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The Legacy of Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front - A One-Party State facilitating Dictatorship and Disregard for Human Rights By Dr. Mark O'Doherty
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This is an evidence-based study about Robert Mugabe and the elite of the African National Union-Patriotic Front, who are responsible for Zimbabwe's sordid state. The book also explores how the... More > ZANU-PF elite is using Robert Mugabe as a puppet president and political buffer to perpetuate dictatorship in Zimbabwe; the conduct of ZANU-PF Members of Parliament suggesting that they are complicit and acting in collusion with the perpetrators of police brutality, against peace loving Zimbabweans who are merely exercising their rights as enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. Tribalism in Zimbabwe is another issue which the author addresses; leading to nepotism, poverty, lack of family planning and oppression against women; also not sufficiently counteracted by the Zimbabwe government. The author offers suggestions how these challenges can be overcome, so that a positive collective consciousness can be manifested in Zimbabwe.< Less
The Up-Country Man By Kenneth C. Ryeland
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"The Up-Country Man" is a true account of a young British engineer's arrival in Nigeria in April 1967 to take up his new job. The country is seven years into a volatile independence and Ken... More > Ryeland struggles to come to terms with the culture shock and the endemic tribalism that pervades every level of society. On being transferred to Enugu, capital of the troubled Eastern Region, he is further challenged when the Regional Military Government rebels against the Federal Military Government in Lagos. An act of secession quickly follows and the short-lived Republic of Biafra is born. Almost immediately the new republic is plunged into a bloody and bitter war of survival with the Lagos Government and Ryeland finds himself trapped in the rebel enclave as Federal troops close in for the kill.< Less
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The Mayhem of a Country By Professor Issam AW Mohamed
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The longest civil war in the African continent between North and South Sudan ended by secession. However, similar conditions triggered other civil wars in other regions in the country. Genocide... More > occurred during the strive which forecast eminent separations with economic and demographic catastrophes.< Less
Legends of Onile: Orgins I Deluxe By Nadjib Assani
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The great heroes of Onile must use the sacred treasures of the gods to stop an evil force called the Akala. Learn how the original conflict between the various kingdoms and the ancient evil all... More > started. Included in this deluxe book are detailed art and descriptions of each nation, their monarchs, history, magical attributes and culture.< Less
Zipra and Zanla War Stories By Preller Geldenhuys
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This anthology of short war stories from eye-witnesses gives an insight into war experiences from opposing sides in the Rhodesian-Zimbabwe conflict 1965 to 1980. The Harare Sunday Mail conducted a... More > series of interviews during March and April 2018. This publication records and prints the bulk of the interviews that were posted on the internet. It is conservatively estimated that the Chimurenga war claimed well over 50,000 lives, albeit mainly civilians. It is not uncommon for combatants to mix up times and places - albeit those specific events did indeed occur. It is a fact that Zipra and Zanla clashed more amongst themselves (versus against the Rhodesian Security Forces). Death notices testify to that fact. The author estimates that it will take another generation of historians to remove or correct biases still very evident in latter-day tales.< Less
Democratic Republic of the Congo Political History.and Governance By Martins Odinga
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Democratic Republic of Congo Political History. and Governance. Also Crime committed during War and other Crises, including Rape and Routing this Book has the entire details on DRC. The macroeconomic... More > environment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has improved markedly in recent years, yet the lives of most Congolese have not. According to the International Monetary Fund, from 2010-2015 real GDP growth averaged 7.3 percent, well above the Sub-Saharan African average of 4.6 percent. However, the difficult external environment and increased political uncertainty have depressed the near-term economic outlook. Economic growth is expected to fall from almost seven percent in 2015 to less than four percent in 2016-17. According to the 2015 Human Development Index, the DRC continues ranks among the poorest countries in the world (176 out of 187 countries ranked), with one of the highest rates of extreme poverty in the world. Child malnutrition is widespread, and most of the populati< Less
Victoria By Orezi Saint Emamezi
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Victoria is a high school girl from a struggling family background. Her father is a lazy man who cares less about his responsibilities to family, while her mother is quite troublesome both at home... More > and in the community. Victoria decides to take the bull by the horn in order to restore the dignity of her family. The story is captivating. Find out what happened to Victoria in the trials that confronts her and her family.< Less
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The story of a young Nigerian who wrestled with the cultural and political challenges of his time. He found himself swimming in the tide of his family's discrimination, greed and envy. That led him... More > live a deeply troubled and unhappy youth life to rise above the mediocrity of his government and the hallucinations of his past. It also became the cause of his chating the path of migration through the deadly mediterenean route, making a perilous journey to Libya. Finally united by an on line group chat, his contemporary family began to pursue peace in order to rebuild their lifes together again for unity. The writer also used the book to exploit the weakness and passiveness of his country citizens to the oppresion, ineptitudeness and social injustices of its government.< Less

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