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Tackling Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder By Austin Mardon et al.
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This book aims to assist those suffering from FASD, or any of their caregivers, in helping a person with FASD live the most fulfilling and independent life possible. It will provide the reader with a... More > better understanding of the spectrum of disorders experienced by those exposed to alcohol during pregnancy, what a person with FASD will experience throughout their lifetime, aspects of their life or times of their life that might be more difficult because of their disability, and what can be done to help. There will be some chapters focused on information, for example of the biology behind the disorder or the particular aspects of the Canadian legal system which may affect a person with FASD. Other chapters aim to help in a more practical way, with exercises to help manage some of the effects of the disability, or sources that can help a person with FASD in school, in finding a job, or in dealing with the daily struggles that come with FASD.< Less
A Treatment Improvement Protocol - Addressing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) - TIP 58 By U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
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This TIP is organized into three parts: • Part 1 for behavioral health practitioners focuses on providing appropriate counseling methods and frameworks. • Part 2 for program administrators... More > focuses on providing administrative support to implement adoption of the counseling recommendations made in Part 1. • Part 3 for clinical supervisors, program administrators, and interested practitioners is an online literature review that provides an in-depth look at relevant published resources. Part 3 will be updated regularly following publication of the TIP. Ideally, it is envisioned that a supervisor might assemble a small group of counselors, distribute copies of this TIP (which are free), and begin a series of six or so meetings where the materials in the TIP would be reviewed, discussed, and in other ways used as an educational and training vehicle for the improvement of treatment skills.< Less
Alcohol and Pregnancy - A Mother’s Responsible Disturbance By Elizabeth Russell
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Elizabeth (Anne) Russell is a recovering alcoholic and the mother of two sons with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). A Responsible Disturbance details her personal struggle with alcohol and the... More > lengthy and painful discovery she made during her research into this condition. Written contributions by her sons and others give an insight into the impact on the boys and the family. This edition also features the Stories of Others, a collection of stories by caseworkers, carers and first hand accounts that gives a poignant appreciation of how individuals affected by FASD struggle to make their way through everyday life. Making Changes, the third part of the book details the steps Anne has taken to increase community awareness and knowledge about FASD and to improve the availability of services for those affected. Her inclusion of current scientific knowledge draws attention to FASD as a health issue with a significant impact on society through sectors such as education and criminal justice system.< Less
Working With People With Challenging Behaviors: A Guide for Maintaining Positive Relationships By Nathan Ory
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Case studies of persons with developmental disabilities, autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, mental handicaps with practical approaches.
The Silent Epidemic: A Child Psychiatrist's Journey Beyond Death Row By Susan D. Rich, MD, MPH
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The Silent Epidemic addresses a critical public health problem in America – the leading preventable cause of birth defects, neurodevelopmental disorders, and intellectual disability: prenatal... More > alcohol exposure. From her work in community health, forensic psychiatry, and private practice, Dr. Rich provides insight into the prevalence of neurodevelopmental disorder associated with prenatal alcohol exposure (ND-PAE) among juveniles accused of violent crimes, in neighborhoods where America’s “least valued” citizens reside, and even in upper middle class communities. The problem develops as early as the first three weeks of pregnancy, when many women are unaware that they are pregnant. With appropriate diagnosis and treatment, affected individuals can avoid a lifetime of lost potential from substance use disorders, incarceration, unemployment, and homelessness.< Less
Raising Margaret Ann By Robert M. Bersi
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This book fulfills a father’s promise to his daughter that he would someday write of their struggle with what came to be known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Children so unnecessarily... More > disabled are condemned to endure a purgatory of failures as they struggle to meet the expectations of family, peers, school, and society. This account reflects Margaret’s choice of whom and what she deemed to be meaningful inclusions in a story based upon her challenged childhood. It is as much a tale of love and laughter, as it is of loneliness and disappointment. In 1970, a young university professor is granted custody of his infant female daughter. The ensuing 18 years unfold as a heart-wrenching, yet inspiring story. The writer describes the small victories and tearful disappointments which marked their determined journey. Today in the United States, at least one in every hundred children born each year is afflicted with FASD. Their physical and mental defects are irreversible and persist for a lifetime.< Less
The "People Power" Disability - Serious Illness - Senior Citizen Superbook: Book 6. Special Education 1 (Mentally & Physically Disabled Children At School, Autism) By Tony Kelbrat
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There are several ways to have a limited ability to think: Born that way by genetics as with Down's Syndrome. Born that way by mother's bad habits as with fetal alcohol syndrome. Get hit in the... More > head, traumatic brain injury, concussion. Stress of life. Substance abuse, prescription drugs that alter brain chemistry Chemicals in ordinary objects like aspartame, lead, mercury, etc. Electro-magnetic waves Self-delusion, people get depressed, think too much, etc. My main purposes in writing this book are: To find all the conventional knowledge about mental challenges as I could and centralize it here. It is evident when a child is born with down syndrome or his or her performance seems slower than normal but everything else is someone's opinion as with autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities. People who diagnose these so-called disorders have no specific test that can with certainty say they have this disorder therefore need this drug.< Less
Behaviour Skills, Understanding and Modifying Challenging Behaviour By Trevor Lewis
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An easy to understand guide to understanding, modifying, and managing challenging behaviour for Parents, Teachers, and Support Workers. Including helpful advice for new Parents and Parents to be.... More > This book covers strategies for neuro-typical children, and for children and adults with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or a learning disability. Includes the top selling booklets, ‘Toilet Training in 2017 Using the Dior Method’ and ‘The Dior Method of Anger Management’ The New Zealand based Author, Trevor Lewis, has had over ten years full time experience working as a behaviour specialist and has come across some of the most challenging issues possible, from children and adults of average (or above) intelligence and those who were intellectually disabled, had Autism, Aspergers syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, or other disability.< Less
Dissertation: The Impact of an Enneagram Education Program on Health in Rankin Inlet By Janice Seto, PsyD MBA
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Abstract The Enneagram personality typology has been used by industrial/ organizational consultants as a professional development tool to enhance sales and productivity of individuals. This study... More > examined extending the use of the Enneagram into health promotion. The importance of discerning the culture-specific underlying determinants of health of the population under study was discussed. Inuit dis-health may be attributed to spiritual and cultural alienation, resulting from the residential school system, of which the legacy includes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Further research which includes the biological basis of the Enneagram, spirituality and shamanism in worksite health promotion, and tracking Inuit wellness efforts that melds conventional medicine and culturally-appropriate healing is advocated.< Less
Thesis By Carrie Ann Schemenauer
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This ethnographical study provides insight into the daily lives of adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and demonstrates how mentorship increases their quality of life. FASD is a... More > life-long disability that diminishes a person’s cognitive and adaptive functioning. In this study, adults with FASD and their mentors were interviewed at the CUMFI (Central Urban Métis Federation Inc.) Wellness Centre, a mentorship program for individuals with cognitive disabilities in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to determine how effective supports were and how to improve the supports. Mentorship helps adults with FASD to find housing, buy groceries, receive community supports and maintain a healthy lifestyle which will help them function better in society. Support and mentorship provides safeguards to decrease the likelihood of adults with FASD ending up on the streets, in jails, hospitals and treatment centers.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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