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Ancestral Puebloans By Cliff C. Serrano
Hardcover: $145.00
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"Ancestral Puebloans" - A Journey Through Time and Beyond. the architectural marvals at Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, Bandelier, Hovenweep, Walnut Canyon and many others historic sites in the... More > great American Southwest.< Less
Ancestral Flames By Rashad Bey
Paperback: $20.00
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Ancestral Flames is a collection of thoughts and quotes from mostly departed historians, doctors, scientists, writers, and great leaders. The table of contents is categorized by principled subjects... More > making it a breeze to find the perfect inspiration. This book is a valuable resource to add to your personal library collection.< Less
The Ancestral Children By Hyrim Ether
Paperback: $20.00
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Ronald Finch has paid his debt to society. A short time after his release, he was forced into contentions with a heart-wrenching tragedy. While strange and miraculous, all hope isn't lost. There are... More > several others who are battling personal demons as well. As they're finding meaning within their intertwining lives, their imaginations are stretched well beyond recognition before beginning to comprehend their ultimate purposes. Bunmi, a powerful priestess and conjure woman summons the help they will need through means unknown to the common man. The help that arrives is not of flesh and bone, but of the ancestral spirit to help reconcile the conflict which has plagued The Ancestral Children for generations.< Less
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Victoria Stoner and daughter Samantha, are condemned by callous cruelty to traumatised and broken lives.Plagued by nightmares of such intensity, she fears they are visions of a past, buried deep in... More > her tortured soul. A need to burrow into the surreal confusions of her troubled mind, propels her through a savage blood-line too shocking to believe. Drawn ever closer to a curse that has stalked her family tree, Victoria is led on a precarious path by an aged psychologist, best not underestimated, and an enigmatic, little Wise Woman, who features large in the tumultuous events that now crowd in around her. Her quest to expose her bloody roots entangles with an escalating campaign to resist an invasive, corrupt, commercial enterprise, threatening to steal away what little remains of their former, happy lives. A desperate stand that draws herself and Samantha into a stunning conclusion of merciless confrontation with a malevolent foe, that forges a circle of predetermined fate in the flames of ancient wrath.< Less
Ancestral Tea By Imam Qadriyyah Mabel-Dorothy
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Iced Tea recipes given to me, Qadriyyah Mabel-Dorothy, by my Ancestors, the Oneness of It All, as an offering for your Ancestors in the amplified space of the moment shared to exchange energies of... More > all kinds.< Less
Ancestral Tales By Susan Moore
Paperback: $10.00
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This is a book of stories about my great great grandfather James Jones, a convict transported from England to Van Diemen's Land in 1832.
Ancestral Silk By Claire Lavignon-Hughes
Paperback: $7.54
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A tale of human behaviour set in Lyon, a mysterious and esoteric city in 19th century France, in the heart of the old historical districts of St. Jean and St. Georges. Alexandrine is a romantic... More > passionate young woman who falls in love with a naval officer called Lachelles. Lachelles’ mother Juliana has a passion for hats that has led him to discover Alexandrine, the daughter of a local hat maker, who owns a modest factory in Lyon. Juliana however disapproves of the young Alexandrine; her social status is not high enough for her son. Juliana’s “Machiavellian” manipulation will unwittingly send him to a cruel fate. Mysterious disappearance, death, tragedy, differences of status and wealth will bring conflicts and sorrows for both families, but somehow the two families will share a secret: a strong silk thread which will unite them forever… Auguste, an army mercenary in the Dutch army, having served fourteen years in Indonesia, brings more passion and above all stability to Alexandrine’s life.< Less
Ancestral Secrets of Knighthood By Brian Starr
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Ancestral Secrets of Knighthood is a work to show the secrets of the Christian Religion as known by the past relationships of Christian Ancestors. The Nine Worthy Warriors are found in the book as... More > well as many charts relating past Saints to Christian Ancestry. The relationships of Galilee are examined as well as the lineage of the Nine Worthy Warriors. These are Godfrey of Boulion, Charlemagne, King Arthur, Judas Macabees, Sir Hector, Alexander the Great (with reference to lineage thru Persia) Joshua son of Nun, King David of Israel and Judah, and the Emperor Julius Caesar, There is a study of the Early Saints of the Church and a listing of their family, their descendents, and their ancestors as well as a brief biography of what the Saint did in order to be raised to the Altars. There is descent from David thru Daniel whose line marries the line from Solomon and so becomes the royal blood.< Less
Healing Your Ancestral Patterns By David Furlong
Paperback: $22.60
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Healing imbalances in our family patterns is crucial to health and wellbeing. In this book international healer David Furlong explains the relevance of our ancestors to the healing process. He shows... More > how the character and experiences of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents shape our lives in all sorts of subtle ways and stress the importance of healing the patterns from past generations which continue to affect us today. By learning to connect with these energies from the past we can free up and balance their impact on our lives and of future generations.< Less
Haunted Ancestral Homes By J Murphy
Paperback: $12.68
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True ghost stories written in 1892 by Irishman, Henry Frith, reproduced with a biographical notice of Frith and notes on the associated buildings, viz, Hinton Ampner Manor, Alresford, Hampshire;... More > Watton Priory (or Abbey), between Lockington and Cranswick, Driffield, Yorkshire; Ewshott House (or Itchell), Crondall, near Farnham, Hampshire; Denton Hall (or House), Newcastle, Northumberland; Ashley Hall, Bowdon, Cheshire; Birchen Bower House, Hollinwood, Birchen, Lancashire; Burton Agnes Hall, Kilham, Bridlington, Yorkshire; Berry-Pomeroy Castle, Devon; Calverley Hall, Yorkshire; Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland; Littlecote Hall, Hungerford, Berks; Raynham Castle, Norfolk; Cortachy Castle, Forfarshire.< Less

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