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Essential Anti-Aging By Michael Moshier
eBook (ePub): $17.00
Anti-aging secrets and strategies for staying healthy, young & vibrant, and out of the nursing home! A fact-filled, easy to read, anti-aging primer for Baby Boomers, with specific, actionable,... More > MEASUREABLE steps to manage the aging process using common sense life-extension principles and guidelines. Contains key concepts using non-scientific terminology. Wonderfully written. A must-read!< Less
What Is Anti-Aging By S Grogan
eBook (ePub): $1.99
First off, there are two types of aging for the skin. There is the intrinsic (internal) aging, which is caused by factors within one’s own body, such as genes and body condition; and extrinsic... More > (external) aging, which is caused by factors outside one’s body, such as sunlight and lifestyle.< Less
Key to Anti–Ageing And Skincare Made Easy (eBook Shelf) By eBook How to Anti–Ageing And Skincare Made Easy
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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One thing that you should do to do this is to give your skin the right nutrients. You will want to add in a good multivitamin. Visit your local health foods store, or better yet find a reliable... More > source online. Purchase a very good quality multivitamin. Those that are geared towards providing for aging adults are not necessarily going to be better for you. Whatever you do, consider adding in a good concentration of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These are good quality antioxidants. In your blood stream, something called free radicals exist. These can be thought of as small particles that you breathe in. They not only can build up and produce life threatening conditions, but they also clog your cells and cause your skin to look unhealthy.< Less
Roundtable Anti-Aging Teleconference: What is Anti-Aging Medicine? By Bruce Bowman
eBook (PDF): $99.86
The concepts of “anti-aging” and “anti-aging medicine” in particular are hotly debated now, both in the mass media and among some researchers. This paper represents an open... More > discussion of anti-aging terms and related ideas by nine leading experts in the field of aging studies, and it describes in detail the arguments presented by both supporters and opponents of these concepts. Candid exchange of opinions makes it clear that more efforts are required before a consensus on these issues can be reached. The paper also presents evidence that the term “anti-aging” is routinely used now in scientific literature as a legitimate scientific term, including even the titles of publications in reputable scientific journals, written by established researchers.< Less
Breakthrough Anti-Aging Recipes By Denise Matthews
Paperback: $8.95
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Breakthrough Anti-Aging Recipes - The Best Natural Methods To Live Longer And Look 10 Years Younger Anti-aging companies spend millions of dollars on research to help you look and feel younger.... More > Unfortunately, a lot of them expect you to spend just as much for their products. Luckily for you, there are all natural ways for you to stay young for a long time, without the use of chemicals, plastic surgery, and dangerous treatments. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: Stay physically fit Eat healthy without giving up what you love Look youthful no matter what your age Stay mentally healthy (mental health is as important as your physical health) Have fun without cutting years off of the end of your life< Less
Anti-aging Coconut Oil By Deborah Naone
eBook (ePub): $7.00
Anti-Aging Coconut Oil - Nature's Super Food & Beauty Secret INSIDE this eBook 50 different ways you can use Coconut Oil On your Hair, Face & Body! PLUS Medical Benefits with a list of over... More > 40 ailments Coconut Oil can help cure!! PLUS 7 Delicious Recipes including Coconut Lemon Bars and Spicy Salmon Quinoa!!! PLUS MONEY SAVING IDEAS AND TREATMENTS FOR HEALTHY SKIN & BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!! You’ll learn all about the benefits of Coconut Oil and what it’s made up of. Uses for pregnancy and newborn babies. You’ll also learn about the different varieties available in the marketplace and which ones to buy for your Diet, Hair & Skin.< Less
Anti–Ageing And Skincare Made Easy - stress anger management (eBook How) By eBook 4u Anti–Ageing And Skincare Made Easy
eBook (PDF): $2.99
• Do you eat healthy foods such as a diet that is rich in deep colored vegetables? • Do you eat a lot of foods that you know are not healthy for you? • Do you eat foods that are overly... More > greasy? All of these things can cause many areas of your body to not function in the right way. If you are looking for a solution to your wrinkles first start with improving your overall diet. This means giving your body the necessary nutrients through the food that you consume. Many people make the mistake of assuming that what they eat doesn’t matter. If you are getting wrinkles early on, it could be caused by your lack of a healthy diet. Improve your diet and improve your overall health as well as your skin’s look.< Less
Leon's Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets By Leon Rao
eBook (PDF): $21.00
World’s Best Kept Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed!!! Anti-Aging Secrets “Skin Care Industry and Beauty Clinics” don’t want you to know. “Leon’s Anti-Aging Beauty... More > Secrets” is a compilation of the Best Anti-aging Recipes that can make you look and feel young. If you follow these recipes religiously it can easily take 10 years or even 15 years off your face. I have been researching on Natural Skin Care Recipes for the past 10 years and based on my research and experience I have garnered my best Anti-Aging Secrets ranging from Ayurvedic Recipes to the Recipes that include recently discovered Anti-Aging Ingredients. This book is full of Organic Anti-Aging Recipes(Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliator, Facial Masks,Facial Serums, Eye Serums, Lip Balms and Ayurvedic Anti-Aging Recipes using herbs that are known to be Alternatives to Botox. This book comes with a Secret Eyelash Booster/Stimulator Recipe(You can make at home).Get Thicker, Fuller and Longer Eyelashes the natural way.< Less
Anti-Aging Secrets from Around the World By Joy Renkins
eBook (ePub): $2.69
In case you are above 30, you will begin to see visible signs of aging such as under eye wrinkles, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and many other more. The reason for this is the environmental... More > aggressions against the skin along with the form of manufactured ingredients added on to most skin care items. This is why science has never stopped from delivering the best anti-aging skin care products or treatments. We cannot avoid aging; however, we are able to slow it down and sustain what we now have for a longer period. You can start through carrying out standard workout routines which accelerate your current circulation in order that it can expel wastes along with rejuvenate your system. It is also important to have a healthy diet along with wholesome lifestyle for better absorption of nutrition.< Less
Mesotherapy and facial antiaging, how to be well done? By Antonio Joaquín Gomis Devesa
eBook (ePub): $70.61
On this book it is explained when, where and how has to be done Mesotherapy in order to achieve the best results when a facial anti aging therapy is purposed. A medical protocol is described called... More > "Nappage", that is certainly known as the best technique for this kind of treatments. Go and find out how.< Less

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