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A30 Challenger Tank A Technical History By P.M. Knight
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The A30 Challenger was devised during 1942 as a means of mounting the powerful 17 pounder anti-tank gun on the chassis of what was intended to be the British Army's next Cruiser tank, the Cromwell. ... More > The subsequent development programme was subject to a degree of controversy as to the role and efficacy of such a vehicle, and, in the event, only 200 machines were ordered. The first examples did not see action until August 1944, and even then they were often viewed only as "stop-gaps" until the arrival of the A34 Comet. However, there were those, especially among its design team at Rolls-Royce in Belper, Derbyshire, who came to believe that the Challenger represented a missed opportunity to provide the Army with an unprecedented combination of firepower and mobility. This book examines the story of what would be an innovative and successful, if somewhat rarefied, tank and its subsequent development as a self-propelled anti-tank gun.< Less
A43 Black Prince Tank A Technical History By P.M. Knight
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The A43 Black Prince arose from the need for a "Super Churchill", armed with the powerful 17 pounder anti-tank gun that could augment the firepower of the standard Churchills within the... More > tank brigades. The resulting machine would prove to be both durable and reliable during evaluation testing, and promised to be an effective weapon in the hands of users. However, the war would come to an end before production could commence, and the AFV Division of the Ministry of Supply would instead concentrate on newer designs for the post-war era. This book provides an in-depth examination of the legendary Black Prince, and its place within the history of British tank design.< Less
Seek, Strike and Destroy: U.S. Army Tank Destroyer Doctrine in World War II By Dr. Christopher R. Gabel
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This work provides a case study in the formulation of doctrine, with emphasis being given to the conceptual flaws that marred the tank destroyer program and the corrective measures that were... More > implemented in the field to alleviate these flaws. This study concludes with the argument that any comprehensive anti-tank doctrine, then and now, must embrace the principles of combined arms warfare in order to be effective. Originally published in 1985 as Leavenworth Papers No. 12 by the Combat Studies Institute, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Leavenworth, Kansas. Contents: Introduction, Anti-tank Evolution 1918-1941, The Synthesis of Tank Destroyer Concepts, Tank Destroyers Under Fire, The European Theater: A Pyrrhic Victory, Conclusion, Notes, Bibliography. 98 pages, 30 photos, 8 organizational charts.< Less
Donald Featherstone's Tank Battles in Miniature Vol 1 A Wargaming Guide to the Western Desert Campaign 1940-1942 By John Curry & Donald Featherstone
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Donald Featherstone's Tank Battles in Miniature provides an authoritative guide to the momentous battles between Rommel's Afrika Korps and the 8th Army, together with numerous suggestions as to how... More > these events can be reproduced realistically on the table top as wargames. The Western Desert campaign contained many unique features which render it especially suitable for wargaming. A war of movement and material, with infantry playing a secondary role to the tanks which roamed at will over the empty wastes. Contents include: a summary of the actual campaign, technical specifications for vehicles, tanks, guns and aircraft, terrain, communications, visibility and navigation, firing tank and anti-tank guns, 'brewing-up', air operations, the Long Range Desert Group, minefields and supply The History of Wargaming Project is edited by John Curry. It aims to present the very best wargaming books and rules to a modern audience.< Less
Panzer Kids Deluxe By Peter Schweighofer
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Panzer Kids Deluxe contains all the basic rules to run simple tabletop skirmishes between World War II tanks. You provide the miniatures, dice, and terrain. The rules outline how to set up the... More > battlefield, deploy your tanks, move them to get the best shots on opponents while taking advantage of cover, and attack! This deluxe version includes: • Optional rules for wrecks, flanking shots, damage effects, close range combat, hull-down deployment, hull-mounted guns, anti-tank guns, elite units, road movement, mine fields, objective, and moving objectives. • Brief descriptions and game stats for numerous tanks, self-propelled guns, and anti-tank guns from several nations. • Guidelines for creating your own historical tank stats. • Four historical scenarios. Panzer Kids introduces wargaming newcomers to fundamental elements like movement, range, line of sight, cover, and casualties. Appropriate for adults interested in learning about miniature wargames or introducing children to the hobby.< Less
