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Agriculture, Cooperative And Rural Development By M.K. Thite, Dr. Jitendra Ahirrao
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The concept of rural development is quite comprehensive and extensive. Rural development as “the development of rural areas, often rural development has meant the extension of irrigation... More > facilities, expansion of electricity, improvement in the techniques of cultivation, infrastructure development, provision of educational facilities, health care etc.< Less
Cooperative Theory, Practice, and Financing: A Dairy Cooperative Case Study By United States Department of Agriculture
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Cooperatives are the aggregates of economic units, such as farms. The cooperative is neither a horizontal integration of its member-farms nor a vertical integration between member-farms and the... More > cooperative, but rather a third mode of organizing coordination. Cooperatives are owned, controlled, financed, and used by members for mutual benefits, with service at cost and proportionality being two basic principles. Farmers organize marketing cooperatives to access markets, exercise countervailing power vis-àvis other market participants, promote competition, and thus enhance market efficiency. Cooperation as practiced by dairy farmers in marketing milk is an enduring business model that is in full accord with the economic theory of what cooperatives are and what cooperatives do. Members supply equity capital needed for the cooperative to carry out its core business of marketing members' milk. Capital financing, in general, is not a contentious issue for dairy cooperatives.< Less
MSCARD Bank and Agricultural Finance By M.K. Thitte
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The importance of Agricultural Co-operation in the Indian economy is to be understood in the light of the predominance of the agricultural sector in the Indian economy.1 India has traditionally been... More > an agricultural country and even today continues to be so inspite of efforts over the last fifty years for building up sound industrial base.< Less
Cooperative pou Agrikilti òganik By LUIS AVILES
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There are one billion of people starving in the world however the most ironic is when see the scenery where they living; most the cases they have a green landscape plenty of natural resources capable... More > to feed them; but they ignore about Agronomy, how can vegetables be used for to obtain economic benefices. In 2013 I visited the most hungry people in the world I had learned about this touchy country but my surprise was huge when I saw fertile massive lands and clean rivers just in the place were the human beings suffer extreme poverty and famine. My conclusion is that poverty is a politic imposition and a culture developed for centuries; here today you will have the option for change your situation, you will decide if to keep sorrow your unfortunate life or start taking action; join your work capacity to generate productivity since the scraps and hostile conditions and defies. Cooperative is the gateway for prosperity and now is ready for you in Torbeck HAITI with headquarter in Miami Florida.< Less
Birds of Cooper Park By Jane Garrison Ward
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On a recent walk in May along the boardwalk at Cooper Park, a tiny wetland adjacent to the Illinois River, we found warblers, orioles, swallows, blackbirds, robins, and song sparrows.
BIODYNAMIC AGRICULTURE – A PARADIGMATIC ANALYSIS Prelude to a New Philosophy of Agriculture By Andrew Lorand
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20 years ago I had the good fortune to write a doctoral dissertation in agricultural education on biodynamics at the College of Agricultural Scienc-es, Penn State University. It was an honour and a... More > pleasure. Encouraged by my friends and colleagues in the biodynamic movement I felt carried by the wings of good spirits. Today I am excited to publish this dissertation as a book, so that it be-comes more available for all those interested in biodynamics. Even as I lay in bed, still paralyzed from my recent stroke, my love for biodynamics has kept me going (thanks to the loving care and hard-working cooperation of my wife Kati, I am able to publish online courses and this book).< Less
Warana: A Study of Agriculture and Socio-Economic Changes By Dr. Bhanje B.M.
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In the earlier chapter attempt has been made to examine the role of Warana Sugar Co-operative in the agricultural transformation. The development does not mean only economic prosperity of the... More > community but it also refers to social development« as a commitment to overall development the Warana sugar Co-operative has provided social facilities during the last thirty five years. This has encouraged the social transformation in the region. The present chapter, therefore, proposes to assess the measures adopted by the sugar co-operative to promote social changes. The social development of the people may take place only when the economy of the region is sound. Thus, socio-cultural attributes cannot be separated from the economic achievements as both are interlinked with each other.< Less
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Co-operation means working together. The principles of co-operation are as old as human society. Co-operation means living, thinking and working together. Formation of social groups is the outcome of... More > reflexive co-operation, while the life of ants, bees, waps, lines etc., provide the best examples of instinctive co-operation. From the most primitive to the most sophisticated community, through the world, we come across some or the other form of co-operation among the people living in particular area or region it may be for some agricultural operations or for some social, economic or political activity.< Less
Alternatives to a State-Based ACRE Program: Expected Payments Under a National, Crop District, or County Base By Robert Dismukes et al.
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The Average Crop Revenue Election, or ACRE, program is a commodity support program that bases coverage on aggregate State-level and individual farm-level revenue variability. Changing the level of... More > aggregation from State to one closer to the farm level—Crop Reporting District or county—would generally increase payments. This report models how expected payments and the level of risk reduction from programs triggered at alternative levels would vary across crops—corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, grain sorghum, and rice. It also considers how benefits from the alternative revenue programs would vary relative to benefits from direct payment and price-based commodity programs.< Less
Apex Bank for Rural Credit By Sajjad Zahir
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Co-operative movement has entered into different branches of economic activities. Co-operatives today are found in production, consumption, service, credit, marketing and other spheres of country's... More > life. Since it is the age of specialization, each single co-operative aims at catering to a particular need of its members, but with vast developments in the economic sphere, and because of the question of viability of the co-operative efforts, service or multipurpose co-operatives have also been evolved.< Less