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Anthropocene By Maggie Puckett
Paperback: $29.99
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A catalog for an interdisciplinary body of work combining art and science to explore the complicated history and future of anthropogenic effects on the Earth’s systems. Through handmade paper... More > and artists’ books this body of work navigates our planet from atmosphere to molten core, examining ecological history and visualizing predictions of future global change.< Less
Autobiography in the Anthropocene By Dan McCaslin
Paperback: $18.79
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Caz and Dan roam the rugged San Rafael Wilderness in northeast Santa Barbara County in search of relief from the Anthropocene... sacred springs and holy mountaintops, from Iwihinmu (Mt. Pinos) west... More > to the secret caves of the forbidding Hurricane Deck formation. What would a politics of the Anthropocene mean for the individual?< Less
Florilegium, Anthropocene By Michael Helsem
Paperback: $8.58
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anthology of many of my favorite poems & poets
Our Anthropocene: Eco Crises By Gary van Wyk
Paperback: $42.94
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The artists in this exhibition respond to the ecological crises of our Anthropocene, which we ignore at the peril of our own ecocide. Artists Include: Alma Collective (Christoph... More > Both-Asmus/Owanto/Robbin Ami Silverberg/Andreas Wengel/Hervé Youmbi), Thorsten Baensch/Karin Dürr/Carolin Röckelein/Zoe Zin Moe, Sammy Baloji, Julie Dodd, Stephan Erasmus, Nuno Henrique, Daniel Knorr, Guy Laramée, Gideon Mendel, Barbara Milman, Heidi Neilson, Tara O’Brien, Sara Parkel, Susan Reynolds, Ian Van Coller, Shu-Ju Wang, Käthe Wenzel, Thomas Parker Williams, Michelle Wilson, Philip Zimmermann< Less
Paperback: $15.00
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Do we live in 'the Shallows' because of the fundamental hard-wired physiology of short term to long term memory? Are we evolving around these tools that still have some 'use value' apart from the... More > extraneous uses that they 'create'. What ever happened to 'Socratic debate' in the face of 'God Google'? With the interface items such as the spooky IR camera that will read our facial features in public spaces to the neuro-implants that we will give to each other in future social rituals...this stuff is coming on. This is a quarterly journal that reflects upon daily uses of these thing and a look at the 'prosthetic' use of these gadgets that then seem to take over our lives. can we see a method of reflection deep enough to halt future dystopic uses of 'these gadgets'? Prosthetics of the late anthropocene: is this really our 'singularity' with AI?< Less
Know Your World: A Geographer's Guide To The Anthropocene Age By John J. Moran
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Darwin named Geography as 'Queen of the sciences'. His observations of geographical connections had revealed the phenomenon of Life in a remarkably structured Earth-world as inter-locked dynamic... More > systems. This 'Systems View of Life' is reviving at a time when we are facing a crisis of collapse in world systems, and the prospect of a breaking world, as a result of reckless human activities driven by amoral values. We are all geographers, embarked on a voyage in search of the optimum location with the promise of support and betterment of our future living conditions. But, for most of the world's people, this is an experience of Life fraught with hardship and deprivation. Compelled to take stock of our deteriorating environment, as well as to question the values we hold, the message is that we have the collective restorative power of geographical knowledge which can be applied to achieve a better world.< Less
ISBN test By Gary Van Wyk
Paperback: $11.63
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Exhibition catalog for the exhibition "Our Anthropocene: Eco-Crises" held at the Center for Book Arts in New York City from January 19 - March 31, 2018.
Implication. By Gauthier Roussilhe
Paperback: $7.09
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Fr — L'implication étudie le changement de cadre que doit opérer le design dans un monde de moins en moins habitable du fait des activités humaines (Anthropocène).... More > Dans ce nouveau cadre un projet, à mi-chemin entre l'expérience de pensée, le projet de design et la fiction légale, est présenté et donne corps à une transition vers une vie quotidienne soutenable et désirable. Eng — The implication studies the change of framework that design must operate in a world less and less habitable because of human activities (Anthropocene). In this new framework, a project, halfway between the thought experiment, the design project and the legal fiction, is presented and gives substance to a transition to a sustainable and desirable daily life.< Less
Beyond Dystopia! By James Lukasavage
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Beyond Dystopia! is a criticism of life in our current time, the postmodern Anthropocene, and what I am seeking is nothing less than humanity's apotheosis, or, as Voltaire's Candide had it, “le... More > meilleur des mondes possibles,” which does not have to be a world without humans, only one with a limited number of humans, doing less.< Less
The Scientific Philosophy of New Universal Invention through Primary and Secondary Laws. By Mthokozisi Ntokozo Angelos Maphumulo
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The topic of this book is : Overcoming the Anthropocene which is gradual processes of loss of universal capacity to hold living due to global warming , extinction and population explosions . This... More > book traces the real phenomenal scientific evolution processes to human brain and science knowledge . It rely on the universal law such as Isaac Newtons , Dmitri Mendeleev Boyle's Lwas and many more other relevant scientist to eppear cited in the book . The book then introduces three theories which help the reader of this scientific phylosophical discourse to understand how the second round universal evolution is going to take place . The book presents true story and it not just a science fiction .In this book lectures and or readers are expected to realise what are three main laws having been introduced . Secondly they have to know what is time counteraction and how it is linked to application of law . The reader are expected to understand meaning attached to human brain congruent status to his body , time etc .< Less

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