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Letters From the Devil: The Lost Writing of Anton Szandor LaVey By Anton LaVey
Paperback: $16.66
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The lost writings of Anton LaVey! In slim volume are over 60 tabloid newspaper articles written by the founder of the Church of Satan, long thought to be forever lost and forgotten.
The Werewolf Bible By Christopher Belmont Johnson
Paperback: $17.50
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“I noticed there was a potential for this philosophy to be used in a religious context in a way it had never been done before. Whether or not a person believed in spirituality seemed to have... More > no effect on the simple fact they still lived the ideas of social Darwinism. It became clear to me the more in tune you are with nature as it really is, the more powerful you are. And if you consider the Hermetic Axiom: As above so below, then it makes sense that to be in tune with nature would make one in tune with the spiritual side of man, if in fact, it existed. Nature being predatory, this seemed to be the perfect philosophy that could be used in the creation of a predatory religion.” “I knew all systems had failed man in one way or another. They had all tried to dictate to man that he would either believe in the spiritual or not. I knew once this problem was solved man would be free to engage in his instinctual inclinations without reservation.”< Less
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The Satanic Apocrypha By David Sinclair-Smith
Paperback: $19.99
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This book is a compilation of myths, poems and writings that have inspired or given voice to the story of Satan, from a Satanic perspective, as a single cohesive source of linear storytelling.
Dracomantium V. 1 By Draconis Blackthorne
Paperback: $46.66
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The 1st in the Dracomantium Collection, featuring 3 codices in 1 tome: * 6. Dracomeroth {Codex Satani}: Written as a result of study and experimentation in The Occult, combining various traditions... More > and "Satanizing" them, truly giving The Devil His due. The rites written therein are a result of both meditation & the application of Greater & Lesser Magical principles which have proven by results to work. Includes The Black Book of Shadows. * 6. The Devil's Scroll {Codex Diaboli}: A collection of misanthropic, Satanically-philosophical essays providing insights into human motivations, social commentary, as well as counter-culture thought. * 6. Satanic Serenades {Codex Noctum}: Infernal Reflections upon both vital existence and mythology, written in a beautiful, sometimes terrifying polemical, imaginative Gothic style, inspiring contemplation & darkest entertainment for those who resonate to The Satanic perspective, and appreciate the sinister aesthetic. Includes previous covers.< Less
The Devil's Diary XXVII By Draconis Blackthorne
Paperback: $6.66
Prints in 3-5 business days
Presented are offerings from Barry Mac, David Padgett, and others. Subject matter ranges from an observation of misandry & misogyny, a primordial forest myth resurrected as the evocative Pippi... More > Longstocking, the biblical anomaly of Horny Moses!, salaciously pleasureful rites of the flesh, & amusing psychological manipulations; plus Diabolically Hellmarked Greetings through Seasons In Hell, Satanic Serenades, plunge the netherealms of Gotham in The Shadow Gallery, Noctuarium multimedia reviews featuring The Black Earth adventures, Satan’s Scroll, Spechtreum oracle visualizations, the Magic & Mystery of Tales From The Shadowside, blasphemous elucidations from The Book of Blindlight, misanthropic contemptlations from Nefarious News. Also featured are those brave empowered souls who have dared possess The Black Arts & Witch Crafts. Through barbed gates & trapezoid towers, unto darkened heavens and phantom clouds, may these pages be thy wings into the deepest shadowside of the swirling Abyss.< Less
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The Devil's Diary 22 By Draconis Blackthorne
eBook (PDF): $6.66
Wicked Walpurgisnacht of XLIX A.S.: The Gates of Hell open again with this issue, featuring the undefiled wisdom of the Magus LaVey interview from Seconds magazine; Sergeant Daemon offers insight... More > into various recent Satanic Panic cases; Dracommendations reveals some vampire secrets; a recent Sasquatch hoax, & misanthropic commentary on TBN's Paul Crouch. As the black candles slowly illuminate, The Shadow Gallery displays the diabolical art of Horror Artist Tony Karnes and the infernal sculptural expertise of Baird Lee. Noctuarium sections feature a plethora of horror movie reviews, including Hell Night, The Unseen, Silver Bullet, & more; Malefick Musick features the orchestrations of Nox Arcana & Crimson Winter; top secret 'Knight Files' opened; The Black Earth plunges into various nefarious evocations & evilutions; all while enjoying some indulgent Autumnal confections at Hell's Bar & Grill. Hail Satan!< Less
The Devil's Diary 26 By Draconis Blackthorne
eBook (PDF): $6.66
In Sinister Celebration of The Church of Satan's 50th Anniversary, The Black Earth courses through Seasons In Hell; by the hell fire side, Satanic Serenades features magnificent odes to Magus LaVey... More > {Barry Mac & others}, the misanthropy of Nefarious News, infernal revelations of Dractionary, paranormal anomalies of The Black Book of Shadows, & Greater Magical experiments yielding Power & perception. Resonance, reflection, vibration. The Circus Maximus opens with The Book of Blindlight, the madness of Satanic Panic, plunge deep below for a glimpse into Stygian depths within The Shadow Gallery's framed monsterpieces, featuring Horrerotic art of Tony Karnes, immortal memento vivendis in Reign In Hell. Political observations, social commentary, erotic fiction by Hydra M. Star & Phillip Harkenn. Plus multi-sensory media reviews, experiences of Noctuarium. From darkest shadows, inner daemons manifest, Devils of all shapes & sizes gather 'round the flames of The Pit, to cavort wildly in grace, lust, & wrath. ∞< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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