World War 2 In Review No. 45 By Merriam Press
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series. The following articles on World War II are in this issue: (1) Anti-tank Guns Part 3 (Germany) (2) U.S. Anti-Tank Doctrine in World War II (3) Tanks Can Be... More > Destroyed (4) 37mm Gun Motor Carriage T2/T2E1 (5) Ford Gun Motor Carriage T8 (6) With Five Focke-Wulfs on Her Tail (7) American Submarine Bonefish SS-223 (8) British Armored Car Bedford OXA (9) Polish Fighter Pilots of No. 303 Squadron, Royal Air Force (10) First Canadian Parachute Battalion, 1942-1945 (11) American Curtiss SO3C Seamew Floatplane (12) Jungleers on Biak (13) Battle of Biak (14) Incident on Biak Island (15) British Fairey Fulmar Fighter. 671 B&W/color photos/illustrations.< Less
World War 2 In Review No. 47: Weapons By Merriam Press
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series. The following articles on World War II weapons are in this issue: (1) Anti-tank Guns Part 5 (Russia and Swedish) (2) Artillery Practices by the Major... More > Combatants of World War II (3) Soviet Artillery Weapons and Ammunition on the Eve of the War (4) Control of Soviet Artillery and Its Fire During a Breakthrough of the Defense (5) Soviet Army Rifle Division, 1939-45 (6) British Army Artillery Uniforms (7) American 155mm Field Gun “Long Tom” (8) American 240mm Howitzer M1 (9) American SCR-270 Early Warning Radar (10) Der Gebogene Lauf: Curved Barrel Attachment for the German MP 43 (11) Russian Mosin-Nagant Rifle (12) Japanese Type 2 20mm Anti-aircraft Machine Cannon (13) Japanese 8cm/40 3rd Year Type Naval Gun (14) Japanese Type 3 12cm Anti-aircraft Gun (15) Japanese Type 4 75mm Anti-aircraft Gun (16) Dahlgren Naval Proving Ground (17) Finding and Clearing Mines: The American Experience in World War II. 242 B&W/color photos/illustrations.< Less
World War 2 In Review Number 43 By Merriam Press
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series. The following articles on World War II are in this issue: (1) Anti-tank Guns Part 1: American and British (2) De Havilland Australia DHA-G2 Transport... More > Glider (3) History of Tanks in Canada, 1939-1945 (4) “Hammy” Gray: Canadian Fighter Pilot, VC (5) Kiev 1941 (6) Battle for Saint-Lô (7) Pierre Le Gloan: Mystery Ace of World War II (8) 501st Schwere Panzerabteilung in North Africa (9) German Butterfly Bomb (10) German Siebel Fh 104 Light Transport/Liaison (11) The Rommel Myth (12) German Battleship Tirpitz (13) Loss of the German Battleship Tirpitz on 12 November 1944: Technical Report No. 225-45 (14) Howitzers Against Soviet Tanks. 433 B&W/color photos/illustrations.< Less
World War 2 In Review No. 46 By Merriam Press
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series. The following articles on World War II are in this issue: (1) Anti-tank Guns Part 4 (Italian, Japanese, Romanian) (2) Sidi Bou Zid: Case History of Failure... More > (3) American T40 3-in Gun Motor Carriage (4) Camouflaging America’s Aircraft Plants (5) Guadalcanal Navy Cross: Al Schmid, USMC (6) Notes on Bastogne Operation (7) Occupation of the Philippines and Dutch East Indies: Interrogation of Vice Adm. Kzutaka Shirachi, IJN (8) New Zealand Prisoners of Japan (9) Russo-German Collaboration During the Weimar Republic (10) Italian Trento Division (11) Smoky: Yorkshire Terrier Hero (12) Under the Nose of the Gestapo (13) Beheading of Coastwatcher Leonard Siffleet (14) Mitchell Paige Medal of Honor (15) Hitler’s Final Offensive: Operation Nordwind (16) Barbarossa to Kursk: A Chronology (17) U.S. Hunt for Axis Agent Radios (18) “Charlemagne” Division in Pomerania, February-March 1945. 362 B&W/color photos/illustrations.< Less
From Tot To Trooper By Rupert G Macpherson
eBook (PDF): $4.36
Covers Rupert's first 30 years from 1914 to 1945. Childhood, falling in love, National Guard and particularly focuses on his World War II service gives a feel for life in the first half of the 20th... More > century. Has 39 photos & 1 map. Written at age 90, Rupert's amazing recall and attention to detail will give you an idea of how life was lived in years from first to the second World War. Social, military & personal history come alive in this remarkable memoir. Addenda: he died a month short of his 100th birthday in April 2014.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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