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Anthropomorphism By Hallie Mitchell
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This is a portfolio book for the artist Hallie Mitchell. It is about people and what animals they personally thought they most related to. Hallie Portrayed these characters in illustrations created... More > with colored pencil, watercolors, and marker. The writing in the images is also her own handwriting. To create the images Hallie drew the bodies of the anthropomorphic animals from photographs of the people that filled out the survey created. The information gathered wasn't only used for the illustrations but also used to created poems and sayings to go with the illustrations.< Less
A is for Anthropomorphism By Michael Kilburn, Alexandra Kilburn
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On my first day of school, my teacher Ms. Beairsto (!) told us that we would learn to read. She wrote on a piece of paper any word we chose so that we could read it to our parents that night. No... More > “cat,” “duck,” or “ball” for me, for I was a precocious child. I chose “university.” I had just begun to grasp, I think, that words were vessels of meaning and reasoned that, the bigger the word, the more meaning, mystery, and magic might be packed into it. I also like the slippery, complicated feeling as big words rolled around my tongue. This, then, is an alphabet book for precocious children (and their parents). Each big word is accompanied by a rudimentary definition and picture suggesting its meaning. Children and parents are encouraged to go to the dictionary together to continue their explorations of the joy and wonder of language.< Less
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n The image of Man in paleolithic sculpture , his fourth book in the series Shapes in Evolution, Pietro Gaietto introduces his readers to paleolithic anthropomorphic stone... More > sculpture unlocking a world that is not well known because it has been outshined by the beauty of cave paintings which depict animals with color and movement. Pietro Gaietto, an expert in this field of studies, states with passion that paleolithic sculptures are scientifically important because they offer depictions of the heads of extinct humans, including species that are not well known, or not known at all, due to the scarcity of skeletal remains. Presented almost as a teaching manual, with detailed attention to each piece, this study of paleolithic stone sculptures is extremely interesting because Gaietto's discoveries serve to integrate and enlarge studies on the evolution of man's physical traits. Every sculpture is amply illustrated and explained.< Less
An Alphabet of Anthropomorphic Animals Coloring Book By Rebecca Thornburgh
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Meet a menagerie of animated animals, one for each letter of the alphabet. Drawn by author/illustrator Rebecca Thornburgh, these silly creatures are waiting for you to add the color to their lively... More > personalities. Coloring fun for everyone!< Less
The Revolution Speaks: An Anthropomorphic Portrait of the Revolution By Revolutionary Books
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This book looks at society, the populace, and the enemy class from the revolution's point of view. It humanizes the voice and the goals of the revolt. Here's a passage from the book: "I am... More > the revolution, I am the birthing point of justice, comradery, communal identities. I am the path on which the humane travel, I am the path on which the greedy are trampled."< Less
Aether d'Animaux: A Juried Collection of Anthropomorphic Art By Brian Kotulis
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Aether d'Animaux is a juried collection of creations from the much-loved and oft-misunderstood subculture of anthropomorphic artwork. Aether is comprised of pieces from the past decade and presented... More > in a familiar Art Book format. This debut edition aims to recapture some of the original, benevolent spirit of this frequently vilified genre, while simultaneously showcasing some cutting-edge concepts in art.< Less
ALBEDO: Platinum Catalyst - Anthropomorphic Science-Fiction Role-Play By Jason Holmgren, Pieter Van Hiel, Steve Gallacci
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Albedo: Platinum Catalyst brings the drama of Steve Gallacci's long-running comic series to the stage of role-playing. Players take on both the roles of the commanding officers and their subordinates... More > — the teams of bold infantry, quick pilots, quixotic explorers, and clever scientists — who must come to terms with their changing society as war threatens to tear it apart.< Less
Ants By Jennifer Armstrong
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Human? or Ant?
Surreal- Existential Collection 2003-2011 By Alana Nicole
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3 stories : 1 short story, 2 stage plays, all 3 fairly brief 'Out of this World' Beyond the Ordinary, featuring a cat, an Angel, and "Thoughts"
White Crusade By Ben Goodridge
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Five hundred years after Man's downfall, the ascetic "Animal-People" have rebuilt the world in their image. The memory of Mankind is of a species whose greed and avarice led to its... More > collapse. To Tay of the Wolf-Clan, they're a species whose time has passed. Tay's only ambition was to spend his life in service to his people. He was a healer, so his Tribe made him their leader. Then a dying stranger appeared in his village, carrying a small black cube and raving about an army of invaders sweeping across the country, devouring everything in its path.< Less