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How to Get Rid of Algae By Lawrence Ortiz
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How To Get Rid of Algae Fish tanks require little to no maintenance most of the time. Unfortunately, sometimes your tank can experience a 'health hiccup'. If you notice your tank is getting a green... More > or black scum on the glass, try these tips to remove and prevent it. Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less
Space Station Algae By Gordon Mackenzie
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This science fiction book is about five young people living on a space station orbiting the planet Venus. Of how their happy world is taken away from them by a ruthless saboteur: on their own with... More > only one man to help them, they must survive somehow until help arrives from control back on Earth. Will they be able to do so with a killer looking for them? Who knows? When starting out on a leaning course on the space station, the five young people could never have imagined how it will end. How something enjoyable can turn into a frightening experience. They will have to hide to avoid being caught and probably killed. Only one person, a crewmember, can help them, but he is badly injured. It is up to them, as young people, to survive.< Less
Tofu Made Easy Smoothies By Theresa Luba
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The most comprehensive and beneficial smoothie book that innovatively combines fruit and vegetables with tofu for optimal health, menopause and weight control. Both delicious and functionally... More > beneficial, you wont get another book like it! With over 50 recipes and styles you'll be spoilt for choice and flavour. Guaranteed you will never look at a fruit smoothie in the same way after tasting these nutrient filled powerpacked superfoods. An answer to a health problem also an answer to living through the menopause happily.< Less

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