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Anger Management By
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Anger can be damaging to your health. Anger triggers the release of chemicals in your body that can cause high blood pressure, dimmed reasoning, and tension, among many others ailments. Too much... More > anger can even cause your physical processes to fail. As you can see, the feeling of anger can be quite destructive. And that is not taking into the the emotional toll it has on your relationships. That is why if you or someone you know has issues with anger, you should deeply consider the information in this book. This book provides powerful anger management tips that seek to help you control, manage, and eliminate anger from your life. The information inside will show you not just how to handle anger, but also how to turn anger, from a negative emotion, to something positive - something that can help you instead of break you. Living a life free of anger is achievable, but you have to learn to manage it. You can get all this knowledge to get the upper hand on anger, plus much more, from this guide.< Less
Anger Management By Slade Painting
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Anger Management. London Exhibition 9–16 March 2009. Postgraduate Slade Painting. Will Alsop Studio.
Anger Management By Liz Rojek
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Anger comes at a high price. Are You A Slave To Your Anger? Don’t You Think It’s Time You Took Control And Got Your Life Back? Dear friend, If you have issues with... More > anger than this will be the most important thing you’re going to read because your life CAN change today. Don’t get me wrong, anger is a natural and necessary emotion that has its place in our lives, it can be a tool to motivate us to change our circumstances if we’re not happy with them, it can also stimulate our evolutionary flight or fight response in reaction to dangerous situations. So as you see, anger does have its place, however when it escalates and becomes destructive to both ourselves and to those around us, it becomes a serious problem. Your Anger Is A Silent Killer Living with anger physically changes the body’s biochemistry releasing toxins into your bloodstream slowly poisoning you, this is why anger is known as the silent killer. It’s Never Too Late There Is Hope - Things Can Change< Less
Anger management By melinda beerbower
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When you get angry why do you do it and how to manage your anger? Use these tips and maybe you will learn to control it...
Biblical Anger Management By E. M. Kim
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Biblical Anger Management teaches you how to manage anger by using principles from the Word of God.
All About Anger Management By Rohit Kakkar
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This e-book will help you understand why we get angry, what are the different signs and triggers, how to deal your anger in an ideal way, anger coping techniques, how your physical fitness helps in... More > controlling anger and thus ultimately how to conquer your anger.< Less
Family Anger Management By Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA
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Anger is an emotion experienced by kids and adults alike. When something or someone interferes with an individual in a negative manner, it can cause them to become angry. Anger is a normal response... More > to such a situation. However anger can be classed as a mild or intense irritation. Depending on the individual, the circumstance and their emotions, anger may cause a person to become enraged or even furious. People who become angry behave in different ways. Some lash out or become extremely defensive. Other people tend to keep their anger to themselves, bottling up their negative emotions and hurt. While some people become reckless and even abusive. Anger can be a terribly harmful emotion if it isn't controlled. Controlling anger is considered anger management. The first step to controlling anger issues it to admit there is a problem. Some people have major anger issues but cannot see it. Naturally something happens to set a person off making them angry.< Less
Anger Management For Christians By David Wilson
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The purpose of this book is to give a believer a solid basis for dealing with his or her own anger in light of God's Word. Anger is a choice and God wants us to choose to handle it properly. The... More > Goal is to encourage rather than chastise the angry person.< Less
The Secrets Of Anger Management By Noah Daniels
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Everybody has likely felt anger at one time or another. Anger is a basic human emotion and a natural response to situations beyond our control. Depending upon how it's dealt with and expressed, anger... More > may be favorable or damaging. Learn how to control your rage and take control of your life.< Less
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Anger Management In Children Chapter 3: Anger Management For Teens & Success Chapter 4: Impulsive Response To How To Command And... More > Master Emotions Chapter 5: How to Command And Master Your Emotions Chapter 6: Unleashing In How To Command And Master Your Emotions Chapter 7: Self Help Chapter 8: Physiological Changing Chapter 9: Learn How To Command And Master Your Emotions Chapter 10: Do You Know How To Command And Master Your Emotions? Chapter 11: Being A Parent Chapter 12: Master Your Emotions while Dating Chapter 13: Your Marriage Chapter 14: Your Command In Mastering The Emotions Chapter 15: Families Who Command And Master Their Emotions Chapter 16: Training Your Mind Chapter 17: Building Human Qualities And Mechanisms Chapter 18: Emotional Days Chapter 19: Spelling out Emotions Chapter 20: Emotional Alertness< Less