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The Completions of the Ages:The Gate, the Door and the Veil By Donald Peart
eBook (ePub): $5.00
This is a book that uses the truth that Jesus' flesh is equal to the veil of the temple in principle. The change of the ages can be understood that the gate, the door and the veil of the tabernacle... More > built by Moses symbolizes the change of the ages, including the change from this age to the age to come.< Less
Illyuzionizm By Alena Anesti
Paperback: $24.50
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Алена Анести иллюзионизм Вы не... More > верите в потусторонние силы, но ваша жизнь полна абсурда, о котором лучше никому не рассказывать? Вы – даровитый знаток психологии и не хуже фокусника жонглируете человеческими эмоциями? Вы готовы померяться силами с профессионалами иллюзионного жанра в искусстве убеждения? А если однажды и по вашу душу объявится опытный фокусник-иллюзионист, перевернёт верх ногами вашу судьбу и будет с наслаждением ждать, когда вы окончательно расшибёте себе голову?< Less
Youth Policy Development By Jean Louis BM Anestal
Paperback: $14.49
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This Book, Youth Policy Development is a Political work which is centered around the topic of Youth Policy Development: Including young people as full members in society. Youth Policy Development is... More > a reference and deserves the reader's attention for its consideration of the complexity of many issues relating to the youth and the diversity of approaches to the topic, offering in addition to initiates a rich bibliography. It is, therefore, an indispensable starting point for anyone who is interested in these issues and wishes to deepen the question of the changes affecting the contemporary youth. In addition, this book can guide young people in their choice of iconic model in policy, but also to prevent future risks in the case where it would be bad. This book is suitable for both young students and the public interested in current issues of democracy, human rights and/or development.< Less
GUIDE MINCEUR Ma consultation diététique By Sandrine Anest
Paperback: $13.41
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Le mot régime est souvent associé à restriction. C’est pourquoi je préfère parler de rééquilibrage alimentaire. Il n’est pas bon de se... More > restreindre trop, car l’on risque alors une « grosse fringale » dans la journée ou la soirée, et dans ce cas, on craque souvent pour des gâteaux, des chips, ou toute sorte d’aliments riches en sucre ou en graisse. Il faut donc manger suffisamment au cours des repas et il faut faire les bons choix.< Less
don't forget By celeste ingraffia
Hardcover: $25.00
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Inspirational book that is a wonderful gift for all ages.The story is a series of things that a Godmother doesn't want her Godchild to forget throughout her life.
don't forget paperback By celeste ingraffia
Paperback: $12.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Inspirational book that is a wonderful gift for all ages.The story is a series of things that a Godmother doesn't want her Godchild to forget throughout her life. Paperback version. This book is also... More > available in hardback.< Less
Electropolis:The Infernal Machine By Dean Motter
Paperback: $36.00
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Once again we visit the retro-futuristic milieu of Mister X and Terminal City. This time with electric detective Menlo Park and his gal Friday, Anesta Robbins. Murder and intrigue in the... More > good-old-fashioned world of tomorrow. "Moonlighting" meets "Metropolis" via "The Maltese Falcon" by way of "The Jetsons." Written and illustrated by Dean Motter. Anthology of the 1999 Image Comics series. Revised and extended.< Less
From Dawn to Eclipse By Gwendoline Ehrenborg
Paperback: $14.47
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The fascinating untold story of the horse from its first evolutionary beginnings to the steed we know and love now. Learn about the horse in antiquity,the Middle Ages,,the crusades, now; the breeding... More > plans of the English kings, the many breeds of horses. And then meet Dawn and the amazing Eclipse, ancestor of the race horses of today. A All little girls - indeed everyone - will love this unique illustrated book.The ideal present CALLENDER EQUESTRIAN< Less
Circling the Pond: Everyday Work Woes and How To Survive Them...or Not By John Hathaway
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In origin, pond is a variant form of the word pound, meaning a confining enclosure. In this book, the Pond is the place we need to go to work, or to find work to support ourselves and our loved... More > ones.The Pond can be a tough, unfair place. The thoughts here are fellow feeling thoughts that have helped some to simply face another day at the Pond when another day may have otherwise seemed too hard to face.< Less
The Man who lived Forever By R. De Witt Miller
Paperback: $6.95
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What terrors were performed in Laboratory One,that its very name could cause strong men and innocent children to tremble with fear? Only the Master knew that it was not terror that was housed behind... More > those impregnable walls but the most precious secret of the ages---the secret of immortality. The safety of all humanity lay in the Master's silence--yet the life of the one woman he loved hung in the balance. He could buy a new lease on her precious life at the price of the world's security. Only a god can resist temptation--and the Master, though he had lived a thousand years, was still a man.< Less