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Model Aircraft Calendar 2010 By Mike Grant
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A calendar featuring the scale model airplanes of Mike Grant.
Britain's Experimantal Aircraft By peter dancey
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Britain's Experimental Airplanes carry a unique 'Raspberry Ripple colour scheme, this illustrated ebook depicts many of the types used by the test and experimental establishments over many years from... More > the Vickers Varsity to the Panavia Tornado and the BAC 1-11 Eurofighter radar test plane. In full colour for the modellers< Less
A Pilot’s Guide to Unmanned Aircraft Systems By John Christopher Boyer
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A simple guide to enter into or reference the field of Unmanned Aviation Systems. AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS: 1960s–1970s The. U.S.. Air. Force. pioneered. the. first. mass-produced,. long-range,.... More > high-speed. unmanned. aircraft. designed. to. conduct. primarily. reconnaissance. missions. but.,.later.renamed.the.AQM-34.Lightning.Bug.and. Firefly.series, drone,,.employed.low.drag.wing.and.fuselage. configuration. and. could. reach. altitudes. in. excess. of. 50,000. ft. and. speeds. of. 600. knots.(high.subsonic). The.Bug,, range.of.high-and.low-altitude.profiles.performing.electronic.signal-g< Less
Virtual Airplane: Modeling By Witold Jaworski
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This eBook teaches step by step how to create a 3D computer model of a historical aircraft. It also contains an introduction to the modeling program (Blender 3D). This is a basic guide, so you can... More > start to read it as a beginner, and you will finish on a solid intermediate level. It is an excerpt from larger publication, but also a complete book on its own. This third edition describes Blender 2.7. To learn more about "Virtual Airplane" and get free trials, visit *>>< Less
Identification of Aircraft for Army Air Forces Ground Observer Corps By Headquarters, Army Air Forces
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Merriam Press Military Reprint MR33 (First Edition, 2015). U.S. Army Air Forces World War II manual on how to identify aircraft. Aircraft identification of type and model is important for service... More > personnel to assess threat posed by aircraft and to recognize "friendly" aircraft. Contents: The AAF Ground Observer Corps; Aircraft Identification (Wings; Engines; Fuselage; Tail); Use of the Manual; Silhouettes and Photographs (Bombers; Fighters; Observation and Liaison; Trainers; Transports; Seaplanes). Originally published in 1942 by the USGPO.< Less
Paper Models on the World Wide Web, volume 1 By Henk Esselink
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If are you looking for an inexpensive, quiet and creative hobby? If you do like to work with your hands? Then start card modelling! The use of paper or card stock to make models is hundreds of years... More > old, and is enjoyed by people around the world. Subjects for card models are as diverse as aircraft, buildings, trains, vehicles and even animals, and the tools can be as simple as a hobby knife, a cutting surface, and some white glue. Many companies and individuals are now selling or freely offering kits in digital form, and a new generation of designers is creating models using computer-aided-design programs. What you need is a printer, some paper (> 200 gr.) and a link to the internet. This book is not a manual, but is a guide to internet pages where you can download models ( in PDF format) for free. You will find images from models with an internet address on the bottom of the page.< Less
Multi-Model Pilot Projection Comparison By Brant Harrison
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For those interested in only a portion of the "full model" report from Audries Aircraft Analysis, the website is making available each part of the four part report. This is the fourth part,... More > which is Pilot Demand compared among pilot demand extrapolation from Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, and FAA industry fleet projections, and the composite model. It also includes industry retirement numbers from the website to build a more complete pilot demand model from the fleet projections.< Less
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build your own aircraft model from paper, just print it on 200gr paper, cut, fold and combain it piece by piece.
Virtual Airplane: Preparations By Witold Jaworski
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This eBook teaches how to prepare and verify scale drawings of a historical aircraft. This guide may be interesting for both "3D" and traditional modelers. It is an excerpt from larger... More > publication, but also a complete book on its own. This third edition describes GIMP 2.8 and Inkscape 0.48. To learn more about “Virtual Airplane” and get free trials, visit *>>< Less
Virtual Airplane By Witold Jaworski
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"Virtual Airplane" describes in a step-by-step manner how to create the airplane shown on its cover. This guide starts with the very basics (I assume that the Reader may know nothing about... More > the CG), but finishes on the intermediate level. It reveals many tricks used by CG artists. This second edition describes Blender 2.7. To learn more and get free trials, visit *>>< Less