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Compendium Surviving Cancer - Natural Allopathic Medicine By Dr. Mark Sircus
eBook (ePub): $479.99
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This 2,500 page cancer compendium will offer you and your family most of the information you will need to make informed choices about cancer care. This compendium will teach you about natural... More > oncology. It is a medical book, in understandable language, about a new form of medicine called Natural Allopathic Medicine.< Less
Treatment Essentials By Dr. Mark Sircus
eBook (ePub): $60.00
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Dr. Sircus’s practical teaching manual for how to use his natural allopathic medicine protocol including dosages and treatment methods.
Treating Ebola and Other Infectious Diseases With Natural Allophatic Medicine By Dr. Mark Sircus
eBook (ePub): $44.00
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Treating Ebola and Other Infectious Diseases purpose is to avoid us witnessing the most horrible deaths that come with Ebola, nor the retraction of freedom when medical officials call for martial law... More > all because of their ignorance and inattention to medical facts.< Less
From Hell To Well: My Journey Back From Multiple Sclerosis By Elaine Silverman
Paperback: $22.95
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Doctors had drawn a little box on the floor, and told me to step in it. The box symbolized everything they know about multiple sclerosis. The box symbolized everything they expected to happen to... More > me. And at first, I stepped into that box. The longer I stood there, the more I realized I did not want to be there. I wondered if the doctors really did know everything there is to know about multiple sclerosis. Yes I was afraid to step out of that box. I was afraid to stop taking my shots. I was afraid to go out on a limb. But I was more afraid of the consequences of staying in that box. So, I stepped out of the box. I sought another – a different - path of information and action. Here you will find that information. The action to step out of the box you are in is your choice.< Less
The MD Emperor Has No Clothes By Peter Glidden BS, ND
Paperback: $21.95
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"Dr. Glidden is one of the very few to realize the sobering truths that MD directed medicine consistently fails to cure disease, and that it causes massive amounts of harm in the process.... More > Furthermore, he understands that people around the world who continue to hold onto their cultural home remedies live longer and healthier than those that buy into modern medical methods! In America, Hispanics outlive whites by 2.5 years and blacks by 8 years - and it has nothing to do with genetics! Few physicians understand how and why this happens. Few physicians have hands-on experience delivering non-drug treatments that actually help people to recover their health. Dr. Glidden does. The MD Emperor Has No Clothes, by reconciling the ancient methods of Wholistic medicine with the urgent health needs of our modern world, offers a key to the very survival of America herself. God-speed Dr. Glidden!" - Joel Wallach BS, DVM, ND< Less
Kevin and Indira's Guide to Getting Into Medical School By Kevin Ahern, Indira Rajagopal
Paperback: $9.99
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Kevin and Indira’s Guide to Getting Into Medical School is a book packed with information from two advisors at Oregon State University with years of experience working with thousands of... More > students. In this book they share the advice they have given over the years that has resulted in an extraordinary acceptance rate for their students getting into medical schools. Aimed at university students, the book takes students all the way through the process, from the earliest beginnings to acceptance. Extensive space is devoted to important topics such as personal statements and how to ace the interview. The book abounds with advice, insights, FAQs, and numerous miscellaneous items.< Less
u kormidla Physician By Patrick Muller
Paperback: $8.89
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A thin but conversation-starting bombshell of a text in the Hazken Series of Wellthcare, this book launches the u kormidla physician (uMD) that will replace the under-impressive and obsolete... More > allopathic physician (MD.)< Less
Control Arthritis with Poly Herbal Therapy By Dr. Nikunja Kishor Mishra
eBook (PDF): $12.50
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Natural Herbs are better and safest medication of different chronic diseases like arthritis. Allopathic medicines produce a lot of side effects and adverse effects. Hence herbal medications are... More > highly desirable and better one.< Less
Proceedings of the Emergency Conference on Doctors and Hospitals Behaving Badly By Academy of Epistemological Medicine
Paperback: $9.11
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The proceedings of an emergency conference simultaneously held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA and Olomouc, Moravia, Czech Republic to find police actions to get allopaths (Western M.D.s) to clean... More > up their patient-uncentered acts. Part of the Hazken Series on Wellthcare.< Less
Beck's answer: Synergetic medicine By Patrick Muller
Paperback: $16.45
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When television talking head Glen Beck had an acute medical incident recently and was hospitalized, ze discovered that while allopathic medical winks might be well versed in anatomy and physiology,... More > their medical templates and protocols lack communication, coordination, emotionalcognitive development and critical thinking. Allopathic medicine must yield simultaneously to and then pass alternative and functional (integrative) medicine and morph into synergetic medicine. Only synergetic medicine presents the metaphors that are adequate and the mythology that is enriching. "Beck's Answer" offers a very brief but completely invigorating introduction to synergetic medicine. If your physician isn't a "u kormidla" physician, approved to practice synergetic medicine, you should think of dumping hir. This book will explain why.< Less