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State of Palestine has finally come into existence in principle when the UN overwhelmingly vote for its legal establishment last year. Backed by USA, Israel still tries terror tactics to delay... More > the creation of much delayed Palestine state. Entire world and humanity by the side of people of Palestine today.< Less
Ancient By Mike Marty
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Sustainable, necessary rejuvenation is correlated to living antagonizing nothing.
Humanity: Our Story By Drusilla Talawa
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A short book that enunciates the importance of understanding one another, in order to live in peace and harmony. You will take a trip down memory lane to discuss the gruesome events of WW1 and WW2.... More > Other facets of humanity that will be discussed include religion and culture, where one will truly grasp the concept of faith and why we as humans should unite and work towards completely eradicating any form of antagonism or outright hate.< Less
Quicksand: The Guide to Climbing Out of the Negativity Trap to Unleash Your Full Potential By Tom Ricciuti
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Successful people get out of the quicksand that surrounds all of us by fiercely deciding that they are tired of being average and by avowing that they will not be average any longer. You put yourself... More > in the quicksand by accepting negativity, allowing it to dominate your thoughts, and capitulating to its hold on your life and your life’s results. But the good news is, this means that you also have the power to change your thinking and to get out of the quicksand the moment you are truly ready.< Less
Office, Office | Strategies By ,
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Office, Office | Strategies Vol. 1. Strategy is a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. Strategy is important because the resources available to achieve... More > these goals are usually limited. Strategy is also about attaining and maintaining a position of advantage over adversaries through the successive exploitation of known or emergent possibilities rather than committing to any specific fixed plan designed at the outset. Strategies Vol. 1. is a publication by Office, Office that focuses not just on the projects that the office undertakes but also the invisible forces that shape them.< Less
The Book of Nothing By Captain Jack
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This book is nothing. You are reading nothing. If you like reading deep philosophical shit you might like this book (or maybe you won’t). This is The Book of Nothing. What a bunch of nothing! I... More > believe in God. Not everyone believes in God. Who cares? Maybe you care because you are reading this sentence? Why am I asking this question? People who don’t believe in God get the privilege of spending eternity in hell—the Bible says so (Mark 16:16). The Bible is a wonderful book! Is there any organization in The Book of Nothing? Yes. Do you need to believe me when I say "yes"? No. You are reading a bunch of nothing right now. If you like reading nothing upon nothing upon nothing, read this book. This is The Book of Nothing.< Less
Overcoming: Alone Against the World By Hamid Zaher
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Growing up in Afghanistan, Hamid Zaher did not feel like a man and was more comfortable in the company of women. He eventually realized he was a gay—a subject despite being punishable, was also... More > taboo in his country, and one that was never discussed. In this memoir, Zaher tells his story of trying to leave his country, only to experience an additional discrimination based on his national origin. Overcoming addresses the worldwide prejudice gay Afghanistani men face. Escaping the religious and traditional homophobia and confronting refugee-bashing when no country or the UN would admit him, Zaher eventually, by trouble making, succeeded to become recognized as a refugee by the UN to Canada. Overcoming shows how one man set goals, persevered, and attempted to overcome discriminations which were tied to his sexual orientation and nationality. By sharing his personal experiences, Zaher hopes to bring newfound rights to others like him who have been denigrated and neglected in today’s world society.< Less
Nari Asmita : On Women Problems By Gian Singh
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Of late, there is a concerted move to present problems of inequality and oppression of women in the society due to patriarchy i.e. male domination, rather than capitalist mode. Apparently it is... More > diversionary movement to the advantage of corporate capital by creating an artificial division in the ranks of workingmen/women. The campaign rests on crash individualism as the philosophy of life that suits industrial culture to dominate at the cost of family as an institution. It is a dangerous game-plan.< Less
The Harry Variations By Hav Gefter
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A life time of fiery antagonism between father and son comes to a sudden end with the news that the father lies dying in a Los Angeles hospital. Now the son must confront himself and a well... More > of memories and emotions as the family waits for the inevitable. Hav Gefter’s novel of death and dying is stark and brutal, and one of his best.< Less

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