher Stowe
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Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life Among the Lowly is an anti-slavery novel by American author Harriet Beecher Stowe. Published in 1852, the novel had a profound effect on attitudes toward African Americans... More > and slavery in the United States, so much so in the latter case that the novel intensified the sectional conflict leading to the American Civil War.< Less
Commencement for Teens By Adam Zaretsky
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Computer Aided Joycean Cut-Up covering the Recent Wars in the Balkans (Serb, Bosnian, Croat) as well as African Conflicts (Hutu and Tutsi) with an view from Southeast Asia, Outer Space, etc. ... More > Exerpts channeled from The Global War Rooms. New Reproductive Technologies applied by Sociopaths. Written as an attempt to channel the essential Fascism of Rhetoric without the crutch of Humane Grammars.< Less

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