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Taps Easy Violin Sheet Music PDF By American Civil War Song
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A SilverTonalities Arrangement! Easy Note Style Sheet Music Letter Names of Notes embedded in each Notehead!
American Civil War By Mahinour Tawfik
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Historical Poem describing the American civil war in details
The American Civil War By Adam O. Harmon
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A Book on the American Civil War
History of The American Civil War By John William Draper
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History of The American Civil War
COMBAT: The American Civil War By Auston Butler
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Miniature wargame rules for fighting battles of the American Civil War. For use with either 15mm or 25mm wargame miniatures from any manufacturer.
Captains Of The American Civil War By William Wood
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PREFACE Sixty years ago today the guns that thundered round Fort Sumter began the third and greatest modern civil war fought by English-speaking people. This war was quite as full of politics as were... More > the other two—the War of the American Revolution and that of Puritan and Cavalier. But, though the present Chronicle never ignores the vital correlations between statesmen and commanders, it is a book of warriors, through and through. I gratefully acknowledge the indispensable assistance of Colonel G. J. Fiebeger, a West Point expert, and of Dr. Allen Johnson, chief editor of the series and Professor of American History at Yale. WILLIAM WOOD, Late Colonel commanding 8th Royal Rifles, and Officer-in-charge, Canadian Special Mission Overseas QUEBEC, April 18, 1921.< Less
Civil War in the American Revolution By Stewart Dunaway
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This book details the civil war that occurred in North Carolina during the American Revolutionary War. The fighting between Tory and Patriot was severe, and the Southern Campaign is not that well... More > known. This book focuses on this aspect of the Revolutionary War. It includes a lot of details, from primary sources so that the reader can get first hand knowledge from those involved and not just prose from an author or historian. Included is a detailed discussion about the Pardon and Oblivion Act and other NC specific Acts that detail the "healing" of the state. This was required to integrate Loyalist and Patriot back together.< Less
Ballarat and the American Civil War By Barry Crompton
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Links between Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, and the American Civil War - the visit of the officers of the CSS Shenandoah to Ballarat; pre-war visitors to the gold mining town; Civil War veterans who... More > lived in Ballarat< Less
The Causes of the American Civil War By John Lothrop Motley
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Shortly after the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, John Lothrop Motley, author and historian, wrote several letters to The London Times defending the federal position. These letters were published... More > in a pamphlet titled "Causes of the Civil War in America." The writings of Motley made such a favorable impression on President Abraham Lincoln, that he was appointed U.S. Minister to the Austrian Empire and U.S. Minister to Great Britain.< Less
American Civil War Diaries By Robert S. Merrill
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A true and accurate transcription of the personal diaries of Robert Sidney Merrill, Private United States Army, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry, Co. K, 1863-1865. Includes 1896 GAR Roster and Ballad of the... More > First Wisconsin. Indexed.< Less