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The Eagle and the King By Peter Rogerson
Paperback: $15.00
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The second part of The Jewels of Ooombis, The Eagle and the King mines what has been referred to as the oldest human legend still in existence. Much of the story takes place in the Sumerian City... More > State of Kish under the rule of Etana and his childless wife. This is the bronze age, and predates the pyramids and Stonehenge. Henna has been born to be Holder of the Brooch, a classy prostitute occupying a high position within a nomadic tribe. With a childhood friend, Rowen, a self-confessed lesbian, she runs off into the wilds after committing a bloody murder, and with her she takes the Brooch of Ooombis, which contains imprisoned in its crystalline structure the sexual passions of its original owner, an alien woman. The two women find their way to Kish where one of the religions demands human sacrifice. Meanwhile, the ring of Ooombis is an increasing distance away and for a while in the hands of a reforming drunkard called Pictes and after him, Arkes, a youth.grieiving for a lost love< Less
Fearmonger By Ashok Desai
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Since the earliest days of prehistory humanity has feared the unknown, the alien, the inscrutable. There are things out there in the darkness that would make the staunchest man tremble, creatures... More > foul and cunning who thirst for blood and death. Ancient spirits known as fear eaters, servants of Death the Reaper, lurk in the remote corners of the world, drawing power from the mortal terror they inflict upon their victims. Called by the fear eaters to defend their human flocks from the predations of more deadly creatures still, you will take on the mantle of Fearmonger and provide what sustenance you can to the creatures. Who can say if they are to be trusted, but the power they harness can mean the difference between life and death in the battle against the night. There are things to fear in this world. One of them is You!< Less
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Shark Diving Holidays By Daniel Hardie
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… a shadow darts from left to right and all that was seen was a shimmer of silver light. Was it a fish, a seal, perhaps a dolphin?... More > No! It’s the world’s most efficient and effective predators… the shark! And you too can come face to face with Jaws. Delve into the depths of shark diving holidays and discover a new world, unfamiliar and virtually alien to us as humans, where you will see firsthand the sheer power, speed & skills used by these ancient hunters. Hollywood creates the illusion that sharks are just mindless killers of the sea, hungry only for human meat to munch on. But I challenge you to take on a shark diving holiday and experience it for yourself... Follow my shark diving experiences in South Africa, Hawaii and Australia with species such as Great Whites, Galapagos Sharks and the Grey Nurse, plus learn all about other species of shark, other destinations for shark diving and the facts about sharks in general.< Less
Absolute Valentine: Complete Inaugural Season By Neuicon & Tom Haswell
Paperback: $9.99
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He was Re-Newed York City's most feared blind assassin. He was betrayed. He was robbed of his memories and ultimately left for dead. Unfortunately for them, he survived. Betrayed by his former... More > employer, Valentine, without sight, without memories and on the brink of death, must regain his strength, must struggle to discover the truth about his past and ultimately, embark on a trail of vengeance. Absolute Valentine is the Monolith's first official ongoing mini-series, which debuted to massive success and helped establish the Monolith brand. The series is also based on the French Synthwave artist of the same name. Absolute Valentine is released in a complete collection, collecting every episode from the first season, written by Tom Haswell (Aliens v. Predator, Devil's Run 666, Warzone Resurrection) and featuring art by March of Venus.This special collector's item also includes a special short story from Neuicon and an exclusive art gallery. Return to Re-Newed York City, with Absolute Valentine.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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Inside Secrets Inside Secrets By Joseph Stumpf
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