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Beyond Alt-Right and Alt-Left: A Community of Americans By John Hogue
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WORLD-RENOWNED FUTURIST AND PROPHECY SCHOLAR JOHN HOGUE DIDN’T START NOTICING THAT TELLTALE “CLICKING” OF A GOVERNMENT WIRETAP UNTIL 1997, when he was doing phone interviews on an... More > international line patched into BBC Radio. The forecast that got his phone clicking was this: If future US Presidents and Congress deepen a partisan deadlock between “Red” Republican and “Blue” Democrat legislators into the 21st century, there will be revolution, civil war--a break up of America starting by 2020. The clock is running down. 2020 isn't far away. Hogue wishes to share his forecasts and those of other American seers who anticipated these mounting dangers but can see the golden future possible beyond them. John Hogue is author of over 1,000 articles and 46 published books (1,180,000 copies sold) spanning 20 languages. He is a world-renowned authority on Nostradamus.< Less
Lowell Was Right! By clash bowley
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Lowell Was Right is tabletop Role-Playing Game (RPG) Between 1880 and 1920, virtually everything in science was turned on its head. Everything we knew was wrong! What would a world be like where... More > technology was based on dual current electricity, stars powered by gravitational collapse, atoms that were knots in the ether, chemistry without electon bonding, and other theories strange to us. Lowell Was Right! is set now, but a very different now. A now where there is no electronics at all, but you can journey to Mars or Venus. A now where any element can be made by reknotting the ether. A now where mass can be negated. A now where ghosts can be caught in crystals and used as artificial intelligences.< Less
Let The Right One In By Anna Serafini
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The fourth and maybe final of my self-published collections spans many types of media, from poetry to prose to image macros to tweets. This 70+ page opus is almost entirely about romantic love. After... More > spending the better part of a year putting it together, I've concluded that it (romantic love) is bullshit.< Less
Salmagundi Gallimaufry By Jack Suss
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This volume of poetry includes selected gems chosen by the author as representative of his work, taken from a "driftscape" that spans almost half a century. It's beat poetry with... More > existential twists that pop and sizzle, serving up a soul platter of surprises, red pill detours, and meditations for the potato head in all of us. The poems are peppered and laced with color graphics meant to be pleasing to the eye, offering respite from the text.< Less
Beatnik Fascism By Brandon Adamson
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a collection of way out poetry for the non-conformists of today.
The Southern Lady and Other Poems By Jenean McBrearty
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The Southern Lady has something to say to those who would oppress her, though she be dead. She stands up for herself, her husband and sons, and her values. She tells a story that warns she can fight... More > back in the most gentle way---through poetry.< Less
Trip By Pilleater
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We all know Richard Spencer was banging Asian chicks back in the day! …And this book is a part of that tradition! Pilleater’s two novellas struggle with the theme of... More > “Asian-Aryanism.” Trip is about Tom Delunge, an avant-garde stand-up comedian, and his Chinese-American girlfriend, Daisy Liang. The Rape of M’khal is an erotic science-fiction story about submissive aliens and extraterrestrial action. Pilleater is an internet intellect and artist. (((THIS IS THE BOOK THE ALT-RIGHT DOSEN'T WANT YOU TO READ)))< Less
PaliSade By Johnny Noir
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The observations of the poet-prophet Lot in Sodom; examining the here and the hereafter, dreams, delusions, myths, fantasies,and lies.
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A Manifesto About Stalking Patrick Hyland By Francis Nally
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Francis Nally’s A Manifesto About Stalking Patrick Hyland is a collection of essays from his cult classic website, “Asian” It has nothing to do with national socialism,... More > but rather flips the ideology of the alt-right on it’s head by introducing a conceptual “bicultural” world after the fall of globalism and the beginning of communal “ethnonationalism.” He argues that Eurasian people and interracial couples must secure a destiny and a culture based around identity politics. Nally is a pioneer in the avant-garde blogging movement known as the “alt-left.” His writing has been compared to Jim Goad, Peter Sotos, and Katherine Dunn. A work of stunning originality, this book is a manual for all advocates of eurasian futurism and proper miscegenation. Full of humor, wit, insight, and theory-fiction. This book is for people who “get it.”< Less