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The Alien Phenomena and a Theory of Human Life By Young Kim
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This is a short research book where I try to uncover the true origins and reality of the UFO phenomena. I believe all the flying saucer sightings do represent several alien species who have been... More > visiting Earth. In the second part of the book, I wish to explore the possibility that aliens created this universe as a complex video game. There is so much scientific evidence that our existence is a virtual reality game, and I write about what implications this fact has on how we should approach this existence. If this is all just a game, we need to search for what this game is expecting of us. It seems we are here to learn how to live as a "human being", and send our experiences back up to "Source Consciousness". The Source Consciousness, which created all of existence is doing this simply because it is curious, and it is kind of playing a game itself through each and every one of us. In a way, we are all stuck here, just as the characters we encounter in a video game that we play are stuck there as well.< Less
The Alien Phenomena and a Theory About Human Life By Young Kim
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This book is a journey I took where I sought to undercover the ultimate truth of the universe in which we inhabit. First, I began with the idea that there has been an alien presence which has... More > followed human history since the beginning of time. I began by outlining ancient alien theory, and then moved onto modern day alien sightings. I knew that there was something vastly paranormal going on. I chronicled many great scientific minds who speculated that there was something behind the scenes. From there, I introduced the radical notion that the universe, or indeed all of existence, is one giant computer simulated reality. I put forth the notion that in the beginning, at the dawn of time, there was a "Source Consciousness" which was an all powerful "Awareness" with infinite creative impulses, and one with great love. It had infinite energy, intelligence, and knowledge. It was all alone in existence, and sought to have something to love and to seek adventures. Thus, it created the universe. And so came us.< Less
Aliens Are Pigs! By Hugh Sheppard
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Author Hugh Sheppard takes us on a colorful and humorous ride in Aliens Are Pigs! as we journey into the psyche of a typical 41 year old man as he faces the abyss unfortunately known as Mid-Life. As... More > part of the journey to find the culprits behind the aging process, the reader encounters the toilet paper touting butler that’s collecting intelligence for the Old Guy Delta Force. Additionally, the reader gets to experience the birthing of a 6’-2” tall 75 year old man and tour the latest Booger Factory as it creates a new armor for the U.S. Military. The journey continues with encounters of the Naked Witch, The Horny Old Toad, Pompous William and Grubby ol' Rastus. These are just a few of the many characters and adventures that readers will embark upon as they discover in Aliens Are Pigs! that it’s really Aliens that have taken over and it’s them to blame for the aging process as they laugh and joke at the humans...all as part of their self centered Alien Redneck Tailgate Rodeo.< Less
The Grays, Alien Abductions and Genetic Creation of Humans Hybrids Race By Maximillien De Lafayette
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Secret US Extraterrestrial Operations. Hybrids Habitats and Way of Life. It includes: 1.Description of the hybrids’ habitat. 2.Hybrids underground/underwater communities. 3.Their bedrooms,... More > beds, toys, dining rooms, food, and eating habits. 4.Hybrids’ three distinct groups/categories. 5.Hybrids placed for adoption. 6.The Grays fetuses’ room, and how they genetically create a human-hybrid race. 7.Intraterrestrial Grays and their abductees: Rapports, relationship and abductees’ accounts. 8.The future of the human race and the global change. 9.Weather/Climate weapons system, invented by the military and Grays. 10.HAARP. 11.Weapon system used to suck up the oxygen from the air we breathe. 12.Aliens-US frightening military technology. 13.Extraterrestrials-US joint black operations. 14.The device used to create a holographic projection…103 15.Project Serpo, Zeta Reticuli, and Stargate…104 16.Scenes from the future, as projected by the Grays on hollographic screens.< Less
10th Edition. Alien Abductions and Genetic Creation of Humans Hybrids Race. By Maximillien De Lafayette
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Published by Times Square Press Author's website: Read about Intraterrestrial Grays and their Abductees: Rapports,... More > Relationship and Abductees’ Accounts. Description of the interior of a UFO. Weather/Climate weapons system, invented by the military & Aliens. Grays helping abductees and saving the lives of hybrids. What the Hybrids Told the Abductees. Holographic pictures showing the entire sequence of the Roswell crash. Aliens’ Radio plasma belt around Earth to isolate Earth from the universe. Heavy spaceship activities at Dulce. Hospital-like environment used for impregnation of female humans. Genetic labs that created half human/half animals. Aliens experimented with manipulation of the nervous system. Storage of fully grown creatures and tissues. Description of the hybrids’ habitat< Less
Dulce: Greys’ Hell in America. Aliens’ Factory of Human Bodies’ Parts By Maximillien De Lafayette
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Published by Times Square Press, New York. Officially, Dulce Base does not exist. The Base was jointly created by the Grays and a shadow government. Aliens who work at Dulce speak perfectly English.... More > It was reported that many of them, especially the tall ones, are not considered and/or called aliens by their human counterparts. Some very well-informed co-workers and insiders believe they are “HH”, acronym for human-hybrids, others call them Intraterrestrials”. The IM, acronym for the “Internal Manifesto” classifies them into three separate categories. The precise & astonishing information and data about Dulce as provided in this report were obtained directly from: 1-A meeting at Area 51, which gathered some of the most powerful personalities from our government, top brass, and members of a “Shadow Government”. 2-A sudden inspection of the base by one of our most descent generals. 3-Eyewitnesses’ reports and official attestations.< Less
The Human Sea By Vagif Sultanly
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“The Human Sea”, by the Azerbaijani writer Vagif Sultanly, describes the destiny of a man who commits a murder and is then sentenced to death but escapes from prison. Living outside of... More > society he has a hard life in a remote city amongst people to whom he is a stranger. Through the example of his protagonist the author draws the reader’s attention to the alienation problem of modern society thereby creating a real literary panorama of an alienation tragedy. The novel is original with its deep philosophical content, a dramatic plot with its accompanying psychological impact and an unexpected ending. Through this work, the author has extended the limits of the novel genre in a vivid and unusual way.< Less
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The Human being history is no longer beyond Mesopotamian time, for the simple reason that there is nothing of Humanity culture left before that age, in the libraries and museums of the whole world... More > such the British museum in London, musee du Louvre in Paris, Metropolitan museum in new York, and in every single museum of the world there is nothing of human history on this planet beyond Mesopotamian culture.This is a serious concern because its time to recognize and make sure where the humanity comes from, we could have been created by unknown intelligent beings and not be aware of it,this could be dangerous for the human being species because on this assumption the man could be in the hands of another superior species that would utilize humans in any manner at their entirely will just as if it were their cattle, how the human beings can sleep happy while haven’t known the acknowledge of its roots?, likewise the existence of the humanity have serious risk of elimination by a supposed superior unknown being.< Less
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In this book I introduce humanity to aliens. I explain our specifics: lack of telepathy, competitiveness, aggression and many absurdities of our civilization. I say a bit on brainwashing and what ... More > to do with it. I suggest to aliens to build a human colony off-planet, which will create a new hybrid alien-aware human culture and which will broadcast this culture to Earth. I speak much about human emotions and offer many ideas and suggestions on how to solve current global problems.< Less