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It Came from Airport Security By C. Glen Williams
Paperback: $15.95
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When random chemicals are tossed into a mix, what will result? Eight short stories examine the possible outcomes in It Came From Airport Security. This book and all the stories contained are... More > licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 543 Howard Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.< Less
It Shouldn't Happen To A Security Officer By Michael Arthur
Paperback: $15.10
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This book offers in colourful detail the life of a security officer whilst working at an undisclosed airport in the UK. Whilst the subject of security remains a high priority, the accounts are... More > humorous and interesting and convey the trials and tribulations of that member of staff who has a key say as to whether or not you will be getting on the plane. In doing so, it high-lights just how much airport staff have to put up with. It has much in the way of colourful language within and should not be considered suitable for minors.< Less
Are You Being Searched? By Jamie Buchanan
Paperback: $13.45
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Are You Being Searched? Allows the reader to take a journey into the humorous side of airport security. The accounts that unfold within this amusing book are based on real life events that have... More > occurred in the working life of an aviation security officer working at several busy airports. This book does not set out to expose potential loop holes in airport security in the same way that it does not set out to explain in any detail the security processes in place at our airports today. Starting with the highly controlled selection process for work in aviation security it soon becomes clear that what is not mentioned on any of the basic selection criteria is the important advantage of possessing a terrific sense of humour and the ability to inject it into this important, high profile function in front of the eyes of the travelling public without them realizing that they are taking part in a comedy sketch of epic proportions. It is a comedy routine so subtle that it goes on completely unnoticed.< Less
A Little Pot By Laston Kirkland
eBook (PDF): $1.99
"That's ok, it's just a little pot." Laston has been fighting Colon Cancer (metastasized to the liver) and is sharing his Fiction Short-Stories as a means to help offset medical costs.... More > He lives in Washington state in a manufactured home a bit off the beaten path with his wife, three daughters and an old cat. He writes with one hand, gently holding the rest of the world at bay with the other. He's fond of tabletop boardgames and all things nerdy. Thanks for your help!< Less
Let the TSA Go to the Dogs: Sniffing Out an Alternative to Intrusive Scans and Pat Downs By Joshua J. Styles
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Throughout history, individual liberties have been continually eroded under the pretext of ensuring national security. The TSA’s implementation of full-body scanners and invasive pat downs in... More > recent years is no exception. Public outcry over these “enhanced” security procedures reached a fever pitch in 2010, and while there has been significant debate concerning whether these measures go too far in infringing individual privacy in the name of national security, few viable alternatives have been proposed. This book examines the efficiency and constitutionality of these new security measures and suggests several alternatives—most notably the use of bomb-sniffing dogs—that would not only be equally (if not more) effective but would also preserve individuals’ civil liberties.< Less
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RFID Changing Lives By James Gerdeman
Hardcover: $39.94
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Life changing technology is in the air and it is helping to make us green. Radio frequency identification, RFID, is improving our commute, speeding shipments across the globe, and securing our... More > fleets and communities. This is one government plan that has led us to making life changing improvements for the better. Since ISTEA was first implemented all modes of transportation have used the RFID tags to improve logistics, provide security and make traffic flow.< Less
Under the Runway By Duane Talbot
Paperback: $4.93
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"Under the Runway" - YYC16L/34R. Calgary International Airport. A massive $2 billion expansion is securing Calgary's position as a key global hub. A native Calgarian, a writer, and an... More > artist; Duane Talbot is delighted to offer his word briefs and line drawimgs that treasure Calgary's pioneer spirit while embracing her future as a vibrant globsl hub.< Less
Paperback: $19.95
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The author brought you THE TRANSFORMERS original cartoons on TV, plus 6 best-selling STAR WARS books from Lucasfilm and 8 popular feature films, many released by NBC Universal TV. Now he turns his... More > talents to some of the funniest insights you will find on topics for today, from marriage to dieting, from traffic congestion to airport security, from computer hackers to remodeling contractors. His gift for rhyme may remind you of Calvin Trillin -- and he's been called a Shel Silverstein for adults.< Less
Mr and Mrs Cluckbucket The Holiday By Melvyn Dover
Paperback: $8.57
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The first book to feature the village of Muggberry's most distinguished and individually thinking couple, the Cluckbuckets. When life's illogical moments and frustrations become stressful, the... More > Cluckbuckets decide they need a holiday abroad. Not a great problem for many, but a lot of it's new to them. They soon find themselves embroiling security staff, antagonising fellow travellers, and dealing with crooks. Besides, how are they to know a week in an airport terminal is not usually normal? Somehow they manage to leave many residents reeling in their wake. Muggberry's Vicar engages in voodoo. Helpful villagers Florrie Herbert and David Pyrtle are nearly buried alive. And the vicar's live-in/live-out Jenny the 'house-lady' has to struggle to keep order in the vicarage. Then there are the mishaps, mistakes and misunderstandings. Plus a few dogs. Will the Cluckbuckets have their holiday after all? About 58K words. A light-hearted, fun read.< Less